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View Event: Abbotsford 3067
Abbotsford 3067
Abbotsford, a residential and industrial suburb, is in the eat of Collingwood, between Hoddle Street and the Yarra River. It was named after a property owned by John Orr in Kew, the bordering suburb o ..
Abbotsford 3067Abbotsford 3067

View Event: Altona 3018
Altona 3018
Altona has a long history as one of the first suburbs of Melbourne. Prior to arrival of Europeans, the Altona area was home to Kurung-Jang-Balluk Aboriginal people, of the Woiwurrung clan. It is esti ..
Altona 3018Altona 3018

View Event: Ashburton 3147
Ashburton 3147
Ashburton is a mostly postwar residential suburb located 11 km. south east of Melbourne. The locality's name arose when the station on the Outer Circle railway line (1890} was named Ashburton, at the ..
Ashburton 3147Ashburton 3147

View Event: Ashwood 3147
Ashwood 3147
Ashwood, 14 km. south-east of Melbourne, is a residential suburb adjoining Ashburton and Burwood. Its name derives from its two neighbours. Ashwood's western boundary is Warrigal Road, the boundary ..
Ashwood 3147Ashwood 3147

View Event: Auburn 3123
Auburn 3123
Auburn is a residential area 8 km. east of Melbourne, situated in the Hawthorn area. It has a railway station with an adjacent shopping centre, near what was the main outgoing thoroughfare from Melbou ..
Auburn 3123Auburn 3123

View Event: Avonsleigh 3782
Avonsleigh 3782
Avonsleigh, first known as East Emerald, is 46 km. east-south-east of Melbourne. Its name arose from Avonsleigh guest house, close to the Wright stopping place on the Belgrave to Gembrook railway line ..
Avonsleigh 3782Avonsleigh 3782

View Event: Balaclava 3183
Balaclava 3183
Balaclava, part of St. Kilda East, is 7 km. south-east of Melbourne. It was named after the battlefield in the Crimean War (1853-6), and has street names such as Nightingale, Inkerman, Raglan and Seba ..
Balaclava 3183Balaclava 3183

View Event: Balwyn 3103
Balwyn 3103
I grew up in and around Balwyn, even played footy for the mighty Balwyn Tigers and its easy to see why it draws families to the area, as described by Kerrie O'Brien in The Age. THIS part of Melbour ..
Balwyn 3103Balwyn 3103

View Event: Balwyn North 3104
Balwyn North 3104
Balwyn North
Balwyn North, larger in area than Balwyn and Deepdene together, is predominantly postwar in its residential growth. In 1941 Balwyn North was described as the next housing-site destination after the oc ..
Balwyn North 3104Balwyn North 3104

View Event: Bangholme 3175
Bangholme 3175
Bangholme is situated on the former Carrum Swamp between Keysborough and Chelsea Heights, roughly 30km south-east of Melbourne. The name Bangholme comes from a waterhole on the Eumemmerring Creek ..
Bangholme 3175Bangholme 3175

View Event: Bayswater 3153
Bayswater 3153
Bayswater is a residential and industrial suburb 28 km. east of Melbourne. The area was originally part of Scoresby North and settlement began in the 1860s. Many settlers were German. A school was ..
Bayswater 3153Bayswater 3153

View Event: Beaconsfield 3807
Beaconsfield 3807
Beaconsfield, forty six kilometres east of central Melbourne on Cardinia Creek, was originally known as Little Berwick. It is immediately to the east of Berwick. A small settlement grew up in the vici ..
Beaconsfield 3807Beaconsfield 3807

View Event: Beaconsfield Upper 3808
Beaconsfield Upper 3808
Beaconsfield Upper
Beaconsfield Upper is 45 km south-east from Melbourne's central business district in the Shire of Cardinia. Gold prospectors were the first residents of the forested foothills now known as Upper Be ..
Beaconsfield Upper 3808Beaconsfield Upper 3808

