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We are always looking for trivia about Melbourne, so Urban Legend fits the bill perfectly.

Firstly, what is an Urban Legend? An urban legend is a myth, sometimes true, sometimes false more often than not, an unproven tale, it's a furphy.

OK, we hear you, whats a furphy. The word furphy is a uniquely Australian idiom, a way of saying that something is an exaggerated story, a false report or a rumour.

We were quite surprised to read the more popular urban tales tend to be a little spooky, or on the dark side but here we go:

Crown Casino Morgue

Yes, rumours abound there is a morgue under or in Crown Casino. Web pages galore with info like.. the last stall in each bathroom is always occupied because it's connected to hallways in order to get people out who kill themselves in the bathrooms.
Source: travelpod.com


Rachel Asked: Is there really a morgue at Crown Casino?

Apparently there's a secret corridor and doors open out in the toilets, to allow bodies to be taken away because suicides aren't glamorous for all the people spending money they can't afford to spend on gambling. I also heard that people have jumped off the roof. And seriously, a person who knows someone who works at Melbourne City Morgue said that they do have a morgue at Crown Casino. This may all be ridiculous, but I find this really intriguing.
Source: gamblingontheinternet.net


Crown Casino is a place of broken dreams and despair. That's common knowledge, not an urban legend. It's also a place that tends to give people suicidal thoughts, although the cited number varies from a sensible three per year to a horrifying thirty or forty. You'd expect Crown to cover the real number up, if there was a real suicide epidemic, so legends about suicide at the casino find fertile soil here. People say that the casino has its own morgue, down in the basement, to deal with the constant stream of corpses - or at the very least a secret underground tunnel to the hospital's morgue. What's more, particular bathroom cubicles are said to have such a high suicide rate that they're actually engineered to rotate for quick body disposal. Presumably this is so the next visitor to the bathroom isn't deterred from further gambling by discovering two Crown employees wheeling a corpse down the hallway. No word yet on the number of ghosts in these cubicles, but it's safe to assume that it's in the double digits.

Source: weekendnotes.com

We know some of the people involved in the construction of Crown Entertainment Complex and all deny ever seeing or hearing of a morgue or tunnel network.

Melbourne Tunnels

We're well aware of rumours about a large network of tunnels that run underneath Melbourne. Everything from tunnels to and from Government buildings, churches, pubs, under the Yarra, even under private properties like Squizzy Taylor's Fitzroy house and his holiday house on the Mornington peninsula.

Out in Northcote there is a network of Tunnels beside Merri Creek that were supposedly built by the US Army although they never got to complete the excavation or confirm the rumour.

More recently we've heard that there is a network of tunnels under La Trobe University and car park in Parkville. Confirmation? Sadly, no just rumours.

Read more @ Tunnels under Melbourne

Phantom Cats

They have been reported seen in every Australian state: often huge, black-furred catlike animals that prowl the remoter regions of our vast mountain ranges, from where they emerge to terrorise scattered farming communities, killing livestock and leaving behind their large paw-prints as calling cards.

East of Melbourne, near Hastings in 1977, a farmer, Mr Todd Anderson, lost three pigs in the space of a week, to a mysterious animal that visited his property at night. Each time it carried off a pig, the creature left behind enormous claw and pad marks in the farmyard soil.

In fact, the 'Hastings Monster' has been known for generations to the locals. East of Hastings, across country in the Warragul-Moe districts, this 'monster' continues to make its presence known.

Source: mysteriousaustralia.com

Giant cats roaming wild in the suburbs. Phantom cats (Alien Big Cats) are large felines, such as jaguars or cougars have been sighted, in a number of Melbourne locations.

There have been a number of sightings in the Gippsland region of south-eastern Victoria. A study by Deakin University concluded that a big cat population in the Grampians mountain range is "beyond reasonable doubt".

Flinders St Station

Rumours abound that the plans for Bombay railway station and Flinders St railway station were mixed up in the designers' office in London, and as a result the Bombay railway station now sits in Melbourne and the original Flinders St railway station was built in Bombay.

While there's no actual evidence to support this claim, Flinders Street Station has in fact had its influences reach further ashore. The Luz Station in Sao Paulo, Brazil was based on a design inspired by the lines of Flinders Street Station.

Source: Flinders Street Railway Station.

Melbourne Airport Station

I think we first heard this one on 3AW rumour file.. there is a complete railway station under Melbourne Airport terminal. It was built 30 years ago in readiness for the railway line that would connect the airport with Melbourne CBD. Confirmation? Sadly, no just rumours.

Source: Melbourne Airport


We get lots of UFO Sightings in Melbourne, which are not really urban legends unless you are talking about the UFO sighting at Westall in April 6, 1966 that authorities deny to this day.

Mysterious Australia

Mysterious Australia is one of those unique sites on the Internet that deals with the forgotten history of our continent including Anthropology, Archaeology, Cryptozoology, and Hominology, with an all Australasian Content. Well worth a look.

Melbourne Curiosities

There are some quite interesting but lesser known spots in Melbourne that are known not rumours which we call Curiousities.

Urban Legend

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