UFO Sighting | Melbourne | 2011 - 2012

UFO Sighting | Melbourne | 2011 - 2012

UFO Sighting | Melbourne | 2011 - 2012The UFO sighting reports below (2011 - 2012) are in date order (latest at top)... its worth pointing out, we get many more than we publish because some reports are too vague or without detail.

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Monday 31st December 2012

Tuesday 1st January 2013 - Many reports after midnight.
Sender: Toby | Hoppers Crossing

Around 10.40pm in Hoppers Crossing, myself and several other friends witnessed 2 bright object move across the sky. I would estimate the objects to be around 20deg high in a westerly direction, traveling at a constant altitude. The first light was as bright as the ISS, but then quickly faded and disappeared after about 7 seconds.

Upon seeing the first object, I originally thought it was a satellite after it had faded, but then around 10 seconds after it has disappeared, the 2nd light appeared from behind the trees, exactly the same height, speed and light magnitude and then faded at a constant rate and disappeared.

I am certain that they weren't fireworks, even though it was New Years Eve, because they moved across the sky at a slower rate than a firework, didn't explode and also moved in a straight line across the sky, and not up or down or on an angle like a firework does.

Sender: Guiseppe | Richmond

Last night at about 2am there were 3 red lights perfectly spaced in the skies just over Richmond. They hovered for approx 2-3 minutes then one by one they disappeared then reappeared slightly to the left and again disappeared one by one, However the last or bottom one seemed to stay for a longer period of time before eventually and seemingly Switching off.

It was a clear sky last night, the fireworks had ended some time before and i also heard some people in my street looking up towards these lights. My partner and I were watching and although i had had a couple of new years drinks he was 100% sober and i wasn't overly intoxicated.

Sender: Jan | Healesville

On new years eve spending a quiet night at home after watching the fireworks on TV. I decided to venture outside to see if there were any fireworks happening locally. I noticed 3 red lights in the sky above our town (Healesville). l watched them for a few minutes. To the left the one slowly moved back into the sky, then just dissapeared. The other 2 were still very bright, l decided to go inside to get my daughter. On return the 2 lights were still there. We watched for a while, then came inside as my daughter was not comfortable watching them. Don't know what the 3 red lights were ?

Sender: Steve | Glen Waverly

Like Guiseppe and Jan, we too saw three distinct lights in a triangular formation at approximately 2am on Monday 1st 2013. The fireworks were well and truely over when we saw these lights. The night was clear and there was absolutely no noise coming from the objects. The three orange - red lights appeared to be coming from the south from the Glen Waverly area across the horizon. Two of the lights stopped, reversed and then faded away whilst the first one continued on and then faded away.

My friend, along with the other 6 of my guests who also watched the event, said it was most probably balloons. The only problem with that theory is that balloons do not stop immediately and then reverse at the angle they did. It is physically impossible for that to happen. Why would two stop and reverse and one continue in the original direction if they were balloons? There is also no air craft that can stop and reverse at a 180 degree angle. If an aircraft turned around there would be a curve that is clearly visable.

After approximately 10 minutes, the one that faded away returned and went over the Blackburn area. There was no noise coming from it so it could not be a helicopter unless the Air Force has some secret helicopter that we don't know about.

The night was quite clear and as it went over our property, there was no distinct visible object although the light did indicate a circular object.

8 of us watched the event and my friend took a photo of the lights.

This is not the first time we have seen strange sightings in the night sky looking south towards the horizon and we are all quite intelligent people and most, although sceptics, did find the event very unusual.

Monday 19th November 2012

Sender: Milan | Williamstown

Last night, 10.45pm, me and 2 others saw 2 irregular objects in the sky above Williamstown. I am an aerospace engineer. It was clear skies, objects were about 10kms away from us. We could see as far as Geelong, Mount Dandenong and Frankston. The view was perfect from my friends penthouse in St Kilda.

Object 1 was perfectly stationary during the whole encounter, object 2 moved abruptly and spontaneously, moving left, right, up and down with perfect acceleration. It would be at one spot, then would hit ~700-1000km/h instantly, coming to an instant stop thereafter. At times it would go left, instantly diagonally top left, bottom right, far left. It was amazing.

