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We come across all sorts of interesting Melbourne tit-bits that are often difficult to categorise, so this is where they end up...

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View Event: 57 Mount Pleasant Street | Where?
57 Mount Pleasant Street | Where?
Two questions from the Crowded House song "Weather With You".. 1. Where is 57 Mount Pleasant Street? 2. What does "walking round the room singing stormy weather"mean? 57 Mount Pleasant Street ..
57 Mount Pleasant Street | Where?57 Mount Pleasant Street | Where?

View Event: About furphies | furphy
About furphies | furphy
You've might have heard someone say telling furphies or that was a bit of a furphy and wondered what they meant or where the expression came from. FURPHY | FURPHIES | FURFY The word furphy is a un ..
About furphies | furphyAbout furphies | furphy

View Event: Australian FIRSTS for Melbourne
Australian FIRSTS for Melbourne
Melbourne has more than its fair-shair of Australian firsts... One of the first women only gyms, in Victoria and possibly Australia, was established by Harriet Elphinstone-Dick, who lived from 1858 ..
Australian FIRSTS for MelbourneAustralian FIRSTS for Melbourne

View Event: Australian Words the US Get Wrong
Australian Words the US Get Wrong
20 AUSTRALIAN WORDS THAT MEAN SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT IN THE USA. The Yanks (Americans) are fascinated by the differences that exist between the Australian vocabulary and their own vocabulary. ..
Australian Words the US Get WrongAustralian Words the US Get Wrong

View Event: Beyonce Street Brunswick
Beyonce Street Brunswick
Beith Street, Brunswick
The world went mad when star Beyonce Knowles appeared in Brunswick, a Melbourne back street to film a music video clip in October 2013. Where: Beith Street, Brunswick When: October 2013 Who: Beyo ..
Beyonce Street BrunswickBeyonce Street Brunswick
Beith Street,

View Event: BIG Things in Melbourne
BIG Things in Melbourne
We love BIG, well there was the movie Big (Tom Hanks), and there is Big M (flavoured milk) and Big Coxy (sorry mate), so when it comes to big things, Victoria is huge! Here is 10 more. 1. The S ..
BIG Things in MelbourneBIG Things in Melbourne

View Event: Billy Connolly | Live Melbourne
Billy Connolly | Live Melbourne
Billy Connolly has enjoyed a longstanding career as one of the world's best-loved comedians. His live shows have been enthralling audiences around the world for over three decades. He has toured re ..
Billy Connolly | Live Melbourne1300 182 183Billy Connolly | Live Melbourne

View Event: Borsari's Corner
Borsari's Corner
corner Lygon Street and Grattan Street Carlton
Borsari's Corner is on the corner of Lygon Street and Grattan Street in Carlton. Named after Nino Borsari (14 December 1911 - 31 March 1996), an Italian cyclist who won a gold medal in the 4000 m ..
Borsari's CornerBorsari's Corner
corner Lygon Street and Grattan Street

View Event: Bryant and May | Redheads
Bryant and May | Redheads
570 Church Street Cremorne
Redheads matches were manufactured in the Bryant and May factory located in Church Street, Cremorne (Richmond). Bryant and May was well known for providing workers with excellent working conditions ..
Bryant and May | RedheadsJames Thomas 03 9522 9907Bryant and May | Redheads
570 Church Street

View Event: But there were 5 Beatles!
But there were 5 Beatles!
Did you know there was once five Beatles not four? The only time it ever happened was in Melbourne on the 14th June, 1964. The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr had collapsed and was hospitalized on J ..
But there were 5 Beatles!But there were 5 Beatles!

View Event: Carrot Man | Melbourne
Carrot Man | Melbourne
Have you seen Carrot Man? Legend has a man who walks inner city Melbourne holding a giant papier-mâché carrot with green plastic leaves. July 2019 - Carrot Man has returned. The mysterious, lo ..
Carrot Man | MelbourneCarrot Man | Melbourne

View Event: Chiko Roll
Chiko Roll
The savoury snack CHIKO Roll is an Australian icon right up there with Australian Rules Football, kangaroos and Holdens, was developed by Francis McEnroe from Bendigo. McEncroe got the idea after ..
Chiko RollChiko Roll

View Event: Chloe | Jules-Joseph Lefebvre
Chloe | Jules-Joseph Lefebvre
She has graced magazine covers, had wine named after her and poems written to her. She has experienced fame and adoration and has won high acclaim from critics. Her career began, like the many model ..
Chloe | Jules-Joseph LefebvreChloe | Jules-Joseph Lefebvre

