OnlyMelbourne [1998] serving as a free resource and guide for Melburnians, interstate and international visitors to marvellous Melbourne!

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Newsletter | What's On this Week
Get your copy of What's On in Melbourne delivered every Tuesday, keeping you up-to-date with events happening in and around Melbourne. Click Here to Subscribe Read This Week Privacy Protectio ..
Newsletter | What's On this WeekNewsletter | What's On this Week

 Reviews: Dining & Drink  Reviews: Dining & Drink

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About OnlyMelbourne
PO Box 12728 A'Beckett Street Melbourne
OnlyMelbourne is a curated web-based magazine and What's On Calendar. Now in its 22nd year (2020), is presented and published by Ripefruit Media as a guide to Melbourne's past, ..
About OnlyMelbourne+61 (03) 9442 4348 - AdvertisingAbout OnlyMelbourne
PO Box 12728 A'Beckett Street

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Melbourne Whats On Melbourne, Australia (Guide) is related to 6 lists... # 2 of 7,940 Victoria The Australian State # 4 of 6,632 Melbourne - From travel guides .. | |

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Acceptable Use Policy
The information on this site is copyright ONLYMELBOURNE.COM.AU. Reproduction in whole or in part or any text, photograph or illustration without the written permission of the publisher is strictly ..
Acceptable Use PolicyAcceptable Use Policy

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Acknowledgement of Country
We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet, and pay respects to the five tribes of the Kulin Nation. We pay respects to the Elders of the community and ex ..
Acknowledgement of CountryAcknowledgement of Country

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Advertising @ OnlyMelbourne
OnlyMelbourne is the best known guide to the world's most liveable city, Melbourne with an events calendar and a business directory. With 25K+ unique visitors a day as well as a horde of regular re ..
Advertising @ OnlyMelbourneAdvertising @ OnlyMelbourne

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Advertising | Featured Listing
A FEATURED listing is fully responsive (PC, Tablet and Smart Phone), positioned across 'high visibility' locations including home page and side/base bars. Featured event coverage What's On Cale ..
Advertising | Featured ListingAdvertising | Featured Listing

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Advertising | Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions Advertising Terms These terms apply to all advertising provided to any person (Customer) by Ripefruit Media Limited ABN 79 118 342 788 or a subsidiary (OnlyMelbourne). Customer ..
Advertising | Terms & ConditionsAdvertising | Terms & Conditions

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Backlinks | Banner & Text Links
The best way to tell your friends (and the world) about OnlyMelbourne is to place a link on your web site that links to us! Below are a selection of text and banner links complete with the html cod ..
Backlinks | Banner & Text LinksBacklinks | Banner & Text Links

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Bookmark: OnlyMelbourne
Now that you have found Only Melbourne, why not put us into your address book.. BOOKMARKS or FAVORITES! Bookmark OnlyMelbourne NOW! What is a BOOKMARK? A bookmark is simply a way of remembering ..
Bookmark: OnlyMelbourneBookmark: OnlyMelbourne

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In December 2013, the COMMENTS section was removed from the OnlyMelbourne web site. Comments were introduced to provide readers with a platform where they could discuss, comment and debate. What ..

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Contact OnlyMelbourne
This page explains how to contact the team for advertising, event listings, page management, feedback and general enquiries. Event Advertising Event Listing - Submit an event application Ch ..
Contact OnlyMelbourneContact OnlyMelbourne

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We highly recommend event details are confirmed with the advertiser, venue and ticket agency before making plans. Readers should exercise extreme caution with advertising validity and claims. C ..

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Event Postponed | Cancelled
When an event is postponed or cancelled, the following is activated: -:- event description is removed and marked as postponed / cancelled. -:- the event is removed from the calendar. -:- links ar ..
Event Postponed | CancelledEvent Postponed | Cancelled

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Facebook | OnlyMelbourne
Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you, the rest world and those people youve lost touch with along the way. Everyone can use Facebook to: upload photos or pub ..
Facebook | OnlyMelbourneFacebook | OnlyMelbourne

 Gone But Not Forgotten  Gone But Not Forgotten

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Google + or Google Plus Google Plus (also known as Google+) is a social networking service from Google. Google+ makes use of the Google search engine, Google Profiles, and the +1 button. ..

View Event: How sad it is... July 17, 2008
How sad it is... July 17, 2008
For the first time in our history, some moungrel has managed to get past security into administration area and delete hundreds of listings. Fortunately, we back-up daily and together with our host ..
How sad it is... July 17, 2008How sad it is... July 17, 2008

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How To Find Stuff
Help | How To Find What You Are Looking For Here is a simple guide to OnlyMelbourne. From a reader point of view: Event Date See everything on a selected date: Select A Date Event N ..
How To Find StuffHow To Find Stuff

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Instagram | OnlyMelbourne
OnlyMelbourne posts at Instagram Capture and share the world's moments Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family. Take a picture or video, choose ..
Instagram | OnlyMelbourneInstagram | OnlyMelbourne

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Thank you for accepting our invitation. A reader has given us a heads-up about your event.. they want to know more. is a curated emagazine and events calendar telling our re ..

