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View Event: 50 Magic Years in Melbourne
50 Magic Years in Melbourne
Taking place in November 2006, a number of exhibitions and events combined to celebrate 50 magic years in Melbourne since the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The weekend (18th & 19th) featur ..
50 Magic Years in Melbourne50 Magic Years in Melbourne

View Event: Aussie Heritage
Aussie Heritage
An Australian Heritage list of over 20,000 places, buildings and objects of natural, indigenous and historic significance. This list contains listings from world, national and commonwealth heritag ..
Aussie HeritageAussie Heritage

View Event: Batman's Treaty of Melbourne
Batman's Treaty of Melbourne
Cunningham Street, Northcote
Since the infamous TREATY was signed on 6th June 1835, the circumstances around the foundation of Melbourne, and who should take credit, have long been matters of dispute. Even the location of wher ..
Batman's Treaty of MelbourneBatman's Treaty of Melbourne
Cunningham Street,

View Event: Batmania
Batmania is a fun way to explore the people and events surrounding the foundation of Melbourne. Do the historical documents portray the true story? What were the motives of the main players? What ..

View Event: Burke and Wills Expedition
Burke and Wills Expedition
The Burke and Wills Expedition was originally called the Victorian Exploring Expedition and its aim was to cross the continent of Australia from Melbourne on the south coast to the north coast. The ..
Burke and Wills ExpeditionBurke and Wills Expedition

View Event: Captain Matthew Flinders
Captain Matthew Flinders
Arthur's Seat
Matthew Flinders helped shape what was to become the city of Melbourne is many, unusual ways. Although he never once used his own name for any feature in all his discoveries, Flinders' name is now as ..
Captain Matthew FlindersCaptain Matthew Flinders

View Event: Carols by Candlelight | History
Carols by Candlelight | History
Carols by Candlelight is an Australian Christmas tradition that originated in Melbourne and now spread around the world. The first Carols by Candlelight were held in Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne i ..
Carols by Candlelight | HistoryCarols by Candlelight | History

View Event: Charles Grimes - 1802 Port Phillip Bay Survey
Charles Grimes - 1802 Port Phillip Bay Survey
In 1802 the third governor of New South Wales, Governor King, sent the Surveyor General of New South Wales, Charles Grimes to explore King Island, Western Port, and Port Phillip, then the southern par ..
Charles Grimes - 1802 Port Phillip Bay SurveyCharles Grimes - 1802 Port Phillip Bay Survey

View Event: CSS Shenandoah | 1864 - Melbourne
CSS Shenandoah | 1864 - Melbourne
CSS Shenandoah | 1864 - Melbourne's Civil War Connection Like most of the world's great cities, Melbourne is full of history, but I wonder how many Melburnians know that a slightly bizarre, and ver ..
CSS Shenandoah | 1864 - MelbourneCSS Shenandoah | 1864 - Melbourne

View Event: Cyclorama of Early Melbourne
Cyclorama of Early Melbourne
At the State Library of Victoria, this rare and historical cyclorama oil painting shows a 360 degree view of Melbourne in the 1840s. Measuring 100 feet, this panorama is one of the earliest known ..
Cyclorama of Early MelbourneCyclorama of Early Melbourne

View Event: Dabbling with the Diary
Dabbling with the Diary
Cunningham Street, Northcote
It seems that Batman expected his diary would be forwarded to London as part of the submission to the British Government. It was vital then, that his diary be consistent with the pro forma wording al ..
Dabbling with the DiaryDabbling with the Diary
Cunningham Street,

View Event: Discovery of Gold
Discovery of Gold
"Put it away Mr Clarke, or we shall all have our throats cut". - Sir George Phillips, 1844 after Reverend WB Clarke presented his gold discovery. Discovery of Gold > Early gold discoveries Gold ..
Discovery of GoldDiscovery of Gold

View Event: Docklands Precinct Heritage Sites
Docklands Precinct Heritage Sites
Batman's Hill Marker When John Batman first settled the Port Phillip district in 1835, a small hill known as Pleasant Hill was a key feature of the landscape. Elevated land was very desirable in th ..
Docklands Precinct Heritage SitesDocklands Precinct Heritage Sites

View Event: Emblems of Victoria
Emblems of Victoria
The emblems of Victoria include... Floral emblem: Pink Heath Animal emblem: Leadbeater's Possum Bird emblem: Helmeted Honeyeater Marine Faunal Emblem: Weedy Seadragon Sadly, the Leadbeater's ..
Emblems of VictoriaEmblems of Victoria