The most amazing manoeuvre happened about 1 minute into the sighting, where the moving object dropped 100-200m instantly, and IMMEDIATELY ascended 200-300m. I am very familiar with the physical limitations upon our current planes, and this was nothing like i have seen before in the field, i recognised it was something unusual just 3-4 seconds into watching it. At that time, telling 2 people near me.

Both the lights were perfectly white.
At about a minute and a half into the sighting, object 2 (the moving object) disappeared. At this point, object 1 remained in its position. 5-6 seconds later, object 2 appeared, instantly out of nowhere.

Both the objects were then visible for another 25-30 seconds, exhibiting same behaviour as before, then both instantly disappeared, perfectly timed.

- The 3 of us are sceptics, there is no 'wishful sighting', these objects were real.
- laser pointed into the sky? This would make sense, until the height changes are considered. From a side point of view, a handheld laser cannot change 'range'. It would only move left and right, not up and down.
- Meteor? the object moved upwards, with perfect vertical acceleration, several times.
- Weather interference - perfect weather, all day. Weather is still perfect, 10 hours later.
- I am also on a diet, where i can only drink water. This rules out alcohol, drug abuse. I was very much sober.

I dont know what it was, the 2 others are still stunned and 'don't know what that was but it was very strange'. I know what i saw, have discussed it immediately afterwards with friends in the aerospace field, they were very excited and wanted to hear more.

Sunday 21st October 2012

Sender: Jessica | Melbourne Airport

At approximately 1:15am on the morning of Sunday 21/10/12, my partner and I were driving home from Sunbury in Melbourne's north west.

We were heading through Bulla toward the Melbourne airport and had just passed the airport lookout when I saw a flash of light in the sky from the corner of my eye. I immediately thought it was a flash of lighting as it seemed to be the correct brightness and covered an area of the sky that lighting normally would. But only seconds later, my partner and I both witnessed a the sky light up with a very bright blue light, originating from the ground and then spreading up and outward. It only lasted for a second, but it was so bright and its circumference was so large that we could not see a single patch of dark sky remaining. The spot from which the light originated was approximately 8-10 kilometers from where we were, so for something so far away, the light was abnormally bright!

We are both still in shock and a little bit afraid as there seems like there is no logical explanation for what we witnessed. The light was so bright that the night sky, (which was very dark as it is a cloudy night), was completely lit up. For a split second, it was suddenly daylight. This is not an exaggeration! In fact, what I've written does not do the event enough justice.

I feel that tonight we were both witness to a very strange occurrence and would like to know if anybody else witnessed this too.

Wednesday 2nd October 2012

Sender: Kylie | Boronia Heights Daylight!

Today I had witnessed a broad daylight UFO sighting while trying to coax my cat inside the house. The cat refused to budge and consequently, I was able to witness something fantastic.

I had noticed what initially appeared to be a helicopter coming from the north and so I was waiting to hear the accompanying noise. As the object came closer, I noticed that there was no distinguishing aircraft characteristics and the strangest thing of all was the fact that there was no noise. The object moved smoothly and fast through the sky and also appeared to be shape shifting or rotating as it flew.

The colours were changing between red and black. The object continued along a strait trajectory heading south and appeared to fly faster than any typical aircraft I have seen before. Thanks for allowing me to share this exciting story.

Saturday 23rd September 2012

Sender: Anon | Carlton Gardens

A Melbourne man has captured footage of what he claims to be a UFO hovering across the city skyline, reports the HeraldSun. The three-minute clip was recorded as the UFO hovered over Carlton Gardens on Saturday 23rd September 2012.

UFO sighted over Carlton Gardens

Tod, who did not want his surname published, said he captured the footage on his phone after he first saw the object about 9.30pm. Other witnesses have reported seeing it as early as 7.30pm. Tod said the object left the Carlton Gardens area about 11pm, flying past the Immigration Museum.

'It was moving like no other flying object that I'm aware exists, and it was displaying amazing patterns of lights that looked something like a light show display in the sky,' he said.

