Chiko Roll

Chiko Roll

Chiko RollThe savoury snack CHIKO Roll is an Australian icon right up there with Australian Rules Football, kangaroos and Holdens, was developed by Francis McEnroe from Bendigo.

McEncroe got the idea after seeing Chinese chop suey rolls being sold outside Richmond Cricket Ground. McEncroe felt that the Chinese rolls were too flimsy to be easily handled and hit upon the idea of a much larger and more robust roll.

The Chiko Roll first appeared at the Wagga Wagga Show in 1951 and by 1965 was available in most restaurants and fish and chip shops throughout Australia. At the time of McEnroe's death in 1979 Australians consumed 40 million Chiko Rolls annually.

Chiko Roll History

It was inspired by the Chinese egg roll and spring rolls and was designed to be able to be eaten with one hand whilst drinking a beer with the other. The Chiko roll consists of boned mutton, celery, cabbage, barley, rice, carrot and spices in a tube of egg, flour and dough which is then deep-fried.

The wrap was designed to be unusually thick so it would survive transport to Football matches. It was originally called a "Chicken roll"despite not containing any chicken then later renamed "Chiko Roll".

Chiko Rolls Today

Since 1995 the Chiko brand has been owned by Simplot Australia. Chiko Rolls are manufactured in Bathurst, New South Wales on a specially designed machine that produces the pastry and filling at the same time in long rolls.

Chiko Roll Advertising

Since the 1940s, Chiko rolls have been advertised by an iconic "girl on a motorbike"holding the Chiko in a phallic gesture. With Chiko Rolls target market, young and hungry men slogans have included "Couldn't you go a Chiko Roll?", "You can't knock the roll"and 'Grab a Chiko'.

At one time, a leggy and busty blond featured in a campaign sitting on a Harley-Davidson, with her hand holding a Chiko Roll, suggestively placed near her thigh. After complaints from the public, the poster was withdrawn.

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