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View Event: Accessing Melbourne
Accessing Melbourne
An access guide for visitors to the City of Melbourne with mobility impairments. Melbourne is a naturally welcoming city, with well laid out wide streets, beautiful parks and gardens and plenty o ..
Accessing MelbourneAccessing Melbourne

View Event: All-Night Public Transport Weekends
All-Night Public Transport Weekends
Explore the Night with all-night public transport on weekends Night Network lets you explore Melbourne's vibrant nightlife safely and conveniently with public transport running all night on weeken .. All-Night Public Transport Weekends

View Event: Australian Dictionary of Biography Online
Australian Dictionary of Biography Online Melbourne
Australia's pre-eminent dictionary of national biography with over 10,000 scholarly biographies of persons who were significant in Australian history. Entries on individuals who died after 1980 wi ..
Australian Dictionary of Biography OnlineAustralian Dictionary of Biography Online

View Event: Beer Glass Sizes - Melbourne
Beer Glass Sizes - Melbourne
Something that is always confusing for a visitor to Melbourne is how to order a beer... Does one ask for a Small Glass, Glass, Schooner, Seven, Handle, Pony, Pot, Pint, Middy or Jug? Thankfully i ..
Beer Glass Sizes - MelbourneBeer Glass Sizes - Melbourne

View Event: CHOICE
57 Carrington Road Marrickville
CHOICE means you the consumer have a choice in Australia.. CHOICE is the number one advocate of consumer rights in Australia. As the public face of the Australian Consumers' Association (ACA) ..
CHOICE1800 069 552 | +61 2 9577 3399CHOICE
57 Carrington Road

View Event: Daylight Saving 2020 | Start
Daylight Saving 2020 | Start
➲ When: 5th of October 2020
This is a reminder to turn your clocks FORWARD one hour for the start of the 2020/2021 daylight saving period on Sunday 5 October 2020. Clocks are moved clockwise one hour from 2am to 3am. Dayli .. Daylight Saving 2020 | Start

View Event: Free Tram Zone | Melbourne CBD
Free Tram Zone | Melbourne CBD
Travel on all* trams is free in Melbourne's Central Business District and Docklands. Trip within Free Tram Zone - myki ticket not required. Trip starts or ends outside Free Tram Zone | touch o ..
Free Tram Zone | Melbourne CBDFree Tram Zone | Melbourne CBD

View Event: General Melbourne | Travellers Guide
General Melbourne | Travellers Guide
Here is a travellers guide to useful information they will need while staying in Melbourne. See below for links to more useful information. Melbourne Time Zone Difference Melbourne is located i ..
General Melbourne | Travellers GuideGeneral Melbourne | Travellers Guide

View Event: Guide to Parking @ Melbourne Airport
Guide to Parking @ Melbourne Airport
Parking at Melbourne Airport is very convenient but can be expensive. There are economic options available to you including parking at nearby car parks for long stays. short term 2 Minutes A ..
Guide to Parking @ Melbourne AirportGuide to Parking @ Melbourne Airport

View Event: Hook Turns | Right Turn
Hook Turns | Right Turn
Melbourne is the only city in the world that has a Hook Turn. A Hook Turn enables a driver to make a right turn in selected intersections. Hook Turns are clearly sign-posted. Hook Turns were ..
Hook Turns | Right TurnHook Turns | Right Turn

View Event: How to get a Drivers Licence?
How to get a Drivers Licence?
Victoria Melbourne
Learning to drive and getting your drivers licence in Victoria is made easy with assistance from VicRoads and specialist Driving Instructors. The steps required to obtain a drivers licence in Victo ..
How to get a Drivers Licence?How to get a Drivers Licence?

View Event: JournOz
OZGuide - Internet information sources for Australian jounialists. Find experts and contacts, and Net-based sources of Australian facts or background information, such as business information, case ..

View Event: Just Arrived Melbourne
Just Arrived Melbourne
Just Arrived Melbourne appears to answer questions about Melbourne for newbies in a forum style web site. We say 'appears' because there is no About Us or explanation of what the web site targets. ..
Just Arrived MelbourneJust Arrived Melbourne

View Event: Lost and Found | Melbourne
Lost and Found | Melbourne
Does Melbourne have a Lost and Found department, place or centre? All items found in Melbourne streets are forwarded to one of the city's Police Stations. Lost property is handled depending on ..
Lost and Found | MelbourneLost and Found | Melbourne

View Event: Lost Property | Melbourne
Lost Property | Melbourne
If you've lost property in Melbourne and you're hoping someone has handed it into a Police Station, then here is the contact information for local police stations. By regulation, if a taxi-cab driv ..
Lost Property | MelbourneLost Property | Melbourne

View Event: MagpieAlert
Australia's social website to track aggressive swooping magpies in your area. MagpieAlert is a service (free to join) that shares swooping magpie attacks on-line. If you are a cyclist, walker, ..