View Event: Beaumaris 3193
Beaumaris 3193
Beaumaris, a bayside residential suburb, is 20 km. south-east of Melbourne. In 1845 James Moysey leased grazing land in the area and shortly afterwards purchased 32 hectares. He named his property ..
Beaumaris 3193Beaumaris 3193

View Event: Belgrave 3160
Belgrave 3160
Belgrave is 35 km east from Melbourne's central business district in the Shire of Yarra Ranges includes Belgrave Heights and Belgrave South. Belgrave first settled in 1851 was named after a chapel ..
Belgrave 3160Belgrave 3160

View Event: Bend of Islands
Bend of Islands
Bend of Islands
Bend of Islands is a rural locality, 30 km north-east of Melbourne in the Shire of Nillumbik. It was gazetted in 2000 after a petition from local residents, having previously been part of Christma ..
Bend of IslandsBend of Islands

View Event: Bentleigh 3204
Bentleigh 3204
Bentleigh (3204) including Bentleigh East (3165) is a residential suburb 12 km. south-east of Melbourne, immediately to the north of Moorabbin. It is relatively compact, lying between Centre and South ..
Bentleigh 3204Bentleigh 3204

View Event: Berwick 3806
Berwick 3806
Berwick, once a small agricultural town, now an outer suburb, is located 43 kilometres south-east of Melbourne. The area was part of Cardinia Creek run and was named by an early leaseholder, Robert Ga ..
Berwick 3806Berwick 3806

View Event: Black Rock 3193
Black Rock 3193
Black Rock
Black Rock, a bayside suburb between Sandringham and Beaumaris, is 18 km. south-south-east of Melbourne. It was named after Black Rock House, a grand residence built by Charles Hotson Ebden in 185 ..
Black Rock 3193Black Rock 3193

View Event: Blackburn 3130
Blackburn 3130
Blackburn is a residential suburb 17 km. east of Melbourne, between Box Hill and Nunawading. About 400 metres south of the township is the Blackburn Creek, thought to have been named after an early se ..
Blackburn 3130Blackburn 3130

View Event: Blackburn North 3130
Blackburn North 3130
Blackburn North
Blackburn North is a residential area 17 km, east of Melbourne extending from Blackburn to the Koonung Creek. The rural background to Blackburn North was much like that of Blackburn's. Its resident ..
Blackburn North 3130Blackburn North 3130

View Event: Blackburn South 3130
Blackburn South 3130
Blackburn South
Blackburn South, a residential suburb 17 km, east of Melbourne, is bounded by Middleborough Road on the west and Forest Hill on the east. Its southern border abuts Burwood East. The dividing line betw ..
Blackburn South 3130Blackburn South 3130

View Event: Boronia 3155
Boronia 3155
Boronia is a residential suburb 29 km. east of Melbourne near Ferntree Gully. Land selections began in the Boronia area in the 1870s, and the Ringwood to Upper Ferntree Gully railway was built in 1 ..
Boronia 3155Boronia 3155

View Event: Box Hill 3128
Box Hill 3128
Box Hill
Box Hill, a residential area 14 km. east of Melbourne, is between Camberwell and Blackburn. About one-third of the western part of Box Hill was in Henry Elgar's Special Survey of 8 square miles (1841) ..
Box Hill 3128Box Hill 3128

View Event: Box Hill North 3129
Box Hill North 3129
Box Hill North
Box Hill North, 14 km. east of Melbourne, is bordered by the Koonung Koonung Creek on the north, and stretches east-west across the whole of the former Box Hill municipality. Its southern boundary is ..
Box Hill North 3129Box Hill North 3129

View Event: Braeside 3195
Braeside 3195
Braeside is a predominantly industrial suburb with a metropolitan park, 26 km. south-east of Melbourne and immediately east of Mordialloc. The name came from a farm property, Braeside, owned by member ..
Braeside 3195Braeside 3195

View Event: Breamlea 3227
Breamlea 3227
Breamlea, on the estuary of Thompsons Creek which enters Bass Strait west of Barwon Heads, is about 28 km. south of Geelong. Thompsons Creek was also known as Bream Creek, and attracted campers and ..
Breamlea 3227Breamlea 3227

