UFO Sighting | Melbourne

UFO Sighting | Melbourne

UFO Sighting | MelbourneThe UFO sighting reports on this page are shown in date order (latest at top).

Many reports are not published when they are "lights at night", or the reports lacks substance or detail. One day (fingers X) a daytime sighting complete with photographs and video evidence will arrive.
May the force be with you!

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Monday 29th June 2020

Sender: Catherine | Macleod Approx 9pm

About 9pm last night I saw a fairly bright green light moving quite quickly from East to South - Then it showed a little bit of red so I supposed a plane or chopper flying by showing it's starboard light (and a little bit of port) - but there was no noise at all.

- then a plane flew by with the landing lights on and going from East to West overhead as per normal - with accompanying noise.

A few minutes later, the green light went swiftly by again this time from right to left (South to East) still no noise. And this time I realised it couldn't have been an aircraft as it was flying in the opposite direction, but it was showing the same colour - and an aircraft should have been showing the opposite colour - i.e. red for port. It didn't have any white lights associated with it as an aircraft would have done.

So . . . . I would love to know what it was. I suppose it could have been a search-light or laser - but it sure didn't look like one as there was no beam going to it from the land.
(And it was much closer than a space station!!)

Monday 26th May 2020

Sender: Tom | Melton South Approx 8:09pm

Small red light at about 1000ft hovering the disappeared and re appeared 5 seconds later about 1km away at about the altitude.

Light grew to a largish orb and turned to green. It then followed a zig zag path reducing in altitude to a couple of hundred feet before accelerating away to the west and disappeared in the distance. No noise at all. Not a drone ( I have one). Too big and too fast.

Saturday 16th May 2020

Sender: Tina | Rosebud Approx 9:15pm-10.15pm

Rainbow lights which first looked like a star until I used the binoculars and saw a cluster of lights in a pyramid shape. I took video and today after looking at the star map it overlayed in the direction to 'corona Australia's which is very weird for obvious reasons.

It hung in the same location for the entire time until the rotation of the earth dipped it below the trees. Friends last night also saw it when I called them

I'm in Rosebud however this looked situation out 232 degrees south west.

Sunday 29th December 2019

Sender: Warren | Dandenong 04:18 till 04:24

A straight line of lights, similar to satellites in brightness. perfectly aligned, travelling at perfect intervals except for the last five, the last five were two groups of two and one last object offline to all the rest. They literally stretched across the entire night

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Sender: Liz | Tullamarine approx 10pm

I saw at least 10 bright lights moving in all directions - skyline ..near the saucepan . I saw two light very close together moving across the sky and then five stars in a row ... perfect line and the distance between star .. equal .. thus movement went on for about 10 minutes and then they dispersed .

Next morning on 3AW, it was suggested the lights were a Elon Musk satellite

Friday 22nd December 2017

Sender: Catherine | Dandenong North approx 7.30ish | Images

Ok something strange and wonderful happened to me today 22/12/2017. I've had lots of ufo sightings since our 1993 sighting when 6 or 7 of us were witnesses to an awe inspiring sight and definitely a ufo, so it has become a real hobby of mine.

I am so fascinated with the subject after that experience. and I often look up the latest ufo news at different websites online and watch lots of docos on the subject..And i'm always watching the sky to see what I can see up there.

Some of my sightings have been more interesting, strange and profound than others like stars doing amazing zig zagging and fast zipping white lights etc but tonight at around 7 to 7.15pm give or take a 1/2 hour or so I went outside with my camera determined to capture something in a photo so people would believe me..

I know how so many people laugh at such things even my own family here laughs at me or tries to make these encounters seems silly or absurd I had a real intention going on to prove to them that there are things that we don't know about up there in the sky.

so I went out and started snapping photos of the beautiful blue sky , it was a very clear sky at that time, so beautiful in my garden and still not dark at all. I was thanking god and the angels and thanking mother nature for her beauty ,i was talking to them ( our space brothers) in my mind saying come out wherever you are..

And is anyone out there, come and get your photo taken ..Etc etc ..

