View Event: 1200 Buildings
1200 Buildings
The Zero Net Emissions by 2020 Strategy sets the City of Melbourne the target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2020. The strategy identifies a number of areas for improved energy efficiency and r ..
1200 Buildings1200 Buildings

View Event: Australian Conservation Foundation
Australian Conservation Foundation
Floor 1, 60 Leicester St, Carlton
The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is committed to inspiring people to achieve a healthy environment for all Australians. For 40 years we have been a strong voice for the environment, pr ..
Australian Conservation Foundation1800 332 510Australian Conservation Foundation
Floor 1, 60 Leicester St,

View Event: Byteback
648 Riversdale Road Camberwell
Byteback is a free service, available to residents and small business owners in Victoria who want to dispose of unwanted, old and unused computers in a safe and environmentally safe way. Byteback, ..
648 Riversdale Road

View Event: Channel Deepening Project
Channel Deepening Project
The Channel Deepening Project is managed by Port of Melbourne Corporation. www.channelproject.com (August 2005) aims to provide current, useful information about the Port Phillip Channel Deepenin ..
Channel Deepening Project1800 731 022Channel Deepening Project

View Event: Conserve Water
Conserve Water
The Conserve Water web site presented by Melbourne Water features hundreds of interesting facts about water and how to conserve water. Dams & Reservoirs - Thomson, Upper Yarra, O'Shannassy, Maroond ..
Conserve WaterConserve Water

View Event: Cool Melbourne
Cool Melbourne
Level 1, 89-91 Hornby Street Prahran
Cool Melbourne is your one-stop info-shop for all things environmental, inspirational, practical and sustainable. Full of facts, we are the eco-link between science and our community, businesses and s ..
Cool Melbourne+61 3 9510 2838Cool Melbourne
Level 1, 89-91 Hornby Street

View Event: Darebin Creek Management Committee
Darebin Creek Management Committee
Nestled in the Darebin Parklands, the Darebin Creek Management Committee (DCMC) comprises five staff members and operates from the Darebin Creek Enviroment Centre, Alphington. Most of the time the Dar ..
Darebin Creek Management Committee 9499 4454Darebin Creek Management Committee

View Event: Eastern Treatment Plant
Eastern Treatment Plant
This treatment plant in the south-eastern suburbs uses innovative processes to turn sewage into Class A recycled water Facts about the plant one-tenth the size of the Western Treatment Plant, bu ..
Eastern Treatment Plant131 722 Eastern Treatment Plant

View Event: eco-shout
eco-shout: the internet portal to Melbourne's green underbelly. Eco-shout has been designed as a catalyst to action for those campaigning for environmental and Indigenous justice and a sustainable ..

View Event: Environment Protection Authority | EPA
Environment Protection Authority | EPA
The Environment Protection Authority is a statutory body established under an Act of the Victorian Parliament in response to community concern about pollution. Call EPA 24 hours a day | 1300 EPA V ..
Environment Protection Authority | EPA(03) 9695 2700Environment Protection Authority | EPA

View Event: Environment Resource Centre
Environment Resource Centre
122 George Street East Melbourne
The Environment Resource Centre at East Melbourne Library and Community Centre is run by the City of Melbourne. The Environment Resource Centre is a fantastic resource for people wanting to lighte ..
Environment Resource CentreEnvironment Resource Centre
122 George Street

View Event: Environment Victoria
Environment Victoria
Level 3, 60 Leicester Street Carlton
Environment Victoria is the state's peak non-government environment organisation. We have been campaigning across Victoria for more than 30 years, ever since the successful 1969 drive to save the Litt ..
Environment Victoria (03) 9341 8100Environment Victoria
Level 3, 60 Leicester Street

View Event: ENVY
Brunswick East
Environmental Network of Victorian Youth! We're young. Passionate. Pragmatic. Dedicated to achieving incredible change for the world's environment and the species found within it. We're 30+ str ..

View Event: Exceptional Tree Register | Melbourne
Exceptional Tree Register | Melbourne
The City of Melbourne's Exceptional Tree Register gives you the opportunity to recognise, celebrate and protect the exceptional trees that exist on private land in our city. The City of Melbourne's ..
Exceptional Tree Register | MelbourneExceptional Tree Register | Melbourne

View Event: Friends of the Earth Australia
Friends of the Earth Australia
Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia is a federation of independent local groups working for a socially equitable and environmentally sustainable future. Local and Global Environmental justice, p ..
Friends of the Earth AustraliaFriends of the Earth Australia

View Event: Gould League of Victoria
Gould League of Victoria
77 Argus St, Cheltenham
Gould League was established in 1909 and has become an iconic Australian Environmental Education organisation. We empower teachers, students and the community to live more sustainably and protect t ..
Gould League of Victoria03 9585 7860Gould League of Victoria
77 Argus St,

View Event: Green Collect
Green Collect
Level 7, Central House, 174 Collins St Melbourne
When it comes to recycling office stationery, we often think of paper and printer cartridges but not of folders, binders, in-trays and magazine racks. But these items often end up in landfill as well. ..
Green Collect+ 61 3 9663 8843Green Collect
Level 7, Central House, 174 Collins St

View Event: Greenfleet
Greenfleet is a registered environmental charity, encouraging people to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and then offset any remaining emissions by planting biodiverse native forests through ..