'I was on Lygon St when I first saw it then I walked up to Carlton Gardens, there were a whole bunch of other people saw it as well,' he said.
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Astronomical Society of Victoria spokesman Perry Vlahos said it was unlikely the object was anything extraordinary.

'Something that has been around that long and not seen by astronomers is probably unlikely to be anything odd,' he said.

'The fact it was in the sky for that long probably indicates it was something not too unusual."

Mr Vlahos said members of the ASV had not reported anything unexpected.

'The ASV has hundreds of members - many are looking into the sky with large telescopes every clear night from various locations around the state, including Melbourne, and none of them have reported seeing anything unexpected,' he said.

But other witnesses have described seeing other UFOs in the area.

Carlton resident Penny De La Soyo said she was shocked after seeing a 'weird formation' of lights from the balcony of her 9th floor apartment.

Ms De La Soyo said the formation passed her home about 10.15pm.

'Eight orange lights in a weird formation came up over the horizon, then their formation changed a bit, one disappeared and then others did,' she said.

'It all lasted about a minute. I know it wasn't a plane or helicopter.

'The lights were orange, they weren't flashing like lights on a plane,' she said.Ms De LA Soyo said she had tried to 'be logical' about the sighting, but said it was unlike anything she had seen before.

The sightings comes less than a week after a western suburbs man captured an eight minute video of a fast-moving disc-shaped object descending and ascending high above his Albanvale house.

The man, known only as Ivan, said a neighbour called him outside to witness the spectacle, both looking on in astonishment.

"I have dismissed a lot of things thinking of what it could be,"Ivan said.

"But I am left with very little other than to think it is something unearthly."

Ivan said the object lingered in the sky for around an hour and changed colour - switching between green, red and blue - and for several seconds at a time disappeared.

Source: Shannon Deery | Herald Sun | VIDEO: UFO over Carlton Gardens

Sender: Kate
Email: [email protected]

At around 7:10pm driving home from work on Monday (24th Sept) I could have sworn I saw the same light as in the video on Saturday just passed. It was a bluish light and seemed not to move. It was over the Caulfield area...

Saturday 1st September 2012

Sender: Shar | Burwood

My husband and I were driving near Burwood two days ago - sun was about to set, sky was clear but glowing orange. We both saw this reflective light thing in the sky - not moving. Looked like someone was in the sky reflecting the sun off a mirror at us. It wasn't round, looked like a small square in the sky. It was really high up where you'd normally see planes flying, that kind of distance. Then it disappeared. We both hadn't said anything to each other at this stage. I was searching for it in the sky when I saw it pop back up at the other end of the sky (within our vision of our windscreen). That's when I said "did you see that?". My husband said yes.

We both agreed it couldn't have been a plane. The sky was so clear that if you were looking up you couldn't have missed it. Although it wasn't there for long. It disappeared again within 20 seconds or so. I kept looking for it in the sky but couldn't find it again. Be interesting to see if anyone else saw it.

Sunday August 2012

Sender: Brendan | Noble Park

I saw two lights in the sky over Noble Park at about 5am one Sunday morning in August 2012. I was sitting in my car. At first i thought the light on the right was a helicopter as it looked close to the ground and was yellow/white in colour. The light on the left didn't look as close.

The lights didn't change colour or flicker, they were just solid. As I watched them i noticed the light on the right was moving in a pattern. It would move right then down then left then up. It did this for about 5 minutes. I thought I was tired and seeing things. I took my eyes off them for about 10 seconds as I got out of my car to get a better look & when I looked back up they had disappeared. Very weird!!!

Thursday 28th June 2012

Sender: Kate | Bentleigh

My friend clearly saw a UFO over the direction Williamstown on Thurs 28th June between 6.30 -7pm. I kept looking at the sky from Bentleigh as the clouds cleared for an hour and at 9.45. my husband and I saw the UFO travelling from south east across the sky. It was flashing red, blue and green and was appearing to be rotating; causing the colours to move out from the object.

On Sat evening, the 30th June again my friend saw the same UFO in the sky around the same time as when he saw it on Thursday. I was looking at the sky in Bentleigh and as the UFO went out of his vision, my husband, daughter and self, saw the same UFO travelling about mid section of sky, travelling faster than a jet, and was visibly flashing red, blue and green. As it travelled north south-direction Mt Martha, the colours shot off it at high right angles; making me believe again the craft was rotating. Even though it was moving in a direct line, you could clearly see that the craft was also appearing to shoot up - down and sideways at very fast motion. It moved across the sky very quickly.