It was very funny when I think about it, but I enjoy and appreciate my little eccentricities,..

Suddenly after i'd taken a few photos of the sky with nothing on them I noticed to my right high up.But not so high that I couldn't see it plainly something came flying across the sky and it was not a balloon ,plane , drone, bat , bird, helicopter, kite or satellite or anything else you might think of that we know of , it was not a familiar object as i've seen all these things flying in the sky and do know the difference..

This thing was on a direct path and seemed to know where it was going. it had a slight shimmering halo around it and was like a sphere, quite dark, black and silver in colour I think the silver was the sun reflecting off it..?..I've seen a similar one before that was directly above me which had stopped and hovered for a few seconds that was last year ,but this one just cruised past me from another direction, coming from the west..

I was absolutely amazed and started snapping photos , it was soundless and very odd. I thought it was changing shape from an egg looking shape to a ball or sphere shape as I watched it , I got the feeling that it knew that I could see it just as my other sightings were when I had the strangest feeling that it could see me. ..I know that sounds strange but that's what it's like when you see these ufo's in the sky. this is so amazing as I feel I have caught a ufo on my camera at last..All of my sightings have been different over the years and never the same craft or light.

if you look at my photos some will have nothing on them but a small black dot but check out the ones that do have something on them, if you make the photos much larger there is no doubt that it is some kind of craft and it was not a balloon if you could see how it was flying past me, it curved and then went straight north/ east flying and not floating like a balloon would do. I made some of the photos larger so I could see it more clearly and no, I did not photoshop or do any art on them to make any of these look like a ufo, I truly saw this strange object that flew near me and had no sound at all.

I'm saying wow to myself over and over again ! ..In all I only took about 5 or 6 photos of it but some are the originals and some I made the image larger to see it clearly.I wonder has the government got silent probes and technology that we don't know about ? it might not be an et , but then again it might just be. i'm not good at judging distances so I can't say how far this object was from me or the ground, but it was close enough for me to get a good look at it before it flew away like it was on a mission to somewhere,I just knew I was looking at something out of the ordinary.

Melbourne Images

Wednesday 7th June 2017

Sender: Paul | Frankston


Sunday 25 September 2016

Sender: Nick | Burnley

My wife and I were sitting at our dining table looking out the window at about 5.45pm.

We saw a black disc flying in a southerly direction under the clouds. It was flying in a dead straight line and was not making any sound. I raced outside to get a better look. The back door is next to our dining table so I only lost sight of it for about 2 seconds while I got myself outside. The object had vanished by the time I was outside, which was rather strange given it was flying in a straight line and not particularly fast.

It should have continued to be visible for at least 10-15 seconds judging by the speed at which it was flying when we first saw it. Anyway, it's interesting and a little confusing, but it didn't look like any aircraft I'm aware of and certainly didn't appear to have wings.

Friday 1st January 2016

Sender: Kev | Boronia

12.10am : In Army Rd Boronia facing an easterly direction watching fireworks, "very few' My wife and i noticed a red light in the sky sort of glowing, I thought it was a police chopper with some sort of infra red spotlight on it.

I went inside to grab my camera i got for Christmas, not with the intent for a photo but to zoom in and have a look at the chopper. I have no camera skills what so ever and are still trying to work it out, However when i got this in focus and zoomed in it was a perfectly round ball bright red, orange, but when i zoomed in i never expected to see what i saw,the glowing sphere quickly changed to bright white and as i zoomed the lights just vanished what was left was a perfectly round ball it looked metallic and old with odd uneven light stripes like an oxy torch leaves shiny metal , sort of blueish reddish streaks, like if you put a drop off fuel on water and it was spinning about a revolution a second.

When i took my eye off the camera and looked at it it was still a red glow, i was talking to my wife the whole time and to the naked eye it never changed from red, i zoomed the camera again and wow a spinning metallic orb, the camera has a massive zoom and i could clearly see detail.

