Exceptional Tree Register | Melbourne

Exceptional Tree Register | Melbourne

Exceptional Tree Register | MelbourneThe City of Melbourne's Exceptional Tree Register gives you the opportunity to recognise, celebrate and protect the exceptional trees that exist on private land in our city.

The City of Melbourne's urban forest includes around 20,000 trees in the private realm. These trees help keep our landscape resilient, our city liveable and sustainable and maintain Melbourne's character and heritage.


Criteria for determining exceptional trees in the City of Melbourne were informed by the city's urban forest vision and based on criteria used by a number of organisations including: the National Trust of Australia, Heritage Victoria, Australian International Charter for the Conservation of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) Burra Charter criteria.

Horticultural value - Any tree of outstanding horticultural or genetic value and that which could be an important source of propagating stock, including specimens particularly resistant to disease or exposure.

Rare or localised - Any tree species or variety rare or very localised in distribution, enhancing the diversification of the local urban forest.

Location or context - Any tree that occurs in a unique location or context so as to provide a major contribution to landscape and / or local place character.

Particularly old - Any tree that is particularly old or venerable.

Outstanding size - Any tree outstanding in size of some capacity.

Curious growth form - Any tree that exhibits a curious growth form or physical feature.

Outstanding example of species - Any tree that is an outstanding example of its species.

Aesthetic value - Any tree of outstanding aesthetic significance.

Historical value - Any tree commemorating a particular occasion, including plantings by notable people, or having associations with an important event in local, state or national history.

Outstanding habitat value - Any tree that has outstanding value as habitat for indigenous wildlife.

Environmental / Micro-climate services - Any tree that provides a significant positive modification to the local micro-climate.

Indigenous association - Any tree that has a recognised association with Indigenous people, or that is valued for continuing and developing cultural traditions.

Social, cultural or spiritual value - Any tree that is important to a community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.

What is the timeframe
Nominations for exceptional trees open December 2011
Planning Scheme amendments for round one nominations complete December 2013


You can nominate a tree by filling out the nomination form either online or by collecting a paper copy from Town Hall, Council House 2, or city libraries and emailing it to [email protected] or sending it to us at Urban Landscapes, City of Melbourne, GPO Box 1603, Melbourne, Vic, 3001.

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Exceptional Tree Register | Melbourne 


Melbourne's Urban Forest

Draft Exceptional Tree Register Report - Part 12 (PDF)


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