View Event: Melbourne Atlas 2006
Melbourne Atlas 2006
Melbourne Atlas 2006 Melbourne
The Melbourne Atlas provides a comprehensive picture of how Melbourne is changing and the major trends that have shaped Melbourne over the last 50 years. Melbourne is a complex and diverse place, ..
Melbourne Atlas 2006(03) 9637 9441Melbourne Atlas 2006
Melbourne Atlas 2006

View Event: Melbourne Buskers | Street Entertainers Guide
Melbourne Buskers | Street Entertainers Guide
Melbourne enjoys lively street entertainment from buskers and street entertainers in a number of Melbourne city and suburb locations. -:- Flinders St Station - Under the clocks entrance on Saturday ..
Melbourne Buskers | Street Entertainers GuideMelbourne Buskers | Street Entertainers Guide

View Event: Melbourne Date and Time - Current
Melbourne Date and Time - Current
For the current local time in Melbourne - Victoria - Australia and shows the time difference between Melbourne time and other time zones. Current Time Current time in Melbourne timeanddate.c ..
Melbourne Date and Time - CurrentMelbourne Date and Time - Current

View Event: Melbourne Hotspots | Wireless Internet (WiFi)
Melbourne Hotspots | Wireless Internet (WiFi)
Looking for free wireless internet? Well, most of these Melbourne Hotspots are free, or free with the purchase (food or drink). Take this ever-changing list as a "guide"to Melbourne Hotspots but i ..
Melbourne Hotspots | Wireless Internet (WiFi)Melbourne Hotspots | Wireless Internet (WiFi)

View Event: Melbourne Postcodes
Melbourne Postcodes
. Melbourne
List of postcodes in Melbourne and Victoria from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Postcodes are used by Australia Post to identify postal districts in Australia. 3067 Abbotsford 3040 Aberfeldi ..
Melbourne Postcodes+61 (3)Melbourne Postcodes

View Event: Melbourne Visitor Hub
Melbourne Visitor Hub
Melbourne's Visitor Hub is a one-stop shop for visitors offering free brochures, maps and event listings, along with souvenirs and a travel booking service. Services Available -:- Free brochures ..
Melbourne Visitor Hub03 9658 9658 Melbourne Visitor Hub

View Event: Melbourne | Wikipedia
Melbourne | Wikipedia
Melbourne (/ˈmɛlb rn/ (About this soundlisten) MEL-b rn) is the capital and most populous city of the Australian state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia and Oceania. Its ..
Melbourne | WikipediaMelbourne | Wikipedia

View Event: Melbourne | Wikipedia | Page 2
Melbourne | Wikipedia | Page 2
Continued from Melbourne | Wikipedia Housing Melbourne has minimal public housing and high demand for rental housing, which is becoming unaffordable for some.222 Public housing is usually provid ..
Melbourne | Wikipedia | Page 2Melbourne | Wikipedia | Page 2

View Event: myki Explorer | Melbourne Visitor Pack
myki Explorer | Melbourne Visitor Pack
International and interstate visitors coming to Victoria can buy a myki Explorer pack. The myki Explorer pack combines a ready to use myki card, visitor information and special offers all in one. It's ..
myki Explorer | Melbourne Visitor Packmyki Explorer | Melbourne Visitor Pack

View Event: myki | Transport Tickets
myki | Transport Tickets
myki is Melbourne's ticket to travel on trains, trams and buses. It is a re-usable smart card that stores value to pay your public transport fare and can be used over and over again on all service ..
myki | Transport Ticketsmyki | Transport Tickets

View Event: National Security Australia | 1800 123 400
National Security Australia | 1800 123 400
Help protect Australia from terrorism. The national security information campaign reminds Australians to remain vigilant and report possible signs of terrorism to the National Security Hotline on 180 ..
National Security Australia | 1800 123 4001800 123 400National Security Australia | 1800 123 400

View Event: Melbourne allows you to convert just about anything to anything else. Most Popular Conversions The most popular conversions are Length, Temperature, Speed, Volume, Weight, Cooking, Ar ..