View Event: Briar Hill 3088
Briar Hill 3088
Briar Hill
Briar Hill, 18 km. north-east of Melbourne, is a residential and light industrial area bout a kilometre east of Greensborough. Its name possibly derives from the type of tangled vegetation which cover ..
Briar Hill 3088Briar Hill 3088

View Event: Brighton 3186
Brighton 3186
Brighton is a residential bayside suburb 11 km. south-east of Melbourne. In 1840 the British Government's Land and Emigration Commission approved procedures for the sale of "Special Survey"land all ..
Brighton 3186Brighton 3186

View Event: Brighton East
Brighton East
Brighton East
Brighton East is a residential suburb 13 km south-east of Melbourne. It is east of Hampton Street and between North and South Roads. Its northern section is crossed by the Elster Creek (which runs int ..
Brighton East Brighton East

View Event: Broadmeadows 3047
Broadmeadows 3047
Broadmeadows is a residential and industrial suburb 16 km. north of Melbourne and until 1994 it was a municipality. The lightly wooded landscape between the Merri and Moonee Ponds Creeks attracted ..
Broadmeadows 3047Broadmeadows 3047

View Event: Brunswick 3056
Brunswick 3056
Brunswick is an inner-urban suburb 6 km. north of Melbourne. It is bounded on the west and the east by the Moonee Ponds and Merri Creeks respectively. On its south it adjoins Melbourne city and Yarra ..
Brunswick 3056Brunswick 3056

View Event: Brunswick East 3057
Brunswick East 3057
Brunswick East
Brunswick East is an inner-urban suburb 6 km north of Melbourne. It lies between Lygon Street and the Merri Creek, and adjoins Carlton North and Fitzroy North at its southern border. Brunswick East ..
Brunswick East 3057Brunswick East 3057

View Event: Brunswick West 3055
Brunswick West 3055
Brunswick West
Brunswick West is a residential suburb 6 km. north of Melbourne. It lies between the Moonee Ponds Creek and central Brunswick with the Royal Park lands at its southern border. It was the last area ..
Brunswick West 3055Brunswick West 3055

View Event: Bulla 3428
Bulla 3428
Bulla is a township with rural surrounds, immediately north-west of the Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine, and 25 km. north-west of Melbourne. The township is on Deep Creek, a tributary of the Maribyrnon ..
Bulla 3428Bulla 3428

View Event: Bulleen 3105
Bulleen 3105
Bulleen is 12 km north-east from Melbourne CBD in the City of Manningham. At the 2011 Census, Bulleen had a population of 10,868. Bulleen adjoins the eastern side of the Yarra River, which curves a ..
Bulleen 3105Bulleen 3105

View Event: Bundoora 3083
Bundoora 3083
Bundoora is an extensive suburb comprising residential, community-service and educational areas 15 km. north-east of Melbourne. It is bordered on the west by the Darebin Creek and on the east by the P ..
Bundoora 3083Bundoora 3083

View Event: Burnley Richmond 3121 | History
Burnley Richmond 3121 | History
Burnley is a residential suburb in the southern and eastern parts of Richmond, 4 km. east-south-east of Melbourne. Bounded on the south and east by the Yarra River, the other boundaries are in the ..
Burnley Richmond 3121 | HistoryBurnley Richmond 3121 | History

View Event: Burwood 3125
Burwood 3125
Burwood (3125) and Burwood East (3151) extend eastwards from Melbourne, beginning at a distance of about 11 km. from Melbourne's centre and ending 17 km. from the centre, roughly from Warrigal Road to ..
Burwood 3125Burwood 3125

View Event: Camberwell 3124
Camberwell 3124
Camberwell is a residential suburb 9 km east of Melbourne, between Hawthorn and Burwood. Until the 1850s the area was occupied for grazing, being described as "light sandy country, timbered with gu ..
Camberwell 3124Camberwell 3124