View Event: Christmas Bush
Christmas Bush
Victoria's Christmas Bush is a Prostanthera lasianthos Lamiaceae. It is a variable shrub or small tree, from 2 m to 10 m high. Often has a compact habit when in shrub form. Leaves are lanceolate to ..
Christmas BushChristmas Bush

View Event: Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
The City of Melbourne's Armorial Bearings (or arms) were first granted to the Corporation of the City of Melbourne by Letters Patent of the Kings of Arms dated 30 January 1940. They were based on ..
Coat of ArmsCoat of Arms

View Event: Croggy
What is a C R O G G Y? A croggy is a ride on the handlebars of a mates push bike. Now we understand Croggy is not a Melbourne bit of trivia, but we do remember as Melburnian's either having a c ..

View Event: Dacomb: Shorthand
Dacomb: Shorthand
Dacomb is a form of shorthand devised and taught by Melbourne sisters Beatrice & Clara Dacomb. Dacomb shorthand was created as an alternative to the more complicated Pitman shorthand. It became ac ..
Dacomb: ShorthandDacomb: Shorthand

View Event: Dim Sim | Melbourne Icon
Dim Sim | Melbourne Icon
Yes, the humble dim sim was invented right here in Melbourne. The Dim Sim was developed by Chinese chef William Wing Young for his restaurant "Wing Lee"in Melbourne around 1945. A dim sim is a ..
Dim Sim | Melbourne IconDim Sim | Melbourne Icon

View Event: Elvis Presley Memorial Garden
Elvis Presley Memorial Garden
Carlton North
An unexpected memorial found in Melbourne Cemetery is the Elvis Presley Memorial Garden. The memorial was commissioned by the President of the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Australia in November 1977. ..
Elvis Presley Memorial GardenElvis Presley Memorial Garden

View Event: Emblems of Victoria
Emblems of Victoria
The emblems of Victoria include... Floral emblem: Pink Heath Animal emblem: Leadbeater's Possum Bird emblem: Helmeted Honeyeater Marine Faunal Emblem: Weedy Seadragon Sadly, the Leadbeater's ..
Emblems of VictoriaEmblems of Victoria

View Event: Eurovision Song Contest + Melbourne
Eurovision Song Contest + Melbourne
What possible trivia connection could there be between the Eurovision Song Contest and Melbourne you ask? Believe it or not (ripley) there have been two (yes 2) singers from Melbourne who have perf ..
Eurovision Song Contest + MelbourneEurovision Song Contest + Melbourne

View Event: FAGS
I had to have FAGS in our trivia section. I loved FAGS. I had a box of FAGS most days after school long before they became "unfashionable". FAGS was a candy stick made by Riviera Confectionery ( ..

View Event: Famous People Who Have Visited Melbourne!
Famous People Who Have Visited Melbourne!
With the recent visit by Tiger Woods to Melbourne, the question was asked on radio this morning, "who is the most 'famous' person to have visited Melbourne?". The list of famous was impressive with ..
Famous People Who Have Visited Melbourne!Famous People Who Have Visited Melbourne!

View Event: First Flight Powered Flight in Melbourne
First Flight Powered Flight in Melbourne
First Flight Powered Flight | Melbourne Melbourne
On March 18, 1910 whilst on a visit to Australia and in a Voisin biplane (purchased for US$5,000 in Hamburg, Germany prior to the trip, Harry Houdini made the first controlled, powered flight of an ai ..
First Flight Powered Flight in MelbourneFirst Flight Powered Flight in Melbourne
First Flight Powered Flight | Melbourne

View Event: First Flight | Australasian
First Flight | Australasian
February 1, 1858 - William Deane was the first person to fly a lighter-than-air craft in Australia when he ascends in the balloon 'Australasian' made for George Coppin by C. H. Brown and/or Henry T. C ..
First Flight | AustralasianFirst Flight | Australasian

View Event: Four'N Twenty Meat Pie
Four'N Twenty Meat Pie
The Four'N Twenty Meat Pie is Victoria's best selling meat pie and was invented in Bendigo by LT. McLure in 1947. The meat pie is enormously popular in Australia and considered a tradition to eat ..
Four'N Twenty Meat PieFour'N Twenty Meat Pie

View Event: Funny Melbourne Facts
Funny Melbourne Facts
We quite enjoy the odd stuff in Melbourne, a city known for its funny facts or as we show here, Melbourne's crazy laws.. Below are a few laws that you should be aware of to keep you out of trouble ..
Funny Melbourne FactsFunny Melbourne Facts

