Sustainability Street

Sustainability Street

Sustainability StreetSustainability Street is a community program that helps residents create a healthier, safer and more environmentally sustainable place in which to live.

To be involved, you only need to be a resident, business or community group located in the City of Melbourne and have the desire to create a better future for your neighbourhood.

The program aims not only to develop environmentally sustainable ideas but create new social links between participants and strengthen existing community groups.

Who can take part?
Residents, schools, businesses and community groups can all take part and work together to come up with aims and activities that will benefit your neighbourhood and improve the quality of your local area.

What kind of activities are sustainable?
Maybe you want to recycle your laundry water, make your own compost, start a native garden, install energy-efficient devices or start car pooling?

As a participant, you will be provided with the skills and knowledge to transform your local area into the most sustainable living environment possible, while developing local networks and a sense of community.

What support is provided to groups?
The City of Melbourne, Vox Bandicoot and the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action support the Sustainability Street groups through the provision of training, expert advice, program material, and assistance to form partnerships and apply for environmental grants.

What does a Sustainability Street group do?
Anything! A Sustainability Street group's environmental activity is only limited to the imagination of its members.

To find out more information about a Sustainability group in your area visit:

You can also contact the Community Sustainability Officer on 9658 8557 or by emailing

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Sustainability Street 

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