Best Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne

Best Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne

When say they are the Best Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne,
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Chinese Restaurants

Chinese is one of the most ancient and varied cuisines in the world, yet it often gets oversimplified in Australia. Cantonese and Sichuan may be the most prominently represented of China's regional cuisines in Melbourne, but they're just two of "the eight great cuisines" (the others are Jiangsu, Zhejian, Fujian, Hunan, Anhui and Shandong).

It's actually uncommon to group the food of the country's regions together. Despite Australia's long history of Chinese immigration (which started in the mid-19th century), it's only in the past few years that we've seen dishes from some of China's lesser-known cuisines make appearances in Melbourne. And they're still mostly bound to Chinese-community enclaves such as Springvale or Box Hill.

Whether you're looking for a hearty Middle-Eastern-inflected stew (commonly served in China's far-west), a fiery Sichuan hotpot or a basket of the best xiao long bao in town, there's a place in this guide for you.

Best Chinese Restaurants

View Event: CIBI Melbourne | Design Food Space
CIBI Melbourne | Design Food Space
Unfussy, seasonal Japanese cooking, including weekend breakfast plates, in a quirky, stylish cafe. Japanese-inspired cafe & design store in Collingwood, Melbourne. CIBI products.. Show More..

View Event: David's Restaurant
David's Restaurant
To eat like the locals in Shanghai, you have to be a local. You have to know which crooked alleyway to walk down and which riverside home cooks the best congee. Similarly, in Prahr.. Show More..

View Event: Flower Drum Restaurant
Flower Drum Restaurant
The Flower Drum Restaurant has won every acolade and award for best restaurant. Melbourne's the Flower Drum has become one of the great dining institutions of Australia. To many.. Show More..

View Event: Gold Leaf Chinese Restaurant
Gold Leaf Chinese Restaurant
Gold Leaf is loud and proud Chinese, Yum Cha, Asian.. Yum Cha served daily and our favourite, Sunday lunch. Fully licensed and BYO. Recommended. Docklands (03) 9670 1128 .. Show More..

View Event: HuTong Dumpling Bar
HuTong Dumpling Bar
HuTong Dumpling Bar has your dumpling cravings covered! HuTong Dumpling Bar consists of three layers, each matched to your dining needs. The simple ground floor offers the warmt.. Show More..

View Event: Mya Tiger
Mya Tiger
Mya Tiger is a Cantonese restaurant up the stairs at Melbourne's iconic Esplanade Hotel. Fast-paced, flavour-filled Cantonese inspired Asian restaurant featuring dumplings, roas.. Show More..

View Event: Panda Hot Pot | Carlton
Panda Hot Pot | Carlton
Authentic Sichuan Cuisine .. Panda Hot Pot is a premium hot pot brand established in the Sichuan province of China. Not only is this region of China native to the Giant Panda, our .. Show More..

View Event: Roast Duck Inn
Roast Duck Inn
You'll be unsurprised to hear that we're specialists in damn good roast duck. We do it right and it's crispy and perfect every single time. Of course, being a Melbourne Chin.. Show More..

View Event: Spice Temple
Spice Temple
Open daily for lunch and dinner, Spice Temple is Neil Perry's award-winning modern Chinese restaurant located on the promenade at Crown. Located over two levels, it is warm an.. Show More..

View Event: Tim Ho Wan
Tim Ho Wan
Michelin-starred dim sum from Hong Kong is now in Melbourne. We are following suit with the traditional walk-in policy only. When it's your turn, all guests will have to be pres.. Show More..


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Best Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne

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Best Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne