Ghost of Old Melbourne Gaol?

The Ghost of Old Melbourne Gaol photograph commenced with a simple question posed by a British tourist.

It ran for 3 year's gathering thousands of hits and visits from all over the world.


Click to view enlargedWhat is in this photo?

Please can you get an opinion on the attached photo as it was taken by a friend who visited the Old Melbourne Gaol and no-one knows how this ghost-looking person got in the photo!

Many thanks
Joanne Sweeney
Photo Copyright: Natalie Jones, UK

Ghost of Old Melbourne Gaol Forum

The Ghost of Old Melbourne Gaol forum ran for almost 3 years receiving over 2,000 posts including some very animated discussion and points of view.

The forum is no longer viewable (it was spammed to death!) but for those interested, the answer to the question: "Is there a The Ghost of Old Melbourne Gaol" came from the staff at Old Melbourne Gaol...


Perspex Advertising Sign

The woman shape is a frosted transparent perspex figure standing on a round base (clearly seen in picture) designed to guide visitors to various parts of the gaol. In some lighting conditions, photographs make the perspex even more transparent.

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