View Event: Campbellfield 3061
Campbellfield 3061
Campbellfield, a residential and industrial suburb 17 km. north of Melbourne, is situated east of Broadmeadows. It is on the Hume highway and its eastern boundary is the Merri Creek. Two families n ..
Campbellfield 3061Campbellfield 3061

View Event: Camperdown 3260
Camperdown 3260
Camperdown is a rural township on the Western District volcanic plains of Victoria. It is 40 km. west of Colac and 165 km west-south-west of Melbourne. Camperdown is famed for its early settlers, t ..
Camperdown 3260Camperdown 3260

View Event: Canterbury 3126
Canterbury 3126
Canterbury is an older residential suburb 10 km. east of Melbourne, noted for spacious residences. It adjoins Camberwell on its east and north , and its early settlement and subdivision into market ga ..
Canterbury 3126Canterbury 3126

View Event: Carlton 3053
Carlton 3053
Carlton is a residential, commercial and educational area adjoining the northern boundary of central Melbourne at Victoria Street. Its other boundaries are Elizabeth Street/Royal Parade, Cemetery Road ..
Carlton 3053Carlton 3053

View Event: Carlton North 3054
Carlton North 3054
Carlton North
Carlton North is a residential suburb 4 km. north of Melbourne. Its southern boundary is Princes Street/Cemetery Road. On its west is Princes Park, next to which is the Melbourne General Cemetery. ..
Carlton North 3054Carlton North 3054

View Event: Carnegie 3163
Carnegie 3163
Carnegie is a residential suburb 12 km. south-east of Melbourne on the railway line between Caulfield and Oakleigh. The area was originally known as Rosstown after William Ross, an entrepreneur who co ..
Carnegie 3163Carnegie 3163

View Event: Carrum Downs 3201
Carrum Downs 3201
Carrum Downs
Carrum Downs is a residential area 34 km. south-east of Melbourne adjoining the bayside suburb of Carrum Most of the area is on the former Carrum Swamp. Carrum Downs was a farming area until the 1 ..
Carrum Downs 3201Carrum Downs 3201

View Event: Caulfield 3162
Caulfield 3162
Caulfield, a residential area with a prominent metropolitan racecourse, is on Dandenong Road, 10 km. from Melbourne. Until 1994 Caulfield was also a municipal city. The origin of the name is uncertain ..
Caulfield 3162Caulfield 3162

View Event: Chadstone 3148
Chadstone 3148
Chadstone, a residential suburb 13 km. south-east of Melbourne, is best known for having metropolitan Melbourne's largest super-regional shopping centre. (Highpoint, Maribyrnong, is the other super-re ..
Chadstone 3148Chadstone 3148

View Event: Chelsea Heights
Chelsea Heights
Chelsea Heights
Chelsea Heights is a residential suburb 30 km. south-east of Melbourne, inland from and adjoining the bayside suburb of Chelsea. The name Chelsea was proposed by a local resident for the new railway s ..
Chelsea HeightsChelsea Heights

View Event: Cheltenham 3192
Cheltenham 3192
Cheltenham is a residential suburb 18 km. south-east of Melbourne adjoining the bayside suburbs of Beaumaris and Mentone. Its name came from the Cheltenham Inn, opened by Charles Whorral from Cheltenh ..
Cheltenham 3192Cheltenham 3192

View Event: Chirnside Park 3116
Chirnside Park 3116
Chirnside Park
Chirnside Park, formerly West Lilydale or a part of Mooroolbark, is a suburb 33 km. east of Melbourne. The original settlement of Chirnside Park was centred on the Mooroolbark Park homestead and gr ..
Chirnside Park 3116Chirnside Park 3116

View Event: Christmas Hills 3775
Christmas Hills 3775
Christmas Hills
Christmas Hills is a rural locality 37 km north-east of central Melbourne, between Kangaroo Ground and Yarra Glen.. It was occupied for grazing by 1842 and a shepherd named David Christmas became l ..
Christmas Hills 3775Christmas Hills 3775