View Event: Funny Melbourne Street Names
Funny Melbourne Street Names
Melbourne street names with a funny twist. This fabulous list of names shows our town planners have a sense of humour. BATMAN AVENUE Who wouldn't want to live in a street named after a fictio ..
Funny Melbourne Street NamesFunny Melbourne Street Names

View Event: Gayle's List of Big Things in Victoria
Gayle's List of Big Things in Victoria
When it comes to BIG, they don't get much bigger than the list of 44 of Victoria's Big Things to Visit by Gayle Beveridge | Gayle is an accountant (shh) with way too much time on ..
Gayle's List of Big Things in VictoriaGayle's List of Big Things in Victoria

View Event: Ghost of Old Melbourne Gaol?
Ghost of Old Melbourne Gaol?
The Ghost of Old Melbourne Gaol photograph commenced with a simple question posed by a British tourist. It ran for 3 year's gathering thousands of hits and visits from all over the world. Questi ..
Ghost of Old Melbourne Gaol?Ghost of Old Melbourne Gaol?

View Event: Google Earth Alphabet
Google Earth Alphabet
The first Google Earth 'alphabet', featuring all 26 letters has been created from satellite images of Melbourne and Victorian features and buildings. Rhett Dashwood, a graphic designer from Melbour ..
Google Earth AlphabetGoogle Earth Alphabet

View Event: Guinness World Records | Melbourne
Guinness World Records | Melbourne
Of all the pages we publish here at OnlyMelbourne, our page of Guinness World Records related to Melbourne would have to be the most trivial.. Longest running cartoon strip Who: Jim Russell When ..
Guinness World Records | MelbourneGuinness World Records | Melbourne

View Event: Harry's Black Hole
Harry's Black Hole
Here is a curious Melbourne based web site with loads of handy 'local' information. Affectionately known as the Black Hole, because once you enter, you can't escape its magnetic appeal! Kids Lin ..
Harry's Black HoleHarry's Black Hole

View Event: Hoddle Street and Punt Road
Hoddle Street and Punt Road
Hoddle Street Richmond
Why does one of Melbourne's busiest roads share 3 names, Hoddle Street, Punt Road and Hoddle Highway. Hoddle Highway (route 29) is a highway linking CityLink and the Eastern Freeway. The name "Hod ..
Hoddle Street and Punt RoadHoddle Street and Punt Road
Hoddle Street

View Event: Home is Where the Heart is
Home is Where the Heart is
Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors) song about Melbourne, debuted at the 2016 Melbourne Day Concert at Federation Square. Home is Where the Heart is Drove home around the Western Ring Road, From t ..
Home is Where the Heart isHome is Where the Heart is

View Event: Hook Turns | Right Turn
Hook Turns | Right Turn
Melbourne is the only city in the world that has a Hook Turn. A Hook Turn enables a driver to make a right turn in selected intersections. Hook Turns are clearly sign-posted. Hook Turns were ..
Hook Turns | Right TurnHook Turns | Right Turn

View Event: Hot Jam Doughnut | Melbourne Invention
Hot Jam Doughnut | Melbourne Invention
With the Donut Fest on the Green now becoming an annual event it may come as a surprise to discover the humble "Jam Doughnut"is a Melbourne invention. A doughnut or donut is a fried dough confectio ..
Hot Jam Doughnut | Melbourne InventionHot Jam Doughnut | Melbourne Invention

View Event: Houdini-Centenary Air Show
Houdini-Centenary Air Show
Coburns Rd, Melton
Houdini's achievement of Australia's first powered controlled flight will be commemorated at the Houdini-Centenary Air Show in March 2010 with a 3 day festival of flight. At dawn on 18 March 1910 ..
Houdini-Centenary Air ShowHoudini-Centenary Air Show
Coburns Rd,

View Event: Human Wheelbarrows | World Record
Human Wheelbarrows | World Record
The world record for the largest human wheelbarrow race was broken in 2008 on September 9th when Melbourne's own Carey Baptist Grammar School in Kew set out to break the previous record that had been ..
Human Wheelbarrows | World RecordHuman Wheelbarrows | World Record

View Event: Interesting Melbourne Facts
Interesting Melbourne Facts
Melbourne is a modern city constantly changing and leading the world in many technologies. Here is some curious bits of trivia about Melbourne you might not know.. Curious Melbourne Trivia Spo ..
Interesting Melbourne FactsInteresting Melbourne Facts