Wednesday 18th April 2012

Sender: Lala | Melbourne

I just saw a UFO while driving? Glowing green/yellow light shot across the sky over Melbourne around 10:05 pm Wednesday 18th April...
Wondering if anyone else saw it?

Tuesday 17th April 2012

Sender: Scott | Eastern suburbs

Hey, Last night about 10pm on Tuesday 17th April I was sitting on my porch looking west from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne when I noticed a 'star' in the sky that had a reddish glow to it and thought it was quite beautiful, then it started to move. I blinked my eyes and refocused on this light that was now moving in random and just blew me away.

I watched this for about 30 min before going back inside, then after being inside for about another 30min I returned to my porch to see if the light was still there, it was. It was perfect timing as the light started to move very quickly in a south-west direction as was gone. This is the second time in 5 years I have witnessed this type of thing in the skies above Melbourne, the first time involved 5 lights. Simply inspiring that we are so close to first contact.

Sunday 11th March 2012

Sender: Bill | Mt Martha

It's still happening as I write. Watching non stop activity looking from mt Martha foreshore across towards city. About 5km or so, left of city towards western suburbs. As one object comes close to the bay, it lowers towards the bay water leaving a reflection as it get closer to the water. It then disappears into it's own reflection.

As this is happening another light appears in the far distance behind it starting the process again. Each light lasts around five minutes or so. The fact that the lights seem to move a few hundred meters side to side in a slight but very obvious motion, as they approach confirms they are not of normality. It's been going for 45 minutes now. We see a lot of activity over bay, Quite often...

Thursday 23rd February 2012

Sender: Sweta | South Kensington

Last Thursday, 23/2 I was on the train on my way into the city for work, approx 8:15am, near South Kensington train station. While I was looking out the window, I noticed something odd in the sky. First I thought it was an aeroplane but then something strange happenend.

At first the object was travelling at the same speed as the train, then it went from being a small white object to having wings for a microsecond. Then the wings collapsed again. This happenend twice.

Then the object started speeding up and upwards. When it reached further height, a bright yellow light came on. And then the object sped up fast and upwards and disappeared into the sky.

All this happened in less than 30 seconds!

Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Sender: Ivana | Melbourne West Suburbs

Is anyone watching the sky tonight? There are masses of flying saucers, all flashing red, blue/green and yellow lights. They are hovering over the western side of Melbourne and there seems to be a larger saucer which is not flashing, but solid bright yellow lights. They are everywhere. I've spotted at least 15-20. It's now 12.23am Wednesday 22 February 2012 and I just have to tell someone as I don't think anyone will believe me! Please check the sky now!!

Thursday 16th February 2012

Sender: Sue | Narre Warren South

My daughter was sitting in the lounge today at about 7pm and said that she saw this bright pink light outside in the clouds. She got up to have a better look near the window and said she then heard a loud humming noise like a hovering.

It lasted a couple of minutes and then she said it vanished. She didn't see a craft but this was several hours after the storm and the sky was overcast. She was a bit freaked out by the noise and the whole thing. She said the sound was like in the movies the hovering sound the ufo makes. These were her words she is nearly 12 years old.

This sighting originally was posted in 15th February.

Wednesday 15th February 2012

Sender: Billy | Carlton

I was heading to bed just before 2am when I noticed a large light in the sky that I'd never seen before. When it began to fade out somewhat quickly, I noticed there was another light that was much smaller above it.

Initially I thought it was a shooting star, until the larger light began to move and the smaller light moved with it... then within the space of five to ten seconds they just faded out and disappeared. It seemed to be hovering over the inner-city. Still somewhat freaked out.

Sender: John | Keilor

I saw a white light moving left to right, up an down over the Keilor / Taylors Lakes area. It sometimes turned blue, than it disappeared. Anyone else see it ?