I have a pretty trippy shot we then rushed around trying to rest the camera on a step ladder, camera is a cannon sx50 hs, by the time we were 1/2 ready the object climbed slightly then went straight down some where on land, I have been involved in UFO hoaxes before and know how most are preformed, this object,if a hoax is going to be hard to beat. I was not sure if i even got a shot but i did. and im gobsmacked.

Monday 28th December 2015

Sender: Steve | Moonambel

Up for the night on property, just finished dinner admiring beautiful evening noticed yellow orb like floating zig zag motion traveling low. about light plane height. seen it at zenith 12 o'clock high traveling to horizon then out of sight through binoculars.

Floating orb returns by 10:45 pm this time directly overhead and glowed extremely bright yellow to white very bright. 2500-5000 feet maybe hard to tell, it startled me! it continued on the way back to where i had spotted it earlier and disappeared again towards the horizon opposite from before, moving slowly in zig zag motion as before.

This time I noticed a plane very close to where the object was traveling, flashing its lights, all of a sudden the plane sent out its bright landing lights to warn the yellow orb it was to close? but the orb gently dissapeared?! about 11:15 the object reappeared on the other side of hills quite low and emitted a very bright light then disappeared an thats it.

Sunday 20th December 2015

Sender: Mark | Bentleigh

Recorded video around 5.59 am on 20th December 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.
Can anyone explain what it is?

Video Slowed Down

Thursday 10th December 2015

Sender: Barry | Frankston

I had just got into my bed when I looked out my window to see these flashing lights darting around the sky. I initially thought it was a plane or a helicopter but then I realised that I was no where near and airport or helipad. I stared at the source of light for what seemed like hours, just watching it go from left to right, behind trees and performing circles tricks. It was quiet astonishing I felt a need to stand up and applaud.

But then it stopped flinging itself around the sky and just stayed still. I began to wonder, 'What if it's taking up cows into its ship, or even humans. What if it's probing people as a form of experimentation like they do in the films! Maybe this would be like the plot of Alien In The Attic, where there was some ancient treasure buried under my house that they came to claim as their own.

This ship then began to move again. But just gentle, slow loops around my neighbourhood, around and around like a Myer Christmas train. The lights where still flashing but less violently now, as in they had made their presence evident and where now giving us a relaxing show to drift to sleep with.

Then it flew in the direction of my house and I began to panic. Was I prepared to die? Would my life worth enough to be remembered by future generations? This ship just drifted closer and closer, then flew straight over my house. I darted to the bathroom and stuck my head out the window to try find it again. Nothing. It was gone and I hadn't caught a final glimpse. I went back to bed and couldn't get that experience out of my head. I knew it would stick with me forever.

Sunday 29th November 2015

Sender: Delta | Narre Warren

I was heading North along Narre Warren North Rd. I was about halfway down the long hill that has a set of traffic lights at the bottom where Ernest Wenke Rd crosses Narre Warren North Rd. Halfway down the hill is when i noticed a light in the sky was quite low and was moving very rapidly coming from the right side of my view to the left. I had my eyes fixed on it by the time it got to about my 2 o'clock in my range of vision and just as it was about to cross above the road ahead of me it seemed to burst into a ball of bright green flames and was leaving a large tail of green flames and sparks behind it. It was really moving at this stage, but within a second or two after it became a kind of green blazing light it just quite quickly vanished. It didn't seem to accelerate off at a dramatic rate. It seemed to just disappear! It disappeared from top to bottom and then it was just gone.

I only had my son in the car at the time. He was staring off into space, out his passenger side window and he completely missed the whole thing. I asked him if he had seen what had just happened ahead of us about 200m above the road we were driving down. Upon his answer of "Seen what?"i immediately thought to myself "I can't be the only person who saw that!"I then noticed that the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill had just turned red and that there was only one other car that was coming down the hill, facing the same direction as we were while i witnessed this phenomenon, and i thought to myself "Please tell me, whoever is in that car, just seen whatever the hell that thing was!"