View Event: P Turn | Remote Right Turn
P Turn | Remote Right Turn
The P Turn allows the driver to make a right turn by going through the intersection, make a U turn into the left lane, then make a left turn. How to do a P-turn on Hoddle Street To go right from ..
P Turn | Remote Right TurnP Turn | Remote Right Turn

View Event: Place Names | Coast of Victoria
Place Names | Coast of Victoria
Features on the coast of Victoria are listed in a west-to-east sequence, and located by latitude and longitude, taken from the Register of Place Names in Victoria (Surveyor-General's Office, Departmen ..
Place Names | Coast of VictoriaPlace Names | Coast of Victoria

View Event: Port Phillip Winds and Temperatures
Port Phillip Winds and Temperatures
Baywx presents a very simple (but informative) web page that shows the time the sun rises and sets each day in Melbourne. Also includes Tide Heights, Bay Winds, UV, Temperatures.. View Sunrise & ..
Port Phillip Winds and TemperaturesPort Phillip Winds and Temperatures

View Event: PTV | Travel information
PTV | Travel information
Public Transport Victoria is the face of Melbourne's public transport network. Your central stop for public transport information in Melbourne and Victoria. Getting around on trains, trams and b ..
PTV | Travel information PTV | Travel information

View Event: Public Toilets in Melbourne
Public Toilets in Melbourne
There is nothing quite like the feeling of 'dying for a pee' and you cannot find a toilet... well here is your guide to Melbourne Public Toilets. PUBLIC TOILETS Alexandra Gardens Boathouse Drive, ..
Public Toilets in MelbournePublic Toilets in Melbourne

View Event: Questions & Answers about Melbourne
Questions & Answers about Melbourne
Yahoo answers common Questions about Melbourne.. Common questions include: -:- How much? -:- How long? -:- How wide? -:- What is? -:- What are? -:- What will? -:- Why is? -:- Why was? -: ..
Questions & Answers about MelbourneQuestions & Answers about Melbourne

View Event: Revenge - Handling Telemarketers
Revenge - Handling Telemarketers
Check out these great tips for Handling Telemarketers. It arrived on an email and is definitely worth trying and passing onto friends... (1) Say three little words: "Hold On, Please..." Saying ..
Revenge - Handling TelemarketersRevenge - Handling Telemarketers

View Event: REWARD $1m - Unsolved Crimes
REWARD $1m - Unsolved Crimes
REWARD $1m - Unsolved Crimes Melbourne
Did you know the oldest outstanding reward for an unsolved crime in Victoria is $50,000 for the recovery of the Speaker's mace on 9th October 1891. Today Police doubled a reward over a cold-case ..
REWARD $1m - Unsolved Crimes1800 333 000REWARD $1m - Unsolved Crimes
REWARD $1m - Unsolved Crimes

View Event: Safer Hot Water
Safer Hot Water
Choice Magazine reports scalds are the major cause of child admissions to burn units trying to increase awareness of this danger in the community. Hot-water temperatures in excess of 65°C can ..
Safer Hot WaterSafer Hot Water

View Event: Scamwatch
Scamwatch is run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). It provides information to consumers and small businesses about how to recognise, avoid and report scams. The ACCC ..

View Event: Smart Garden Watering
Smart Garden Watering
The Smart Garden Watering website explains how to WATER your Melbourne garden! It calculates the amount of water your garden needs through the year, and help you produce a watering schedule. How ..
Smart Garden WateringSmart Garden Watering

View Event: Time | 12am or 12pm
Time | 12am or 12pm
We were asked the question, is midnight 12 a.m. or 12 p.m.? 12am | 12pm The answer is simple: Midnight is 12am (start of the day). 12am = midnight on Monday morning 12pm = midday on Monday ..
Time | 12am or 12pmTime | 12am or 12pm

View Event: Travellers Aid
Travellers Aid
Level 3, 225 Bourke St Melbourne
Travellers Aid Australia supports travellers by providing simple, practical travel-related support and aid that helps them travel independently and confidently, no matter what their background. The ..
Travellers Aid (+61 3) 9654 2600Travellers Aid
Level 3, 225 Bourke St

View Event: Victorian Place Names
Victorian Place Names
Modern Melburnians treat the names of streets and suburbs as a means of navigating their way around a large city. Historians look at the names more closely, as do a small but passionate group of topo ..
Victorian Place NamesT +61 3 8636 2525Victorian Place Names

View Event:
When OM visited this odd site in 2002 it was free. There were 72 Aussies listed there [Melburnian's see below]. Look for more,, visit their web site and search! Find the graves of ancestors, crea ..

View Event: Yarra River Fish Display
Yarra River Fish Display
Yarra River Melbourne
The 72 illuminated fish on the Yarra River will perform nightly for 10 minutes every hour from 8pm to 11pm during the Commonwealth Games. The fish will light up the Yarra River in a spectacular di ..
Yarra River Fish DisplayYarra River Fish Display
Yarra River

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