Sunday 12th February 2012

Sender: Jane | Croydon

Saw a very bright Pink light last night over Croydon area about 10.30PM. It was desecending very fast from the sky. In fact so fast we thought it may come down on to our car as we were travelling down Mt Dandenong Rd towards Croydon. It then disappeared.

There were four of us in the car at the time and we all saw it.
Anyone else see this?

Sender: Ruth | Croydon

Travelling along Maroondah Hwy toward Lilydale near Croydon around 12.30am, my kids and I spotted a green light in the sky that then turned red then green, it was the size of a star and was moving back toward the city making sharp turns, it was traveling fast didnt look like an aircraft.

Anyone else see it? Very strange!

Sender: Raph | Cheltenham

Sunday Feb 12 at 11:15pm, five minutes after I had turned out the bedroom light - a sudden, bright light pierced the 'plantation' window shutters which were closed. The light was so bright made streaks of white light beams emanate from the tiny cracks in the closed shutters - the lines reflected on the opposite wall of the bedroom and was accompanied with a quite loud, electric-sounding vibration/hum - sort of "Vvvvvvvvvvv"

I opened my eyes to see the light grow more intense as did the hum which got louder, then the light quickly receded as did the humming noise.

It only lasted 5-7 seconds. My partner was awake and she too saw/heard what I did.

I immediately went outside but all was quiet and there was nothing to be seen. No cars, helicopters, strange weather patterns, there was no wind, rain or heavy cloud.

It was either a bizarre electrical phenomena such as 'ball lightning' or else there was something hovering just above the street at the front of my house, with an incredibly strong beam of light that lit up the yard.

I'd be interested if anyone else in the area saw anything around the same time? I'm in Cheltenham - around 18kms south of the city.

Friday 10th February 2012

Sender: John | Richmond

I'm pretty sure I spotted a UFO over Melbourne this morning 6am going south to north.

First my attention was caught by a sparkling star which was obviously due to the moisture in the air and incoming rain. Then I noticed a red flashing light which at first I thought was a plane but quickly realised that it was rising way to fast to be a plane. It got to a certain point in nthe sky very quickly and then doglegged on itself and started almost backtracking on its original course.

It travelled about 2 thirds of the distance I originally saw and then turned again at right angles and then slowly dissapeared. Each turn was exteme and not a plane or jet. Then seconds later a white glowing object came flying across the sky south to north. It was a solid white light, silent and low flying. It was not a shooting star and not a plane or helicopter although it was no higher than a jet flies.

It was flying at an extreme speeed and took about 45 seconds to clear Melbourne. If it was a satelite, I would like to know, but I have been watching the skies in hope that I would see a UFO for more than 20 years now and I have seen dozens of satelites, shooting stars and even baloons. I'm pretty sure this wasnt any of these.

Wednesday 8th February 2012

Sender: Daniel | Yarra Glen / Healseville

Tonight at about 10:15pm looking up towards Yarra Glen / Healseville way I saw in the sky an object that was flashing Green, Red & Yellow. It was hovering for a very very long time and then dropped down and flew back up instantly. It was not a plane or helicopter.

I looked through my binoculars and it was round and flashing. When I got my phone and video it it looked like 2 and then 3 lights forming a triangle. Did any one else see it ???

Saturday 4th February 2012

Sender: Huma | Greensvale

I was standing on a friends balcony in Greensvale at 10 pm, looking towards southwest, there was only one bright star in the sky, out of nowhere another much brighter star just popped up in the same field of vision,

It was orangish and seemed to shiver, unlike the other star closeby, I watched it for a minute and right in front of my eyes it turned off like a lightbulb. It never moved away or became dim before turning off, there were no strobes, no clouds either.

Monday 16th January 2012

Sender: Eve | Lilydale

Around 10:30 / 10:35pm, while driving home with a friend, we both witnessed a very large green strange light in the sky which was travelling at high speed. It looked as if it crashed somewhere in Melbourne maybe towards Lilydale.