View Event: Invented in Melbourne
Invented in Melbourne
Australia's great ideas and vision can be seen by the many inventions that originated in Melbourne that have helped improve the lives of people all over the world. From medical (headache tablets) ..
Invented in MelbourneInvented in Melbourne

View Event: Johnston Street | Collingwood & Fitzroy
Johnston Street | Collingwood & Fitzroy
WOW, we spotted this... Location** Very important!! There are two 153 Johnston Street's within one kilometre of each other!!! We are in Collingwood (close to Hoddle Street / Abbotsford) not in ..
Johnston Street | Collingwood & FitzroyJohnston Street | Collingwood & Fitzroy

View Event: Kiwi Shoe Polish
Kiwi Shoe Polish
Kiwi Shoe Polish was invented by William Ramsay and Hamilton McKellan in a small factory in Melbourne in 1906. The brand name Kiwi was named after the bird from New Zealand and the home country o ..
Kiwi Shoe PolishKiwi Shoe Polish

View Event: Leaps and Bounds | Paul Kelly
Leaps and Bounds | Paul Kelly
Leaps and Bounds is a song written by Paul Kelly with Chris Langman. I'm high on the hill Looking over the bridge To the M.C.G. And way up on high The clock on the silo Says eleven degrees ..
Leaps and Bounds | Paul KellyLeaps and Bounds | Paul Kelly

View Event: Love Melbourne
Love Melbourne
Why is that people either love Melbourne or hate Melbourne, but there does not seem to be any in-between. With its cosmopolitan charm, most Australians appear to love Melbourne, except for people ..
Love MelbourneLove Melbourne

View Event: Marchants Soft Drinks
Marchants Soft Drinks
Marchants Lemonade Lemonade manufactured by Marchant & Co. Richmond, Victoria, circa 1950s. In 1886, British migrant George Marchant purchased a Brisbane ginger beer manufacturing plant. By 1890, ..
Marchants Soft DrinksMarchants Soft Drinks

View Event: McCubbin's Other Half
McCubbin's Other Half
National Gallery of Victoria conservators are restoring Melbourne 1888 by Frederick McCubbin, but half of it is missing and they want your help to find it. In a quite remarkeable story, the NGV acq ..
McCubbin's Other HalfMcCubbin's Other Half

View Event: Melborn and Sideny
Melborn and Sideny
Melborn and Sideny"- The Idlers Five (CBS, 1968) -- Australian Top 40 hit, March 1968 Vocal folk quintet The Idlers Five enjoyed considerable popularity in the 1960s, but they are now virtually for ..
Melborn and SidenyMelborn and Sideny

View Event: Melbourne CLOCKS
Melbourne CLOCKS
Like many cities, Melbourne has its share of iconic clocks that Melburnian's know where to find when they need to tell the time. Melbourne Clock Locations Melbourne CBD Flinders Street Statio ..
Melbourne CLOCKSMelbourne CLOCKS

View Event: Melbourne Flag
Melbourne Flag
The City of Melbourne's flag features the coat of arms, with the bull, whale, ship and the fleece hanging from a red ring. They are in the four quarters of the Cross of St George, with the Royal C ..
Melbourne FlagMelbourne Flag

View Event: Melbourne History on the Line
Melbourne History on the Line
Rouse Street, Port Melbourne
At first glance, this is a rather plain black & white photograph of Sandridge (now Port Melbourne) taken in 1873 except if you look closer, you will see something quite remarkable. A rotary cloth ..
Melbourne History on the LineMelbourne History on the Line
Rouse Street,

View Event: Melbourne International Gateway
Melbourne International Gateway
Travelling on the CityLink motorway you will pass under 39 large red poles and an enormous yellow pillar tilted over the traffic below. The 70-metre yellow steel beam and the accompanying 39 red " ..
Melbourne International GatewayMelbourne International Gateway

View Event: Melbourne Our Town
Melbourne Our Town
Debuted at the 2015 Melbourne Day Concert by Soli Tesema Melbourne Our Town Melbourne is our town Melbourne is our city Come on, take the tram around Look at all the beauty Underneath the So ..
Melbourne Our TownMelbourne Our Town

View Event: Melbourne Song
Melbourne Song
Melbourne Song | Lyrics and music by Bettina Spivakovsky Melbourne is our town Melbourne is our city Come on, take the tram around Look at all the beauty Underneath the Southern skies And toge ..
Melbourne SongMelbourne Song