The only other car, which was a 4X4 was infront by about 100m and stopped at the red light a little before me. I raced down to stop next to them to see if they had a stunned look on their face the same as i did. I was looking over as i came to a holt and was both relieved and concerned to see that all 3 of the vehicles passengers had their faces pressed up to the windows looking around in the sky. I wound down my window and asked them "Did you guys see that?"To which they confirmed that what i had seen was not my imagination getting the best of me and that they were as confused as i was about the whole situation.

I turned down a side road close to where the U.F.O. had vanished which was about a 100m - 200m past the traffic lights where i had spoken to the passengers of the other vehicle who had witnessed what took place right in front of us. The side road went up a giant hill which we drove up and then turned around at the top of before parking. From the top of the hill where we parked you can see pretty much everything around for 30 - 50kms. We couldn't see any sign or clue as to where whatever it was that i had just seen had gone. My Son and i stayed parked there for about 20 - 25mins scanning the skies for anything unusual or out of the ordinary. Neither of us seen any further strange activity in the skies and then decided to continue on our way.

I have absolutely no idea what could possibly have behaved in the manner that this object did or what could possibly be capable of moving at the extremely high speed that this object was moving at. As it came across the sky and into my view, as well as when it then disappeared in front of my eyes, all within a matter of seconds, it really was moving at an incredible rate! One thing is for sure. I am not going to forget this experience for quite some time as it was by far, one of, if not, the most bizarre and shocking events i have ever seen in my whole life!

Saturday 21st November 2015

Sender: Steven | Hallam

Saturday night at 9:55pm I walked out my front door to get something from the garage.

As I walked out I saw a bright orange/yellow light off in the distance in front of me. Was a far distance away and was just showing over the house over the road that is higher up than my house. At first it looked like a bright star but for the color. Then I thought it must me a plane or a helicopter.

It looked strange mainly due to the color so I watched it for a while. It was coming closer and closer. The closer it came the stranger it looked. Now please note, I'm a sceptic. Not someone that just says it, I really am, saying that, UFO to me means Unidentified Flying Object and NOT Aliens!!!!

Back to the light, It was flying in a straight line from the south to the north, as it came closer I'm thinking in my sceptical mind what the hell is this??? Should I get the camera? Narr what for? it will make sense in a minute. Soon I was lost for ideas it was not far away now so I needed a second opinion so I called my mate out. He saw it as well. Was not hard to see as it was close and bright. could see that it had a small left and then right drift to its straight line flight.

It was hard to make out how high it was. only thing we could think of was a drone??? But it was a quiet night and there was no sound from it. Also did not look like a night flying drone, only the orange light, no direction lights. (I'm into drones a bit and have one) I had to get a better look at this thing and it was almost over my house by then. I said to my mate, keep watching it I'm getting my binoculars.

I ran in, got them and ran back out, took maybe 20 seconds. Just as I came back out my mate said it just flew up and into the clouds and there was no sight of it again. I hung around out there for about 15 minutes to see if it would come back down or if I could see it anywhere but was not seen again.

I have thought very hard what this thing could be but I'm lost for ideas.


Friday 13th November 2015

Sender: Victoria | Airport West

Around 10:30 this morning I was driving from Melbourne Airport to the south eastern suburbs and whilst on the Tullamarine Freeway near Essendon DFO, I saw a small craft in the sky. My initial thought was 'is that some sort of plane?', having just come from the airport. Seconds later the freeway dipped down and a wall and some trees were in the way. Another 5 seconds later, the craft was back in sight and I knew that it was not a plane. After a few seconds I returned my eyes to the road, looked back, and it was nowhere to be seen.

It was relatively close (maybe a couple 100m away), relatively small, disc-shaped, had a clear glass spherical capsule on top and in the center of this capsule was a large white/yellow light. It didn't seem to be moving and appeared to be stationary in the sky. This is the only time that I consciously remember ever seeing a UFO and it wasn't spooky or mystical at all.. other than the fact that it completely disappeared (possibly behind the clouds but it seemed to be much lower than the clouds). It didn't look like an outrageously 'alien' sort of craft either.

This sighting synchronously coincides with current events in my life. In particular, recent and upcoming starseed and ET interests and events.