Wednesday 11th January 2012

Sender: James | Forest Hill

At about 9:40 on the 11th of Jan 2012, I saw a bright light flying at a high speed just south of Forest Hill shopping centre. It was traveling a lot faster than a plane, about 4 times more, there was no noises, exept several bats and owls started screeching, this see

Saturday 31st December 2011

Sender: Jaime | Melbourne

Last night, on the 31st DEC 2011, New Years eve at approx 11.50 pm I received a video from a friend visiting Sydney, claiming he had filmed UFO's. I didn't think anything of it, in fact, I didn't even watch it. Anyway, the clocks in Melbourne struck 12 and me and my friend Nathan headed outside to see the fireworks...

Moments later, almost every house and/or electrical object lost power.... It seemed only a few still had power on. I turned back to see three large red or orange balls manifest in the sky, quite low to the ground too. As the fireworks were going off...

They were moving in formation, then stood stationary, and formed the shape of a triangle for a short period of time... One light went off on its way and dissipated. While the other two hovered, dimming in and out of sight... Before eventually fully disappearing into thin air. As they disappeared, power mysteriously restored to the neighborhood. Not long after I saw two military aircraft racing toward the area. I managed to get a poor quality video with my phone, but still held evidence, none the less. Both of the orbs, barley, and one aircraft in persuit. I then realized my friend had sent me an apparent video from Sydney, with UFO's. Turns out, he was right. What was even stranger, was the fact they were the exact same 3 lights, and awesome quality...

I searched YouTube to find that these 3 lights are appearing at cities all over the WORLD! My video amongst many more can be found by browsing YouTube. Both me, my friend, and one neighbor will never forget this new years eve!

Associated YouTube Videos

-:- New Years Eve! 2011 - Melbourne
-:- New Years Eve! 2011 - Melbourne
-:- New Years Eve! 2011 - Melbourne

-:- YouTube UFO's Melbourne
-:- YouTube UFO's Over Melbourne - Flemington Lights!

Tuesday 27th December 2011

Sender: Raquel | Dandenongs

27th December approx 1:30am. I was driving down Maroondah Hwy up and over Eastlink could see 3 very bright white lights in the sky toward the Dandenongs. The light was breaking through the clouds. Formation was a triangle shape but not a perfect triangle . anyone else see it? there was another car on the road pulled over i guess watching these weird lights. went thru maccas and lights were still there. could not see from new street. im spooked

Monday 26th December 2011

Sender: Sarah | Cranbourne West

On the night of Monday 26th Dec 2011- around 10pm, I was called outside by my boyfriend who first spotted things abnormal in the sky. We were in Cranbourne West and what we saw in the sky was located South from this area, just above the view of a house (they were quite close, we would say about 2kms away). There were 3 orange balls of light in the sky, moving smoothly around each other and in odd directions. At one point all 3 had moved in position to make up a large shape of a triangle.

At this point I felt very scared and could feel a buzzing and vibrational atmosphere around me, so I ran inside. My boyfriend grabbed his father and brother so they could all watch together outside. At this point, the 3 orange balls of light had taken off up into the sky and had disappeared. Another cluster of about 10 big orange lights came past (it almost seemed like some were coming out of each other), hovered about for a bit, then each shot upwards into space.
The vibrational noise didnt cease for an hour afterwards.

This whole sighting had lasted for about 20 mins.

Saturday 24th December 2011

Sender: HUMA | Moonee Ponds

24/12/11 at 5.30 pm I saw a cloud formation which was not natural by any means, there was a clearing in white cloud in form of a grid with three horizontal lines and four vertical lines in perfect straight lines and making perfect squares, this was seen from Moonee Ponds towards east, there was a thunder storm at 10 pm.

Sender: Matthew

It was roughly 9.30 and I was walking home from Hampton Park Mc Donnalds, on the way back we saw four orange lights flying in a diamond formation, they stayed in the same spot while also becoming brighter before vanishing into the night sky.

Saturday 5th November 2011

Sender: John | Croydon

I was in Croydon visiting my son when I stepped outside to have a smoke. I observed a bright orange light emitting like sparks or just dropping from it. I called my son and mother to witness it with me. It was heading directly towards us passing almost overhead. It made no sound at all. I continued to observe the object until I could see the craft outline. It was flat on its bottom shaped like a tear drop but could not quite make out the rear of the craft. It released like sparks every so often. The orange came from some kind of burner it reminded me of a plasma torch cross gas burner, but it made no sound and left no smoke trail.

