P Turn | Remote Right Turn

P Turn | Remote Right Turn

P Turn | Remote Right TurnThe P Turn allows the driver to make a right turn by going through the intersection, make a U turn into the left lane, then make a left turn.

How to do a P-turn on Hoddle Street

To go right from Hoddle Street onto Johnston Street, you will travel through the intersection, do a U-turn, then turn left. To go right from Johnston Street onto Hoddle Street at peak times you will turn left, do a U-turn and travel through the intersection. Signs and markings on the road will help drivers travel through the intersection.

Also from Monday, new Hoddle Street and Punt Road clearways will start between the Eastern Freeway and the Yarra River, and VicRoads works will move from the centre median to the outside edge of the road.

Written by RACV
April 11, 2018


The term originates in the US with the P describing a right turn. The alternate name is a 'remote right turn'.

Melbourne's first P Turn and best known remote right turn is the one on Moorooduc Highway in Frankston, for northbound traffic to do a right turn into Cranbourne Road to head east. To complete the remote right turn, drivers turn left on to Cranbourne Road, then complete a U-turn via a signalised U-turn intersection to then head east on Cranbourne Road. This temporary fix was installed to address congestion issues at the end of the Frankston Freeway, prior to Peninsula Link, but VicRoads has since announced that it is permanent. The new P Turn is on Hoddle Street, Abbotsford. Source: racv.com.au

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P Turn | Remote Right Turn 

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