So glad to share this!!!

Saturday 24th October 2015

Sender: Jim | Ringwood East

Today at around 6:30 pm when I was scanning the sky in our courtyard, I pointed out a white-to-brownish spot high in the sky. Then I called my wife from inside and wanted from her to get the photo camera.

But, when she arrived to the courtyard, I could not spot the same object at the same position in the sky. Then she went inside again. After almost 5 minutes, I spotted the same object in a different position in the sky. It was absolutely not a plane because it was not moving and just standing still. But, it was not east to see the details as it was very high in the sky.

I will scan the sky again around same time tomorrow.

Thursday 22nd October 2015

Sender: Liam | Narre Warren

It was around 8.25 pm when I was standing in the living room of my Narre Warren East home. As our house is located at the top of quite a steep hill, we have an uninterrupted view of which extends out towards the Mornington Peninsula. I was chalking the tip of my pool cue when something caught my eye in the distance. It was at this time that I spotted the UFO hovering over the southern horizon virtually motionless.

The object was what appeared to be an orb that glowed a dark red in it's middle, which gradually transitioned to a lighter orange towards its outer edges. Although the color of the object was similar to that of fire, it was not big or bright enough to noticeably light up the sky surrounding it or the area beneath it. I was able to get a good look at the object as it stayed motionless for approximately 10 - 15 seconds before disappearing shortly after I called my mum over to show her my discovery. She did not spot it in time.

It's disappearance was not gradual nor rapid. It did not shoot off in a certain direction or fall from the sky. It simply just vanished in the same position it had remained motionless in throughout the sighting. Although its disappearance was almost near instantaneous, I felt as if I was almost able to see the object fade away slowly. Throughout the sighting the object did not grow brighter or dimmer.

Unfortunately I did not think to film the ordeal until the moment it vanished. It was at this time I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see my phones battery had in the seconds that the sighting had taken place. This was extremely uncharacteristic.

Monday 19th October 2015

Sender: Eyes | Hoppers Crossing

At approximately 8.30 pm I was in my backyard with my Chihuahua waiting for to do what nature calls, then I hear a humming noise above from behind me so I looked up to see what it was and at first I only could see a dark object.

Then all of a sudden this huge lot of lights so bright came on the colour of red and green this thing was big and high up. It was hovering in one spot not moving at one stage I thought it might fall.

I picked up my Chihuahua and just watched it in shock the lights on the craft were red on the top half way and then green on the lower half then they changed position this time coming down half way on one side red and the other side green.

I couldn't see what shape the craft was I thought it might be circle but then the lights went off and on one side the lights came on again were red were coming down it like a half of a V shape. Then I herd a car pulling up as it stopped the craft was coming down quick in the one spot it went down where I couldn't see it anymore because of the roof of the house. I ran outside the front and there was nothing there it was gone.

Saturday 10th October 2015

Sender: Ryan | Seaford

Around 9pm-10pm : OK so story timeline as best as possible, I went out for a pizza and saw something in the sky and think its aeroplane lights, got pizza and went home I saw lightening thinking it looked weird flash in the sky but then something moved behind the house and I think I even went to take a look at a hovering assortment of lights, knowing at last I see UFO it tried to move closer, in way hard to describe, but then went back and vanished, interesting...so I lost the details then but oh my whats the matter something is trying to erase my recollection of it, since yes I went beyond today, beyond the fractal arrangement of creation and heirache of gods, but for sure reporting it, was a problem, can't trust maybe who is interested in researching this.