View Event: Encyclopedia of Melbourne | eMelbourne
Encyclopedia of Melbourne | eMelbourne
The Encyclopedia is an A to Z reference work covering the city's history from pre-European settlement up to the present day. Alphabetical entries range from short factual summaries about places, i ..
Encyclopedia of Melbourne | eMelbourneEncyclopedia of Melbourne | eMelbourne

View Event: Eureka Stockade
Eureka Stockade
Corner Eureka Street and Rodier Street, Eureka
The Eureka Rebellion in 1854 was an organised rebellion of gold miners of Ballarat against British colonial authority. The Battle of Eureka Stockade was fought between miners and the Colonial forc ..
Eureka StockadeEureka Stockade
Corner Eureka Street and Rodier Street,

View Event: First Men Hanged Memorial
First Men Hanged Memorial
Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner first men hanged in Melbourne Call for memorial for first men hanged in Melbourne Buried beneath the tarmac and tourist trinkets of the Queen Victoria Mark ..
First Men Hanged MemorialFirst Men Hanged Memorial

View Event: Foundation of Melbourne
Foundation of Melbourne
The City of Melbourne was meticulously planned but it began as a barely legal, speculative settlement that broke away from New South Wales. It was fortunate to be blessed with farsighted founders who ..
Foundation of MelbourneFoundation of Melbourne

View Event: Garryowen's Melbourne
Garryowen's Melbourne
Edmund Finn arrived in Melbourne in 1841 and began writing colourful descriptions of life in early Melbourne under the pseudonym of Garryowen. :: John Pascoe Fawkner :: Burial Hill :: Eerie cavor ..
Garryowen's MelbourneGarryowen's Melbourne

View Event: Glenrowan 1880 - Ned Kelly's Last Stand
Glenrowan 1880 - Ned Kelly's Last Stand
The Glenrowan1880 site is an educational resource for those who wish to learn the truth about the siege at Glenrowan in June of 1880. Find original newspaper text, archives, police documentation ..
Glenrowan 1880 - Ned Kelly's Last StandGlenrowan 1880 - Ned Kelly's Last Stand

View Event: Great Bookie Robbery
Great Bookie Robbery
Queen Street, Melbourne
There would not be many locals over the age of 21 who have not heard of the Great Bookie Robbery which took place in Melbourne's CBD in April 1976. Amazingly, no-one has ever been convicted, and no ..
Great Bookie RobberyGreat Bookie Robbery
Queen Street,

View Event: Henley on Yarra
Henley on Yarra
Melbourne's high points of colour and activity from 1904 until after World War 2 were the annual Henley-on-Yarra regattas. They were held each year during spring, between the Caulfield and Melbourn ..
Henley on YarraHenley on Yarra

View Event: Historical Information Sources
Historical Information Sources
History in Australia and in particular Victoria, is well recorded and maintained. Listed below are but some of the Government maintained records and sources for historical information. Public Reco ..
Historical Information SourcesHistorical Information Sources

View Event: Historical Societies of Victoria
Historical Societies of Victoria
Melbourne and Victorian Historical Societies include: HISTORICAL SOCIETIES Box Hill Historical Society Suite 7, Town Hall Hub, 27 Banks Street, Box Hill (Rear of Box Hill Town Hall) Postal ..
Historical Societies of VictoriaHistorical Societies of Victoria

View Event: History of Marvellous Melbourne
History of Marvellous Melbourne
A wonderful video history tour of marvellous Melbourne from her founding by John Batman through to the Olympic Games in 1956 and beyond. Marvellous Melbourne History video by Shane Northey. ..
History of Marvellous MelbourneHistory of Marvellous Melbourne

View Event: History of Melbourne
History of Melbourne
The City of Melbourne respectfully acknowledges that it is located on the traditional land of the Kulin Nation. This special place is now known by its European name of Melbourne. Today, Melbourne i ..
History of MelbourneHistory of Melbourne

View Event: Historypin
A global community collaborating around history Historypin is a way for millions of people to come together, from across different generations, cultures and places, to share small glimpses of the p ..