View Event: Melbourne to Celebrate Historic Flight
Melbourne to Celebrate Historic Flight
For the people of Melbourne in 1858, it must have been as mind-blowing as watching man land on the moon. On February 1, 1858, Australia's first successful hot air balloon flight took off from Cremo ..
Melbourne to Celebrate Historic Flight(03) 9337 6648Melbourne to Celebrate Historic Flight

View Event: Melbourne Trivia Quiz | Think you know Melbourne?
Melbourne Trivia Quiz | Think you know Melbourne?
Try these trivia quizzes about Melbourne and test your knowledge. 10 mysterious Melbourne urban legends This excellent quiz by will have the proudest Melburnian thinking. Take the M ..
Melbourne Trivia Quiz | Think you know Melbourne?Melbourne Trivia Quiz | Think you know Melbourne?

View Event: Melbourne | Derbyshire England
Melbourne | Derbyshire England
Melbourne is a small and attractive market town in a delightful part of South Derbyshire, England. It is about eight miles south of Derby and two miles from the River Trent. It contains a good range o ..
Melbourne | Derbyshire EnglandMelbourne | Derbyshire England

View Event: Melbourne | ideal place for a film about the end of the world
Melbourne | ideal place for a film about the end of the world
If you are like me, you have always wondered whether Ava Gardner actually said.. Melbourne was the ideal place for a film about the end of the world. Then I spotted this article in TheAge, which an ..
Melbourne | ideal place for a film about the end of the worldMelbourne | ideal place for a film about the end of the world

View Event: Miniature Melbourne
Miniature Melbourne
Lets look at all things miniature in Melbourne. Mini Melbourne Scienceworks Melbourne We start with the best Miniature Melbourne, the creation at Scienceworks that has kids (+ big kids) ent ..
Miniature MelbourneMiniature Melbourne

View Event: Mr Whippy
Mr Whippy
Any memory of Melbourne and icecream must include Mr Whippy. I have wonderful memories of Mr Whippy vans. Hearing the music brings back memories of youth, summer, friends and mum, can we have ic ..
Mr WhippyMr Whippy

View Event: Native Australian Animals in Melbourne
Native Australian Animals in Melbourne
Melbourne's parks and gardens contain a wide variety of native animals... A study in Royal Park in 1999 revealed the presence of significant fauna species including the large forest bat, gold-heade ..
Native Australian Animals in MelbourneNative Australian Animals in Melbourne

View Event: Nylex Clock
Nylex Clock
The Nylex Clock is one of Melbourne's iconic signs positioned on top of storage silos in Cremorne, Richmond next to the Yarra River and the Monash Freeway. The Nylex Clock displays the time and tem ..
Nylex ClockNylex Clock

View Event: Oldest Building in Melbourne
Oldest Building in Melbourne
326 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
What is the oldest surviving building in Melbourne? There are two answers to the question: What is the Oldest Building in Melbourne? It depends on where the building was originally constructed. C ..
Oldest Building in Melbourne03 9663 2495Oldest Building in Melbourne
326 Lonsdale Street,

View Event: Oldest Hotel in Melbourne
Oldest Hotel in Melbourne
34 Franklin Street Melbourne
The oldest hotels in Melbourne were all licensed in 1853 and believe it or not are still operating as hotels today. Duke of Wellington According to the Tetlow Index, Melbourne's oldest hotel is th ..
Oldest Hotel in MelbourneOldest Hotel in Melbourne
34 Franklin Street

View Event: Olympic Flame Hoax
Olympic Flame Hoax
Seeing this iconic picture postcard of Ron Clarke lighting the Olympic cauldron at the M.C.G in 1956 reminded me of two bits of trivia. Firstly, the well known fact that Ron Clarke had burnt his ..
Olympic Flame HoaxOlympic Flame Hoax

View Event: Our Melbourne [ourmelbourne]
Our Melbourne [ourmelbourne]
Our Melbourne [ourmelbourne] Melbourne
We simply wanted to see if we could get the term Our Melbourne [ourmelbourne] ranked as a search term @ Google or Yahoo. It was suggested that Our Melbourne or would have be ..
Our Melbourne [ourmelbourne]Our Melbourne [ourmelbourne]
Our Melbourne [ourmelbourne]

View Event: P Turn | Remote Right Turn
P Turn | Remote Right Turn
The P Turn allows the driver to make a right turn by going through the intersection, make a U turn into the left lane, then make a left turn. How to do a P-turn on Hoddle Street To go right from ..
P Turn | Remote Right TurnP Turn | Remote Right Turn