but anyway...consistent sound of like low rumbling distant jet engines, went out again, but this is where I get stuck, I feel like I gonna miss something out.was another what seemed to be a distant jumbo by sound but very close low flying , but then notice another one that the clouds seemed to be parted, the approaching behind clouds and kinda bounced looked weird, so I thought yeah this one is a UFO and it got nearly overhead and I notice the one in clear was vanished, so the other got over my head and could see glittering sparkly lights behind it, not an aeroplane...but still they are tricky..not sure when...oh went out at one point and my house struck by this lightening, I thought it warning not to ask too much, then low flying cruising over the neighbourhood and I went out on the road to see if can get witnesses, nobody anywhere...oh was back track to when I went out with one travelling in opposite directions because there was a car headlights, I live on intersection but the weird vibe was amazing but yeah the headlights vanished...but yeah back to timeline went out on the roads and headlights on again, maybe to debunk but by this time it seemed more daylight the headlights not as bright, so real car right, they were driving cray like really angry, I thought maybe people freaked out by the UFO activity, but yeah they driving like angry and had to overtake another car that appeared out of nowhere while mean while I wasn't on the road anymore...

so yeah watched the one flying over the neighborhood slowly turn and go off into the distance...so called mate from down the road and yeah by the time he come up one had already flown over and another one at same time that he saw too, but he in denial not really want to think about it..so inside chat, went out few time saw some more and yeah was watching one fly over and slowly around us, and was watching it change into a triangle so told my mate, before he could turnaround was massive eruption of light from one of the points and it turned into a headlight, so may mate reckons its just a plane and the pilot could do as he pleases..lmfao

so by last time I went out while my mate inside I sore one hovering, this is where it gets interesting because by the time he came out, it was weird but started looking like a star, but it was flashing different colour and very bright, no other stars in the sky..he went home later went out and the stars fainter, watching as one kinda did something weird and vanished, then one popped up somewhere else. Sometimes the sky looked like it glowing and that storm activity wasn't normal storm activity.

Friday 2nd October 2015

Sender: Caz | Scotts Creek

We could see a very bright light accros the paddocks from the house. Seemed yellow warm light compared to the cool blue stars.

It seemed extremely close and large compared to anything that should be visible in the sky. I took several photos and videos. This thing was in the northeast sky about 1-2km above the horizon and seemed only the same distance away also. We could hear a humming vibration sound over our music and it seemed a different frequency as the music was initially loud.

Over the next 3 hours we watched it hover in the same spot before slowly moving off north once the daylight broke, but was still visible when it was light at 6am. ''A farmer a few kms away also saw it and captured a photo. On zooming in on the photos it appears in different forms but allways as bright. Triangle or a bent line shape or a circle. I know that camera pixels can change these shapes but this is unbelievable.

Monday 24th August 2015

Sender: Sue | Kingsville

My partner and I were travelling on the Princes Highway towards Footscray at roughly 7pm, when we spotted a ball of fire with a fiery trail which looked like a falling star in the sky to our right. We were travelling through Kingsville at that time. My first thought was that a plane was on fire, as commercial planes were extremely common in these skies. I kept my eyes glued on it while my partner drove.

It did look like a falling star, except that it wasn't exactly "falling"and was traveling horizontal instead. Then 10-15 seconds after spotting it, I saw the fiery trail got "swallowed back"into the ball. The bright ball hovered in the sky a little, then it disappeared about half a minute later (maybe it got hidden by the clouds?).

Minutes later we saw some lights in the skies again, but weren't sure if they were the same UFO or a plane (we were driving past trees and buildings so couldn't keep a constant line of sight). The ball that we first saw sure didn't look like they were lights from a plane!

Tuesday 31st March 2015

Sender: Gene | Pakenham

Hi, Last night after cleaning the kitchen, I took a bag rubbish out to the bin, and as it was 1:20 in the morning (March 31st) I took a few moments to look up at the clear, dark sky and look at the stars.. I do this a lot as I have a great interest in all things astronomical :)

With my eyes adjusted to the darkness I was looking to the south-east, about 40 degrees above the horizon, and about 3 hand-spans to the left of the Southern Cross, and I noticed what appeared to be a small fuzzy cloud (about the size of my little fingernail at arms length). Its altitude appeared to be very high

It appeared to be slightly illuminated from within but I dismissed this, assuming that it was just in front of a bright star. As I looked at it I saw, what appeared to be a light, just above the object begin to fade on and get brighter. It reached a brightness level of about that of the lower star in the Southern Cross, and then it turned off. (this light on-off sequence took less than 2 seconds).