View Event: HMAS Melbourne
HMAS Melbourne
Three Royal Australian Navy ships have been named HMAS Melbourne: -:- HMAS Melbourne - Chatham class light cruiser | 1912 - 1929. -:- HMAS Melbourne (R21) Majestic class aircraft carrier | 1947 - ..
HMAS MelbourneHMAS Melbourne

View Event: Impressions of Melbourne
Impressions of Melbourne
After 100 hard days at sea, reaching dry land at Melbourne was hardly the paradise many had been waiting for. "The migrants who had travelled so eagerly to the other side of the world were rarely ..
Impressions of MelbourneImpressions of Melbourne

View Event: Jerilderie Letter
Jerilderie Letter
The Jerilderie Letter event commemorates the 1879 raid on Jerilderie by Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly, Steven Hart and Joe Byrne. The raid took place between Saturday February 8th, 1879 and Monday Februar ..
Jerilderie Letter03 5886 1901Jerilderie Letter

View Event: Judge Walpole Willis' Port Phillip Casebooks
Judge Walpole Willis' Port Phillip Casebooks
Judge Walpole Willis' Port Phillip Casebooks on the Web Five criminal casebooks, one civil casebook and other papers of Judge Willis - the first judge in Port Phillip - have survived and will be ma .. Judge Walpole Willis' Port Phillip Casebooks

View Event: Know Your Melbourne (c1945)
Know Your Melbourne (c1945)
This colour cinema advertisement from around 1945 is for CE Miller and Company, a removal and storage business based in Melbourne and shows off Melbourne city and suburbs of the mid 1940s. This bea ..
Know Your Melbourne (c1945)Know Your Melbourne (c1945)

View Event: Koori and Aboriginal History
Koori and Aboriginal History
The area around Port Phillip was the home of the Kulin nation, an alliance of several language groups of Indigenous Australians, whose ancestors had lived in the area for approximately 30,000 years. ..
Koori and Aboriginal HistoryKoori and Aboriginal History

View Event: La Trobe's Arrival | 170th Anniversary
La Trobe's Arrival | 170th Anniversary
Dallas Brooks Drive Melbourne
On 3 October 2009, Friends of La Trobe's Cottage re-enacted La Trobe's arrival at Port Phillip. Charles Joseph La Trobe took over from Captain Lonsdale and assumed the position of Superintendent un ..
La Trobe's Arrival | 170th Anniversary(03) 9656 9800 La Trobe's Arrival | 170th Anniversary
Dallas Brooks Drive

View Event: Labour Day | History
Labour Day | History
Melbourne celebrates Labour Day with a public holiday on the second Monday of March every year. Labour Day has its origins in the eight hour day movement which advocated eight hours for work eight ..
Labour Day | HistoryLabour Day | History

View Event: Lazarus Diary
Lazarus Diary
One of the State Library of Victoria collection treasures is the Lazarus Diary, which contains one of the few eyewitness accounts of the Eureka uprising in December 1854. Measuring 12cm x 18.5cm, ..
Lazarus DiaryLazarus Diary

View Event: Little Lonsdale Street
Little Lonsdale Street
In the summer of 1987-88, almost an entire block at the northern end of Melbourne's Central Business District was excavated by a team of historical archaeologists, before being redeveloped for tall of ..
Little Lonsdale StreetLittle Lonsdale Street

View Event: Marvellous Melbourne
Marvellous Melbourne
11 Nicholson St Carlton
By world standards, Melbourne is a young city. But it has layers of history. Here you can discover some of them. Bluestone and concrete, paint and neon, Victorian-ornate and sheet-glass - all cram int ..
Marvellous Melbourne13 11 02Marvellous Melbourne
11 Nicholson St

View Event: Marvellous Melbourne (c1910)
Marvellous Melbourne (c1910)
Marvellous Melbourne: Queen City of the South comprises three clips covering Swanston and Collins Streets, Melbourne buildings and Melbourne Recreational activities. Clip 1: Swanston and Collins St ..
Marvellous Melbourne (c1910)+61 (3)Marvellous Melbourne (c1910)

View Event: Melbourne Archive in UN World Register
Melbourne Archive in UN World Register
A Melbourne archive that features the work of one of the first artists in the world to work with laser, sound and image production, Joseph Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski, has been included in the UNESCO ..
Melbourne Archive in UN World RegisterMelbourne Archive in UN World Register

View Event: Melbourne City 1931
Melbourne City 1931
This clip begins with a panoramic view from the Morehouse Tower of St Paul's Cathedral looking south over the Yarra River to the Botanical Gardens and the War Memorial. It is followed by a tracking sh ..
Melbourne City 1931Melbourne City 1931

View Event: Melbourne Docklands History
Melbourne Docklands History
Until the 1880s ships coming into Melbourne anchored in Hobson's Bay and unloaded their cargo onto lighters which then made their way up the Yarra River to wharves such as the famous Queen's Wharf. Al ..
Melbourne Docklands HistoryMelbourne Docklands History

View Event: Melbourne Historical | iTunes!
Melbourne Historical | iTunes!
The iPhone app that tells the story of a great Victorian-era city: MELBOURNE HISTORICAL What Melbourne alleyway is named after a group of hard rockers? Where can you find a corroboree tree that's ..
Melbourne Historical | iTunes!Melbourne Historical | iTunes!

