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McKinnon is a residential suburb 13 km. south-east of Melbourne between Ormond and Bentleigh. It was named in 1897 by the shortening of the name of the McKinnon's Road railway station (1884). The road was reputedly named after an early settler.

McKinnon and its neighbour, Ormond, were noted for their vineyards in the early stages of agricultural development. The agricultural activity in McKinnon was maintained until the 1920s, and the census population in 1921 was a small 75. By the 1933 census the figure was 1,270, mostly accounted for by residential growth. At about that time a progress association was formed and a public hall was built.

McKinnon's most significant residential growth occurred in the early postwar years. An active strip shopping centre grew along McKinnon Road, either side of the railway line. The area was served by the Ormond and Ormond East primary schools, and a high school was opened in 1954, meeting a long-felt need. By the 1980s McKinnon was characterised as a developed residential area with three large reserves, tennis courts and a Council library in the shopping centre. In the west of the McKinnon area is the Bentleigh Club, housed in an historic residence "Killearnan", established in 1948 as the businessmen's escape from the local hotel's six o'clock swill.

The median house price in McKinnon was 13% above the median for metropolitan Melbourne in 1987 and in 1996 it was 33% above the metropolitan median.

McKinnon had census populations of 75 (1921) and 1,270 (1933).

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McKinnon 3204 

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