View Event: Clarinda 3169
Clarinda 3169
Clarinda is a residential locality in Clayton South, 17 km. south-east of Melbourne. As a locality Clarinda predates Clayton South, a Presbyterian church being opened there in 1886. At that time the p ..
Clarinda 3169Clarinda 3169

View Event: Clayton 3168
Clayton 3168
Clayton is a residential and industrial suburb 18 km. south-east of Melbourne on the Oakleigh to Dandenong railway line. The area was first occupied for farming purposes in the 1850s. The first tow ..
Clayton 3168Clayton 3168

View Event: Clifton Hill 3068
Clifton Hill 3068
Clifton Hill
Clifton Hill is a residential suburb 4 km north-east of Melbourne, separated from Collingwood by Alexandra Parade and the Eastern Freeway. Its eastern boundary is the Merri Creek, and the northern bou ..
Clifton Hill 3068Clifton Hill 3068

View Event: Clifton Springs 3222
Clifton Springs 3222
Clifton Springs
Clifton Springs is a coastal residential township on the northern side of the Bellarine Peninsula, 18 km. east of Geelong. An early land owner was Thomas Bates, a member of the family which settled ..
Clifton Springs 3222Clifton Springs 3222

View Event: Cobram 3643
Cobram 3643
Cobram, a rural township in northern Victoria, is on the Murray River, north of Shepparton. It is situated in the Murray Goulburn irrigation district. Cobram was the name of a pastoral station take ..
Cobram 3643Cobram 3643

View Event: Coburg 3058
Coburg 3058
Coburg, a residential suburb 8 km. north of Melbourne, was also a municipality from 1874 to 1994. The municipality was bordered on the south by Brunswick city and on the west and east by the Moonee Po ..
Coburg 3058Coburg 3058

View Event: Coburg Hill 3058
Coburg Hill 3058
173 - 199 Elizabeth Street, Coburg North
Melbourne's newest suburb, Coburg Hill will have around 400 new homes built on the former Kodak site in Coburg in Melbourne's north. Finally, one of Melbourne's oldest Antique Dealers, Coburg Hill ..
Coburg Hill 3058Coburg Hill 3058
173 - 199 Elizabeth Street,

View Event: Coburg North 3058
Coburg North 3058
Coburg North
Coburg North, a residential area 10 km. north of Melbourne, contains the localities of Batman, Merlynston and Newlands. The first two are on the Coburg to Fawkner railway line and the last is east of ..
Coburg North 3058Coburg North 3058

View Event: Cockatoo 3781
Cockatoo 3781
In the steep foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, 48 kilometres east of central Melbourne, lies the township of Cockatoo. In the 1850s, prospectors searching for gold bestowed the name Cockatoo Creek, s ..
Cockatoo 3781Cockatoo 3781

View Event: Colbinabbin 3559
Colbinabbin 3559
Colbinabbin is a rural district with a small township in northern Victoria between Rushworth and Elmore. Colbinabbin was one of four pastoral runs taken up by Edward Curr in 1844, and was watered b ..
Colbinabbin 3559Colbinabbin 3559

View Event: Coldstream 3770
Coldstream 3770
Coldstream is a mainly rural area, but with a growing residential component, 36 km. east of Melbourne, extending northwards from Lilydale to the Yarra River. The part of Coldstream nearest the riv ..
Coldstream 3770Coldstream 3770

View Event: Collingwood 3066
Collingwood 3066
Collingwood, an industrial and residential suburb, is 3 km. north-east of Melbourne. Its western boundary is Smith Street, Fitzroy, and its southern boundary is Victoria Parade. On its east are Clifto ..
Collingwood 3066Collingwood 3066

View Event: Connewarre 3227
Connewarre 3227
Connewarre is a rural locality, 3 km. south-west of Lake Connewarre on the Bellarine Peninsula, and 12 km. south of Geelong. Lake Connewarre and its associated marshes are on the Barwon River, and ..
Connewarre 3227Connewarre 3227