View Event: Melbourne Video's from Observation Points
Melbourne Video's from Observation Points
Videos of Melbourne shot from Melbourne's observation towers and wheel. YouTube video of Melbourne's southern suburbs shot from Melbourne Observation Deck. YouTube video of Melbourne shot fr ..
Melbourne Video's from Observation PointsMelbourne Video's from Observation Points

View Event: Melbourne | Now and Then
Melbourne | Now and Then
A pictorial perspective look at Melbourne, Now and Then. Featuring Melbourne landmarks in 2007 compared to how they looked in c1870 including: :: Flinders Street Station :: Yarra River (west) ..
Melbourne | Now and ThenMelbourne | Now and Then

View Event: Melbourne | Wikipedia
Melbourne | Wikipedia
Melbourne (mÉ›lbÉ rn MEL-bÉ rn)[8][9] is the capital and most populous city of the Australian state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia and Oceania.[1] Its name refers to a ..
Melbourne | WikipediaMelbourne | Wikipedia

View Event: Melbourne | Wikipedia | Page 2
Melbourne | Wikipedia | Page 2
Continued from Melbourne | Wikipedia Housing Melbourne has minimal public housing and high demand for rental housing, which is becoming unaffordable for some.[123][124][125] Public housing is us ..
Melbourne | Wikipedia | Page 2Melbourne | Wikipedia | Page 2

View Event: Melbourne's Centenary 1934 | Marvelllous Melbourne
Melbourne's Centenary 1934 | Marvelllous Melbourne
In 1934, as Melbourne planned to celebrate the centenary of European settlement, it seemed to some that there was little to celebrate. The financial strains of the depression, unemployment and the sca ..
Melbourne's Centenary 1934 | Marvelllous MelbourneMelbourne's Centenary 1934 | Marvelllous Melbourne

View Event: Ned Kelly | Bushranger
Ned Kelly | Bushranger
The infamous Edward "Ned"Kelly was born near Melbourne in January 1855 and hanged at the Melbourne gaol on 11 November 1880. Ned Kelly and his gang are Australia's most famous bushrangers, pursued ..
Ned Kelly | BushrangerNed Kelly | Bushranger

View Event: Origin of Melbourne
Origin of Melbourne
Where did the name Melbourne come from? John Delaney from Derbyshire, England explains the link between Victoria's great city and a small town in the English Midlands. In 1837 a small settlemen ..
Origin of MelbourneOrigin of Melbourne

View Event: Port of Melbourne | History
Port of Melbourne | History
The Port of Melbourne has extended from Williamstown and Port Melbourne on Hobsons Bay, to the part of the Yarra River known as Queens Wharf, opposite William Street, central Melbourne. When the ` ..
Port of Melbourne | HistoryPort of Melbourne | History

View Event: Prime Minister | Victorian
Prime Minister | Victorian
There have been 11 Victorian Prime Ministers including the longest serving (Robert Menzies*) and the first female (Julia Gillard). Ten of Australia's prime ministers were born in Victoria. Melbo ..
Prime Minister | VictorianPrime Minister | Victorian

View Event: Royal Historical Society of Victoria
Royal Historical Society of Victoria
239 A'Beckett Street Melbourne
The Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV) was formed in 1909 and is a community organisation committed to collecting, researching and sharing an understanding of the history of Victoria. With ..
Royal Historical Society of Victoria+613 9326 9288Royal Historical Society of Victoria
239 A'Beckett Street

View Event: Short History of Melbourne
Short History of Melbourne
A short version of the history of the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Before 1835 The first people to live around the area which is now Melbourne were the Aboriginal people. There were f ..
Short History of MelbourneShort History of Melbourne

View Event: Significant Dates & Events | Melbourne
Significant Dates & Events | Melbourne
The events that shaped the city of Melbourne by year. 1835 - On 20 August* the Enterprize charted by John Pascoe Fawkner and captained by John Lancey entered the Yarra River. After being hauled ups ..
Significant Dates & Events | MelbourneSignificant Dates & Events | Melbourne