View Event: Peters Ice Cream
Peters Ice Cream
Peters Ice Cream was founded in 1907 by American Fred Peters in Manly. In 1927 his Peters American Delicacy Company opened a Melbourne factory in Meyers Place, Melbourne followed by a factory in R ..
Peters Ice CreamPeters Ice Cream

View Event: Polly Waffle
Polly Waffle
Polly Waffle is an Australian chocolate bar, a waffle wafer tube filled with marshmallow and coated in compound chocolate. Hoadley's Chocolates made the first Polly Waffle bar in Melbourne in 1947, ..
Polly WafflePolly Waffle

View Event: Raoul Wallenberg Memorial | Kew
Raoul Wallenberg Memorial | Kew
corner of Princess Street and Studley Park Road, Kew
Sitting waiting for the traffic lights at Kew Junction, we see an interesting stone memorial to Raoul Wallenberg with a curious inscription. RAOUL WALLENBERG 1912 - Who is/was Raoul Wallenberg ..
Raoul Wallenberg Memorial | KewRaoul Wallenberg Memorial | Kew
corner of Princess Street and Studley Park Road,

View Event: Red Fox | Melbourne
Red Fox | Melbourne
The city of Melbourne is regarded as the fox capital of the world. Depending on what you read, living in Melbourne, you are never more than 50 metres away from a fox. Red Fox | Vulpes vulpes Re ..
Red Fox | MelbourneRed Fox | Melbourne

View Event: Richmond Racecourse
Richmond Racecourse
Corner Bridge Rd and Stawell St Richmond
Reading an old book about the Menzies Hotel, I was suprised to read there once was a racecourse in Richmond. The racecourse was bounded by Bridge Road, Westbank Terrace and Stawell Street. Descr ..
Richmond RacecourseRichmond Racecourse
Corner Bridge Rd and Stawell St

View Event: Sanitarium Health Food Company
Sanitarium Health Food Company
Sanitarium's original biscuit, Granose was created in Melbourne by baker Edward Halsey. Over a century ago, in 1898, a small business opened its doors in Melbourne, Australia with the vision to hel ..
Sanitarium Health Food CompanySanitarium Health Food Company

View Event: Sennitt's Ice Cream
Sennitt's Ice Cream
South Melbourne
Now I'll be the first person to put up my hand up and say I had not heard of Sennitt's Ice Cream but I do remember the polar bear logo. In December 2012, Stan mentioned a sign of Sennitt's Polar Be ..
Sennitt's Ice CreamSennitt's Ice Cream

View Event: Signs of Understanding
Signs of Understanding
Enjoy signs of Melbourne.. Sign over a Gynaecologist's Office: Dr. Jones, at your cervix ************************** In a Podiatrist's office: Time wounds all heels ********** ..
Signs of UnderstandingSigns of Understanding

View Event: Signs Signs Everywhere Signs
Signs Signs Everywhere Signs
Signs Signs Everywhere Signs went the song... It was with delight (and some pride) that I asked my 10 year old son to look up out the left side window of the car so he could see one of the most mar ..
Signs Signs Everywhere SignsSigns Signs Everywhere Signs

View Event: Size and Population Comparison
Size and Population Comparison
Victoria's landmass of 228,000 square kilometres is about the size of the United Kingdom or a little smaller than the US state of California. By comparison, Australia's size is roughly equal to ma ..
Size and Population ComparisonSize and Population Comparison

View Event: Soft Drinks & Ice Blocks
Soft Drinks & Ice Blocks
Brands you may remember.. What about LOY'S, SLADES, CRYSTAL and GOLD MEDAL brands all sold direct to the public - they were delivered to homes in wooden crates. A conversation over dinner raised ..
Soft Drinks & Ice BlocksSoft Drinks & Ice Blocks

View Event: Songs | Melbourne Lyrics
Songs | Melbourne Lyrics
How many songs have been inspired by our marvellous Melbourne with lyrics about suburbs, place names and objects? Anyone growing up in Melbourne remembers Balwyn Calling by Skyhooks but how many ot ..
Songs | Melbourne LyricsSongs | Melbourne Lyrics

View Event: Swallows Ice Cream
Swallows Ice Cream
Port Melbourne
Swallows Ice Cream factory was located at Port Melbourne Swallows ice-cream was crunchy; by dint of the particles of ice in it. The ice-cream flavour was very distinct; unlike any other around ..
Swallows Ice CreamSwallows Ice Cream

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