Home is Where the Heart is

Home is Where the Heart is

Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors) song about Melbourne, debuted at the 2016 Melbourne Day Concert at Federation Square.

Home is Where the Heart is

Drove home around the Western Ring Road,
From the deep north to the beach,
From the freeway you can see the trestle bridge and the new estates.

There used to be a band called Essendon Airport.
Now the airport's just a shopping mall.
This drive is in my blood, it's in my DNA.
Memories look like,
Coburg drive-in, Princes Park, the Brunswick Municipal Band.

And for a big night out in the city,
Dad and mum lookin' pretty.
Make our way down Swanston Street,
Where we'd hit the classic cafe,
For a lime milkshake and a bucket of chips and two potato cakes.

Home is where the heart is.
And the heart of it all is here in Melbourne.
As the years went on, I got to know this city.
Working at McEwans, playin' in a rock'n'roll band.
Didn't need no Melways to find my way around.

Cruising in my old HD.
Breakin all the rules.
From the Crystal Ballroom to the Village Green,
From the jump club to the sentimental bloke.

And for a big night out in the city,
We'd all hit Fitzroy Street,
At two in the morning.
Topolino's for a capricciosa and a cold VB.

Before the long drive home,
With the windows wound down.

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Home is Where the Heart is 


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Home is Where the Heart is