At this point I presumed it was an aircraft of some sort, but I could hear no sound from its direction and there were no navigation lights.

And then the cloud began to move, first down towards the horizon to about 25 degrees above, at this point a little shooting star flashed by just to the left of it, and shortly after it tracked right, (to the south), then back up to about 30 degrees above the horizon..

This movement process took place over perhaps 3 or 4 minutes, maybe longer, I wasn't keeping time..

At this point it appeared to stop moving (relative to my position) and slowly began to fade (perhaps it was moving directly away from me, out into space, I don't know).
After about 30 seconds the light thing happened again.

Certainly strange movements for a tiny, slightly illuminated, cloud in a clear, still, dark sky.

During this 'event' I glanced around a number of times to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks, but every time I returned my gaze to that spot in the sky I could distinctly see the fuzzy cloud-thing, (and even when I looked near, but not -at- it, I could still see it in my peripheral vision.)

I watched it for a full 10 minutes while sitting in the dark, on my driveway, and as it faded I tried to run through all the possible explanations for what I had just seen. It was still just visible when I went back inside.

- maybe it WAS just a cloud, at an extreme altitude, caught in some weird wind condition which held the cloud together, and I just happened to be in the right place to see the light of the half moon, (which was way behind me in the western half of the sky), reflect off it.
- maybe it WAS an aircraft (albeit without nav lights), at an altitude high enough to dissipate the sound of its engine(s) such that it would appear silent to me.
- maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but that would be a first in my nearly 38 years on this planet.

I am at a loss to identify or categorise what I saw last night.
Did anyone else see this..?

Thursday 26th March 2015

Sender: Kylie| Abbotsford

Approximately 8.00pm travelling on the Eastern Freeway towards the city, just before Hoddle St exit. My partner & I saw a white object fly horizontally across the sky for about 30seconds.

The night sky was too light for a falling star to be seen, and falling stars don't travel in the direction that this object was travelling. It wasn't very high- definitely in our atmosphere. It flew behind a cloud for a couple of seconds & couldn't be seen when it did so. But it reappeared once passed the cloud & continued to fly north/west bound.

It was quite large - much larger than a falling star. It was a solid white colour & left no 'trail' lights as it travelled. We both saw it & are curious as to whether others did also as there were plenty of other drivers on the road & pedestrians on Hoddle street.

Sunday 22nd March 2015

Sender: Ron| Patterson Lakes

Last night, 22nd March 2015, now guessing around 9:30-10:00pm. We were sitting on our top floor balcony, in Patterson Lakes overlooking the main river that is on our NW side.
I noticed a red ball of light shoot up from somewhere, guessing, in the Dingley, Westal or Springvale area.

At first, I thought it was a flare, telling the two other people sitting on the balcony to have a look. As it reached a particular hight, I was waiting for it to go downwards and or loose it's glow. But it didn't. It started to head in our direction. We have many planes flying in around this area, and I understand the lighting of a plane. This was just a solid red/orange colour.

Not low, not extremely high, it nearly flew directly over us, slightly east of our overhead & headed somewhere towards the Portsea area. We lost sight of it as to not being able to see from obstruction of or building.

As it traveled over us, not particularly high, I was supposed that I couldn't hear anything. Travelled faster than a plane but not so fast to be like a rocket either. Somewhere between. Within about 30min to a minute. It happened exactly again as before. As if watching a rerun. Another one.

Couldn't have been a lantin if sorts, didn't flicker like a flare, nothing like a plane as it was one solid colour ball of red/orange light, from take off, towards, over and past us.
Dam curious as to any explanation of what it could be.

I tried to contact Moorabin Airport to see if they noticed it as I'm sure they should have, but could not get in contact with them.

Positive that we were not the only ones who were to have witnessed it.

Surely people driving along the roads & freeways over the areas I described, even tower at Moorabin Airport, someone else should have seen it.

Please, if anyone knows anything, we would love to know.

I took a quick pick of it when the second one came over us from my iPhone, but I don't believe it does any justice to what we saw.