. Melbourne
Melbourne water levels continue to stay at an all-time low. It is up to every Melbourne resident to do everything possible to save water. If we run out of WATER.. - What will you drink? - Wh ..

View Event: KS Environmental
KS Environmental
544 Boundary Rd Heatherton
KS Environmental provides collection and recycling services for the Greater Melbourne area. Includes free take back service for computers and Food Organics recycling program which converts food waste ..
KS Environmental(03) 9551 - 7833KS Environmental
544 Boundary Rd

View Event: Melbourne Water Restrictions 2012 > Current
Melbourne Water Restrictions 2012 > Current
From 1 December 2012, Melbourne will move to Permanent Water Use Rules (previously Stage 1 water restrictions). These rules are in place at all times. Penalties apply to those who don't follow Per ..
Melbourne Water Restrictions 2012 > Current139 2837Melbourne Water Restrictions 2012 > Current

View Event: Merri Creek Management Committee
Merri Creek Management Committee
Merri Creek Management Committee Incorporated is an integrated environmental management agency formed in 1989 to achieve the shared vision for the Creek of the stakeholders in the Merri Creek Catchmen ..
Merri Creek Management CommitteeMerri Creek Management Committee

View Event: National Trusts of Australia Register of Significant Trees
National Trusts of Australia Register of Significant Trees
The National Trusts of Australia are community-based, non-government organisations, committed to promoting and conserving Australia's indigenous, natural and historic heritage through its advocacy wor ..
National Trusts of Australia Register of Significant TreesNational Trusts of Australia Register of Significant Trees

View Event: Port Phillip EcoCentre
Port Phillip EcoCentre
55A Blessington St, St Kilda
The EcoCentre is a not-for-profit, community-managed, environment group. The EcoCentre provides a base for a number of affiliate groups involved in a range of activities that promote biodiversity, env ..
Port Phillip EcoCentre(03) 9534 0670Port Phillip EcoCentre
55A Blessington St,

View Event: Recycle What?
Recycle What?
A question that pops up all the time in this household: what are we allowed to put in the recycle bin and and what isn't? The first item that jumped out in an excellent article by Benjamin Preiss ( ..
Recycle What?Recycle What?

View Event: Recycling Old TV's & Monitors
Recycling Old TV's & Monitors
Everyone wants to know what to do with their old TV's and computer monitors (screens). So when we read Katie Cincotta's excellent article in TheAge (below) it gave us some very good choices and now ..
Recycling Old TV's & MonitorsRecycling Old TV's & Monitors

View Event: Save the Whale
Save the Whale
The world's great whales are in trouble. There's a worldwide ban on commercial whaling but the whales still aren't safe. Greenpeace is campaigning for an end to commercial whaling. We are also camp ..
Save the WhaleSave the Whale

View Event: Save Water
Save Water
Melbourne and Victoria wide Melbourne
Australia's leading resource on water conservation. Why do we need to save water? What's the current situation? And where to go to find solutions. Local information from your water provider, inc ..
Save WaterSave Water
Melbourne and Victoria wide

View Event: SmartTrash
5 Nicholson Place Melbourne
The Wireless SmartTrashTM System will reduce your waste & recycling costs and will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. SmartTrash is being recognised by high rise buildings,shopping centres ..
SmartTrash9602 2944SmartTrash
5 Nicholson Place

View Event: Sustainability Street
Sustainability Street
Sustainability Street is a community program that helps residents create a healthier, safer and more environmentally sustainable place in which to live. To be involved, you only need to be a reside ..
Sustainability Street03 9658 8557Sustainability Street

View Event: Sustainability Victoria
Sustainability Victoria
Level 28, 50 Lonsdale Street Melbourne
Sustainability is about making sure the social, economic and environmental needs of our community are met and kept healthy for future generations. As an agency of the Victorian Government, Sustaina ..
Sustainability Victoria+61 (03) 8626 8700 | 1300 363 744Sustainability Victoria
Level 28, 50 Lonsdale Street

View Event: TreeProject
247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
TreeProject gets urban and rural communities working together to put trees back on the land. Our network of trained volunteers grow indigenous seedlings for rural landholders and Landcare groups w ..
TreeProject(03) 9650 9477TreeProject
247 Flinders Lane,

View Event: Victorian Desalination Plant
Victorian Desalination Plant
Lower Powlett Rd, Wonthaggi
The Victorian Desalination Plant is a water desalination plant located on the Bass Coast in southern Victoria. THE VICTORIAN DESALINATION PROJECT PROVIDES A DROUGHT-PROOF WATER SUPPLY TO MELBOURNE ..
Victorian Desalination Plant1800 811 214Victorian Desalination Plant
Lower Powlett Rd,

View Event: Water Sanity
Water Sanity
A recycled water pipe should be an option for Melbourne As Victoria's North-South pipeline is poised to be switched on this month to relax Melbourne's water restrictions, with water to be taken fro ..
Water SanityWater Sanity

View Event: Western Treatment Plant
Western Treatment Plant
New Farm Road, Werribee
Located in Werribee, the historic plant sustainably treats half of Melbourne's sewage while providing an internationally-recognised bird habitat. Facts about the plant occupies 10,500 hectares ..
Western Treatment Plant131 722 Western Treatment Plant
New Farm Road,

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