We make every effort to provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication.

We recommend confirming times, dates and details directly before making any plans as details may be subject to change.

Check with the advertiser by telephone, web site or social media.

Advertising Detail

The advertising detail displayed in an event listing can be a fixed one-off advertisement or a message combining a dynamically generated date with advertisement.


Dates shown with events may be a single fixed date, a range between two dates, weekly dates and monthly dates that are dynamically generated based on a regularity. See examples below.

Date Examples

Melbourne Fixed = 1st January 2018
Melbourne Range = Friday 1st April - Monday 3rd April (Easter)
Melbourne Weekly* = Day/s of the week (Monday, Tuesday but not Wednesday)
Melbourne Monthly* = First Saturday of every month
Melbourne Annual = First Tuesday in November (Melbourne Cup)

* dynamically generated


Times can change after daylight saving periods and seasonal periods.

Event Details

Event details refers to dates, times, prices, fee's, weather conditions, access, quantity, weight, location, address and other references.


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Ripefruit Media (publisher) gives no warranty or assurance, and makes no representation, as to the accuracy or completeness or lawfulness of the material and information contained in the event listings representing businesses or the services or products offered or that any of the services or products offered are suitable for your intended use.

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Any person interested in any of the events, services or products referred to on this web site should make their own enquiries and rely upon their own independent advice before making any decision that has or may have legal or financial consequences.

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