View Event: King's Birthday | Long Weekend Guide 2019
King's Birthday | Long Weekend Guide 2019
The 2019 King's Birthday Long Weekend takes place from Saturday 8th June to Monday 10th June 2019. A public holiday on Monday means you have 3 whole days to play explore socialise relax and genera ..
King's Birthday | Long Weekend Guide 2019King's Birthday | Long Weekend Guide 2019

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Links & Information
We receive some wonderful emails and phone calls at OnlyMelbourne. Some tell us what a good web site it is while others complain how useless it is! Maybe it is a case of 'can't please all the peop ..
Links & InformationLinks & Information

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Listings | Event & Business
Listings Explained This page details the different type of content pages we publish. Event Listing An Event Listing is an advertisement that describes an event, when it is on (dates/s), times, en ..
Listings | Event & BusinessListings | Event & Business

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Listings | Events and Advertising
Attract traffic to your business or event through Melbourne's premier web guide. OnlyMelbourne is Australia's best known web guide to marvellous Melbourne and ranked consistently in Australia's T ..
Listings | Events and AdvertisingListings | Events and Advertising

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Looks, Logo's & Layouts
Since it all began in 1998 there have been many changes to the appearance of OnlyMelbourne including layouts, logo's and even names... 2009 Logo Mod The city skyline seen in our logo has remai ..
Looks, Logo's & LayoutsLooks, Logo's & Layouts

View Event: Marina Dojchinov
Marina Dojchinov
Marina has a passion for writing and is a perfectionist in her work. Marina has a journalism / law degree from the University of Canberra. She has worked at Canberra Weekly covering many storie ..
Marina Dojchinov0424 247 767Marina Dojchinov

View Event: Market Listings & FAQ
Market Listings & FAQ
Every week in Victoria there are hundreds of markets, ranging from niche one-off markets to multi-come one, come all markets. This article is about how markets trade in general, how they operate an ..
Market Listings & FAQMarket Listings & FAQ

View Event: MelB | Senior Editor & Chief
MelB | Senior Editor & Chief
Who is MelB MelB is senior editor and head-honcho of OnlyMelbourne and Ripefruit Media. MelB conceptualised, designed and launched OnlyMelbourne, guiding the publication through many changes, up ..
MelB | Senior Editor & ChiefMelB | Senior Editor & Chief

View Event: Melbourne The Pulse of a Nation
Melbourne The Pulse of a Nation
Mount Eliza
Melbourne The Pulse of a Nation This beautiful artwork is by Gerry Knight. linocut on paper (framed) 115 x 82 cm 45 x 32 in Gerry Knight | Artist - Mount Eliza Gerry's work has devel ..
Melbourne The Pulse of a Nation0423 549 550Melbourne The Pulse of a Nation

View Event: New Design - May 2003
New Design - May 2003
Launch new layout and design. Background Colour scheme [Black and Gold] Richmond Football Club - Centered main panel - Navigation [top and bottom] - Rotating banner displays - Fast links ..
New Design - May 2003New Design - May 2003

 Newsletter  Newsletter

View Event: Nightmare | injection_graph_func
Nightmare | injection_graph_func
Awoke on a Sunday in November 2008 to find error messages and half a dozen listings with some rather odd code displaying instead of the body content. Each of the listings included this bit of code. ..
Nightmare | injection_graph_funcNightmare | injection_graph_func

View Event: onlymelbourne @ MySpace
onlymelbourne @ MySpace
Everyone else seems to have a MySpace so we thought why not OnlyMelbourne! Myspace is a social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blog ..
onlymelbourne @ MySpaceonlymelbourne @ MySpace

View Event: OnlyMelbourne Hijacked
OnlyMelbourne Hijacked
It would have to rate as the worst experience in our history to discover on the morning of Tuesday 24th November 2009 that our web site had been hijacked. We had noticed traffic number fluctuations ..
OnlyMelbourne HijackedOnlyMelbourne Hijacked

View Event: OnlyMelbourne Library
OnlyMelbourne Library
The ever expanding OnlyMelbourne Library started life in 1999 with half a dozen books and magazines with the main topic: Melbourne. We are slowly cataloging the collection but its a slow process. ..
OnlyMelbourne LibraryOnlyMelbourne Library

View Event: OnlySydney
OnlySydney is a web based publication about the people and City of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. OnlySydney is published as a guide to Sydney's past, present and future. OnlySydney is a p ..