December 2014

Sender: Cheryl

Cheryl took a series of photos of the sunset from her Melbourne balcony on a mobile phone on December 9, 2014.

She looked at them in February 2015 to discover there are strange objects in the photo's.

What do you think? (click image to view gallery)

Monday 12th January 2015

Sender: Stan | East Kew

I was returning home at 11pm approx on Monday the 12th of January 2015, walking down my driveway in Kew East , I was facing East, when I saw a red and yellow ball shooting up into the sky, it had a yellow tail and was gone in with in a second.

It was about the size of my little finger nail , so wouldn't have been to high in the sky.

It came into my view from above my neighbors roof and then was just gone.

It reminded me of a shooting star but much bigger and was heading up into the sky.

It moved faster than I have seen anything else ever move in the sky.

Monday 12th January 2015

Sender: Alex | Sunshine North

Ok was with my girlfriend, just got back to my house, got out the car, and noticed lights flashing in the clear night sky, colour was white, red, blue/green. This thing was stationery, stayed like that for a good minute or two, it was high up in the sky, in the west direction. Told my girlfriend to look at it, this is the time my brother came outside, he too saw this ufo, we were all in shock, what was this thing in the sky, okay so next thing you know it started to flash white lights only, it slowly moved towards my house, weirdest thing was that it did not sound like a big/small plane nor a helicopter.

It was a very dark triangular shape spaceship if u would call it, it literally flew above my house, so from where we initially saw it, it was at least 5kms away, in the west direction as I've mentioned.

Okay now the scary part was that it made this VACUUM SUCTION noise as it flew above and past my house, it was very quiet but loud enough for us to hear it.

The ufo then proceeded towards north east and it was low in the sky, it then flew north west and that's when we all decided to look no further and concluded that it was a ufo.

So around midnight, I decided to outside and look at the sky, and what do you know, a plane flew past and it was very loud and very visible in the night sky, now I'm more certain what I saw earlier was definitely a UFO!!!

Has anyone seen this UFO tonight????

Thursday 1st January 2015

Sender: Robert | Ballarat : 12.20 am

My wife and I were celebrating a quiet New Year evening with her sister and husband in Alfredton. When we stepped out, just after midnight, I noticed two huge orange lights which I first throught were stars, perhaps coloured orange due to the haze of fireworks that were set off. However, no other stars were as bright or orange (it was a perfectly clear night).

They did not move at first and there was no indication they were a plane or helocopter. No blinking lights, no sound, etc. They were far too large to be drones. Facing NE they appeared approx 20 degrees off the horizon, perfectly stationary.

As my wife and I drove off, she kept an eye on them. One of them moved, dimmered and appeared to either go behind or into the larger one. Within less than 5 minutes they were both gone without a trace.

I still have no idea what they were but am convinced they were not a plane, copter or drone.

January 2015

Sender: Justin | Lalor

For the past 11 days now, there has been strange activity towards the north east from my home in Lalor. On most clear nights around the hours of 10:00 PM to midnight (I have not been watching after these hours) a number of lights will appear over the horizon (about 15 degrees elevation) (Towards Hurstbridge and Arthurs Creek from my position). They will suddenly appear in numbers ranging from 1 to 12 and sometimes participate in various formations then occasionally change colour from beige to a very intense dark red. They then quickly disappear.

Perhaps the most interesting to note is that most of the time, these lights are only visible through a camera equipped to view the infrared part of the spectrum. While I will be recording these UFO\'s through my camera, I will often not be able to see them with the naked eye despite them showing up very clearly on my camera. I believe these objects to be no further then 50 km away as there is very minimal atmospheric distortion when observing them.

I have ruled out the possibility of these objects being any form of FPV drones, multicopters or planes as they often exhibit extremely high velocities when moving in formation.

When viewed through a telescope, there appears to be more of these lights participating in formations than visible with a camera or the naked eye.

I am just wandering if anyone living near the Hurstbridge area or the northern suburbs with a good vantage point can look out and see if they too witness these lights. They appear to be very active and I am sure others have also seen them.

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