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Why is that people either love Melbourne or hate Melbourne, but there does not seem to be any in-between.

With its cosmopolitan charm, most Australians appear to love Melbourne, except for people from Sydney who don't just hate Melbourne, they loathe Melbourne. Nothing wrong with a bit of rivalry.. sure we don't have a coathanger for a bridge, Sydney Opera House or a bay clogged with inedible fish and ferries but we do have a city that visitors fall in love with.

Oh we did have a giggle reading Melbourne is better than Sydney now boasting a whopping 66,000+ members on Facebook.

A quick Google for Love Melbourne - Love Melbourne is a place to find and share what you love about our city and the things you can do in and around it

Melbourne is a great place to live and work. And a fantastic place to visit. Be it for a city trip over a long weekend or for much longer, my lovely Melbourne will keep you entertained.

Melbourne rides your kids will love

Australia's city of love is ... Melbourne

A quick Google for Hate Melbourne

5 Things I hate about Melbourne

Packing my bags and leaving home... again...!"

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Love Melbourne 

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