View Event: Press - OnlyMelbourne
Press - OnlyMelbourne
Let's face it, everyone likes good publicity and while we vigorously promote OnlyMelbourne, the team behind the scenes like to remain in relative obscurity, so whenever we get a good plug, we like to ..
Press - OnlyMelbournePress - OnlyMelbourne

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Privacy Policy
In this policy, "us", "we"or "our"means Ripefruit Pty Ltd (ABN 118 342 788) and its related bodies corporate. This policy sets out: what kind of information we collect; how we collect it; ..
Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy

View Event: Results for Melbourne World Firsts Quiz
Results for Melbourne World Firsts Quiz
Melbourne World Firsts quiz by Trivia Architect Results Which feature of McDonalds was the first to appear in Melbourne in 1992? Answer: McCafe Situated on a busy thoroughfare for commuter ..
Results for Melbourne World Firsts QuizResults for Melbourne World Firsts Quiz

View Event: Reviewer | Lynda Spilsted
Reviewer | Lynda Spilsted
Lynda is a proud Melburnian who loves her city and has a passion for its past present and future. Lynda writes about food, fashion and events in Melbourne. Lynda has been a team member at OnlyMe ..
Reviewer | Lynda SpilstedReviewer | Lynda Spilsted

View Event: Reviewer | Monica Buch
Reviewer | Monica Buch
Monica has lived in Melbourne her whole life (so far!) and constantly on the lookout for new and exciting places of interest. Monica writes about food, fashion and events in Melbourne as well as ..
Reviewer | Monica BuchReviewer | Monica Buch

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Social Media @ OnlyMelbourne
OnlyMelbourne loves social media. With a growing reach in excess of 40,000 friends, when we post your event, it makes an immediate impact! Twitter Only Melbourne on Twitter ..
Social Media @ OnlyMelbourneSocial Media @ OnlyMelbourne

View Event: Tags: What are they?
Tags: What are they?
The word TAG can mean a number of things but in this case it refers to a keyword tag sometimes referred to as a meta tag. In short, a TAG is a KEY WORD. Every page on the internet has one word ..
Tags: What are they?Tags: What are they?

 Test Category  Test Category

View Event: The Big Move | 2006
The Big Move | 2006
Over the Remembrance Day weekend, the OnlyMelbourne web site was moved to a new server home in Australia. In fact if you are reading this, then you know that you are viewing OnlyMelbourne on the ne ..
The Big Move | 2006The Big Move | 2006

View Event: Top 50 OnlyMelbourne | Jan 2010
Top 50 OnlyMelbourne | Jan 2010
It's always great to see appear in Top 50 Australian web sites... Also See Top 10 Web Sites About MELBOURNE Australia - 11149 hosts Abr Welcome to the Aus ..
Top 50 OnlyMelbourne | Jan 2010Top 50 OnlyMelbourne | Jan 2010

View Event: Traffic and Statistics
Traffic and Statistics
Over 46,000 web pages about Melbourne visited by 17,500+ visitors every day. If you are interested in more detailed visitor statistics and Traffic Rank (87,601), click here to go to Alexa. We p ..
Traffic and StatisticsTraffic and Statistics

View Event: TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor is a world-class resource for tourist information. Trip Advisor includes reviews and information on attractions, forum (candid advice from travellers), articles and guidebooks and more. ..

View Event:
Everyone knows how much we love Twitter, but now there is another way of following tweets about a particular subject... allows you to search for the Top 20 Twe ..

View Event: Twitter | OnlyMelbourne
Twitter | OnlyMelbourne
Twitter is social media for friends, family and work mates to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? What's happe ..
Twitter | OnlyMelbourneTwitter | OnlyMelbourne

View Event: Understanding Linking
Understanding Linking
Is there really any such thing as a free listing ? Here we discuss why websites "link together". It is well known that 'search engines' account for the majority of traffic generated on the inter ..
Understanding LinkingUnderstanding Linking

View Event: Update Listing Information
Update Listing Information
Use this page to request changes to content including reactivation and cancellation. The complimentary service is to correct content*: event description, address, telephone number, date and time. ..
Update Listing InformationUpdate Listing Information

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Upgrade: Featured Advertising
Use this page to upgrade a standard listing to a featured listing. Maximum exposure by featuring in OnlyMelbourne, newsletter and social media pages. Featured event coverage: What's On Calen ..
Upgrade: Featured AdvertisingUpgrade: Featured Advertising

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Web Link Unavailable
NO ASSOCIATED WEB SITE Many Melbourne listings, events and locations added to the directory do not include a link to a web site. Either use your BACK button to return to the previous page; or ..
Web Link UnavailableWeb Link Unavailable

View Event: What's Happening
What's Happening
Wading through our web site statistics this morning, we were delighted and shocked by one small anomaly: Jun/04 12:00-13:00: Requests: 35100 Pages: 7053 Our busiest period every day is lunch tim ..
What's HappeningWhat's Happening

View Event: Wibiya Toolbar
Wibiya Toolbar
Everyone knows we simply love new technology, widgets and apps, so when we spotted this very cool feature on a web site we were reviewing in October 2010, we said we just gotta get one of those... ..
Wibiya ToolbarWibiya Toolbar

View Event: YouTube | OnlyMelbourne
YouTube | OnlyMelbourne
Mel Bourne playlist of his favourite videos about Melbourne Milked Dry Four Corners How To HOTLINK to an image St Kilda Storm Video Seen to be believed VIDEO World's Largest Hol ..
YouTube | OnlyMelbourneYouTube | OnlyMelbourne

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