Four'N Twenty Meat Pie

Four'N Twenty Meat Pie

Four'N Twenty Meat PieThe Four'N Twenty Meat Pie is Victoria's best selling meat pie and was invented in Bendigo by LT. McLure in 1947.

The meat pie is enormously popular in Australia and considered a tradition to eat a the footy . Strong demand for the pie saw production grow from 50 pies per day in 1948 to 50,000 pies per hour in 1998.

McLure took a sampling of his pies to the Royal Melbourne Agricultural Show where they proved very popular, increasing demand eventually opened a Melbourne bakery in a pavilion of the showgrounds, later moving to bigger premises in nearby Ascot Vale several years later.

An Australian meat pie is a hand-sized pot pie containing largely minced meat and gravy and consumed as a takeaway food snack. It is considered iconic in Australian culture and has been described by former New South Wales Premier Bob Carr as Australia's "national dish".

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