Funny Melbourne Facts

We quite enjoy the odd stuff in Melbourne, a city known for its funny facts or as we show here, Melbourne's crazy laws..

Below are a few laws that you should be aware of to keep you out of trouble:

-:- Its an offence to drive a dog or goat harnessed or attached to a vehicle in a public place (Summary Offences Act 1966)

-:- Do not trade with pirates (Crimes Act 1958)

-:- Being found in the company, consorting, or occupy a house frequented by reputed thieves. (Vagrancy Act 1966)

-:- Flying kites or playing a game in public which annoys another person (Summary Offences Act 1966

-:- Sing an obscene song, tune or ballad within earshot of someone (Summary Offences Act 1966)

-:- Advertise a reward for the return of lost or stolen goods stating that no questions will be asked. (Crimes Act 1958)

-:- Have an article of disguise without a lawful excuse. (Vagrancy Act 1966)

-:- Leave a motor vehicle unattended with keys in ignition, motor running or doors unlocked. (Road Safety Regulations 1999)

-:- Carry out unauthorised rain making operations - that is the 'seeding or nucleating of clouds by artificial means from a manned aircraft'. (Rain making Control Act 1966)

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Funny Melbourne Facts 

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