View Event: Smellbourne
2 Booker Street, Spotswood
Melbourne has had many names but one it didn't like was SMELLmellbourne. In the 1800's the majority of sewage and waste from houses was emptied into open drains that flowed into street channels. T ..
2 Booker Street,

View Event: South Melbourne Market Beats
South Melbourne Market Beats
322 Coventry Street South Melbourne
Get a feel for South Melbourne Market with these cool videos by claudebaxter. Market Beats Graffiti by Graffix Fashion Parade Exotic Fruits South Melbourne Market ..
South Melbourne Market BeatsSouth Melbourne Market Beats
322 Coventry Street

View Event: spaghetti mafia
spaghetti mafia
23 - 29 Bourke Street Melbourne
A history of Italian restaurants in Melbourne commencing with Cafe d'Italia (later The Latin), The Society, Florentino's, Molinas and Marios, and how they became known as the spaghetti mafia. The I ..
spaghetti mafia(03) 9639 2544spaghetti mafia
23 - 29 Bourke Street

View Event: Street Name Origins
Street Name Origins
The debate over who actually named Melbourne's streets, and to whom those names indeed refer, is less important than their evolving role as socio-cultural signifiers. It was a Richard Bourke not Si ..
Street Name OriginsStreet Name Origins

View Event: The Department of History - University of Melbourne
The Department of History - University of Melbourne
The study of history has been part of the curriculum of the University of Melbourne since it began teaching in 1854. Under Sir Ernest Scott, Professor of History from 1914 to 1936, the Department p ..
The Department of History - University of MelbourneThe Department of History - University of Melbourne

View Event: Victorian and Victorianism
Victorian and Victorianism
www.victorianweb.org Melbourne
For much of this century the term Victorian, which literally describes things and events in the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), conveyed connotations of "prudish,""repressed,"and "old fashioned." ..
Victorian and VictorianismVictorian and Victorianism

View Event: Victorian Heritage Register and Heritage Inventory
Victorian Heritage Register and Heritage Inventory
Victorian Heritage Register and Heritage Inventory Melbourne
The Victorian Heritage Register and the Victorian Heritage Inventory is available on-line in a fully searchable database. The Register is a comprehensive listing of Victoria's most significant pla ..
Victorian Heritage Register and Heritage InventoryVictorian Heritage Register and Heritage Inventory
Victorian Heritage Register and Heritage Inventory

View Event: Victorian Historical and Genealogical Directory
Victorian Historical and Genealogical Directory
Victorian Historical and Genealogical Directory -:- The Genealogical Society of Victoria -:- Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies -:- Royal Historical Society of Victoria -:- Chinese Au ..
Victorian Historical and Genealogical DirectoryVictorian Historical and Genealogical Directory

View Event: walls of melbourne
walls of melbourne
walls of melbourne Melbourne
walls of melbourne in the lanes of Melbourne city. Click on the play button to play.. ..
walls of melbournewalls of melbourne
walls of melbourne

View Event: Why Melbourne? Royal Historical Society of Victoria
Why Melbourne? Royal Historical Society of Victoria
www.historyvictoria.org.au Melbourne
For an excellent virtual historical tour of the history of Melbourne you cannot go past the Royal Historical Society of Victoria - Why Melbourne? Why Melbourne?: From Dreamtime to the capital of Vi ..
Why Melbourne? Royal Historical Society of VictoriaWhy Melbourne? Royal Historical Society of Victoria

View Event: World War I First Shot in Melbourne
World War I First Shot in Melbourne
Fort Nepean
A surprising aspect of the history of Melbourne comes the news that the first shot fired by the British Empire in World War I was not on the battlefields of Europe, it came from a windswept fort south .. World War I First Shot in Melbourne

View Event: Wurundjeri Clans
Wurundjeri Clans
David Krause, Great Grandson of King Billibellary maintains history should be rewritten as the Wurundjeri "clans"not the Wurundjeri "tribe". The fabricated NTS (Native Title Services) Wurundjeri cl ..
Wurundjeri ClansWurundjeri Clans

View Event: Yarra River : The Wurundjeri & European discovery
Yarra River : The Wurundjeri & European discovery
Yarra River Melbourne
The Yarra has played a pivotal role in the pre-European history and the modern development of Melbourne. To the original Wurundjeri people, the river was "birrarung"- 'river of mists and shadows'. ..
Yarra River : The Wurundjeri & European discoveryYarra River : The Wurundjeri & European discovery
Yarra River

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