View Event: Coode Island 3003
Coode Island 3003
Coode Island
Coode Island, an almost uninhabited industrial area, is 4 km. west of Melbourne. It was formed in 1886 when canal was cut through the Sandridge swamp to provide a straightened stream for the Yarra ..
Coode Island 3003Coode Island 3003

View Event: Coolaroo 3048
Coolaroo 3048
Coolaroo is a residential and industrial suburb 18 km. north of Melbourne, west of the Ford motor car factory, Hume Highway, and between Broadmeadows and Somerton. The name is thought to be derived fr ..
Coolaroo 3048Coolaroo 3048

View Event: Corio 3214
Corio 3214
Corio is a residential and industrial suburb in the Geelong region, 9 km. north of Geelong and 56 km. south-west of Melbourne. It adjoins Corio Bay, which is on the western side of Port Phillip Bay. I ..
Corio 3214Corio 3214

View Event: Cranbourne 3977
Cranbourne 3977
Approximately forty six kilometres south-east of Melbourne lies the rapidly growing town of Cranbourne. The earliest settlers were the Ruffy brothers who squatted on Mayune run in 1836. They conducted ..
Cranbourne 3977Cranbourne 3977

View Event: Creswick 3363
Creswick 3363
Creswick is a former gold-mining township 20 km. north of Ballarat. It is set in undulating ranges, partly forested, which formed an extensive goldfields area that was discovered during the early 1850 ..
Creswick 3363Creswick 3363

View Event: Croxton 3301
Croxton 3301
Croxton is a residential area in Northcote and Thornbury 7 km. north-north-east of Melbourne. It is best known for the Croxton Park Hotel in High Street, which was established in 1850-1 as the Old ..
Croxton 3301Croxton 3301

View Event: Croydon
Croydon is a residential locality 27 km. east of Melbourne, between Ringwood and Lilydale. The name came into existence in the 1880s, and was the name of the shire when the western part of Lillydale s ..

View Event: Croydon North 3136
Croydon North 3136
Croydon North
Croydon North is a residential area 27 km. east of Melbourne. It contains the smaller areas of Warranwood and Croydon Hills, which underwent residential subdivision during the 1980s and early 1990s. I ..
Croydon North 3136Croydon North 3136

View Event: Dallas 3047
Dallas 3047
Dallas, a residential suburb in the northern part of Broadmeadows, is 17 km. north of Melbourne it was named after the Victorian Governor, Sir Dallas Brooks, who held office form 1949 to 1963. Most ..
Dallas 3047Dallas 3047

View Event: Dandenong 3175
Dandenong 3175
Dandenong is situated 31 kilometres south-east of the city of Melbourne. The name is thought to be a corruption of an Aboriginal word meaning lofty mountains, and referred to the ranges which over ..
Dandenong 3175Dandenong 3175

View Event: Darebin Guide
Darebin Guide
274 Gower Street Preston
The darebinguide is a geographic information system that allows members of the community to access maps and search for information for a range of purposes. For example, by entering an address into da ..
Darebin Guide+613 9230 4444Darebin Guide
274 Gower Street

View Event: Darebin | 3078
Darebin | 3078
Darebin is a residential locality 8 km. north-east of Melbourne, immediately west of Ivanhoe. It is situated on the Darebin Creek a tributary of the Yarra River with headwaters at Woodstock. The Dareb ..
Darebin | 3078Darebin | 3078

View Event: Dargo 3862
Dargo 3862
Dargo is a quiet country township situated on the Dargo River, one hundred kilometres north of Sale in the Great Dividing Ranges. Dargo is thought to be either an Aboriginal word possibly meaning have ..
Dargo 3862Dargo 3862

View Event: Darnum 3822
Darnum 3822
The township of Darnum is situated on the Prince's Highway and Gippsland rail line, 110 kilometres east of Melbourne. The Moe River flats lie to the south and undulating hills to the north. The tow ..
Darnum 3822Darnum 3822

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