It was travelling in a straight line from the north east to south west direction. The time was around 10:30pm.

Thursday 13th October 2011

Sender: Ntalie

I was in bed when my partner yelled for me to come outside. In the sky above our suburb of Sydneham, there was a round object in the air which was floating smoothly from left to right changing it's colours from blue purple and green. It was not a helicopter or plane. It then circled around the moon and disappeared. I got some of it on my video camera. I zoomed it with my camera and it's looks like a UFO with 3 shapes on the UFO like the shapes they make on crop circles.

Wednesday 5th October 2011

Sender: Peter

Last night I was driving my family back from the airport. We were heading along Kings Road, Sydenham when my wife noticed a strange bright purple light in the sky. It was just after midnight and we pulled over on Hume Drive to get a better look at it. It was below the cloud base about 3km away. There was no outline, shaddow or sound. The light changed it's brightness several times and appeared to move horizontally, tilt away and go dull. The colour changed occasionally from purple to blue to green and back to purple while moving around in a slow but erratic manner. There was no shaft of light leading up to it or away from it and it did not light up the clouds above it.

Suddenly the light vanished straight up and then reappeared in about the same place about 20 seconds later. It did this 2 more times over a period of 5 minutes. We drove to our home about 2km away and could see it from there. A short time later it vanished again and we did not see it come back. This was no helicopter, star or laser pointer. Did anyone else see it?

See below for comments by Dom.

Monday 3rd October 2011

Sender: Tara

On Monday night, my husband and I saw a bright light in the sky about 9.30pm. We live in Dromana and it was approx. North East of us.

At first I thought it was a helicopter but then it didn't move at all. I looked up a few websites to see if there was any astronomical stuff happening and nothing came up. It seemed way too bright to be a planet, have seen Venus many times before and it was a lot brighter. It did seem like it was close, ie if it was a helicopter it would have been close enough to hear it. It was there I think for a couple of hours, went to sleep eventually so not entirely sure what happened to it.

I am wondering if anyone else saw it or if there is a logical explanation.

Sunday 2nd October 2011

Sender: Charlie

8pm Altona Pier. I saw the same bright light, moving slow towards the Melbourne City, then shot up higher into the sky.

Sender: Ash

I was outside at 8.30 pm tonight in Templestowe and noticed a very bright ball of light with a ring look to it coming from the Box Hill area towards Templestowe. It was very low made no noise whatsoever and when it was over Warrandyte way shot up into the sky. Very weird and strange. Did anyone else see this.

Sender: Dezza

On the 2nd of October I must of seen the same bright light these guys had seen.
I was at Beacosfield went out the front for a smoke looking south towards Pakenham & seen a bright light but it was not still it was travelling left & as I'm watching it stopped & starting getting smaller going away from me until it looked like a small star & then gone. Strange that something that big could take off so fast & be out of sight within 20 seconds.
If anyone knows what this was let us know.

About 20years ago i seen a similiar thing over the ocean off Palm Beach in Queensland but this one travelled too fast in all over directions to be anything man made, it then stopped & took of towards the stars leaving a tail following behind it. Thought i was going nuts until the next day on radio heard others had seen it.

Sunday 25th September 2011

Sender: Darren

At approx 5.45pm today on the 25th of September 2011, I spotted a bright shiny silver metallic object in the sky while driving from Hastings to Cranbourne. The sky was totaly clear no cloud it was in the north, at first i thought it was a chopper but had seen them before and this one dissapeared after about 10 seconds. I have also thought it may have been a star however i watched the sky for a further 30 minutes and it did not reappear i have seen stars before in daylight this did not look like a star it was very bright silver and was reflecting sunlight. I was driving along frankston/flinders road in a northerly direction on my own it moved from east to west a short distance before dissapearing. Was wondering if there have been any other reports of such an object around the same time today. I'm guessing it was above the south eastern suburbs area.

Wednesday 14th September 2011

Sender: Moska

Witnessed 5 or 6 glowing lights this morning at approx 1am from my verandah looking towards the Dandenong mountains (I live in Bayswater) initially I thought they were planes but they started flickering violently, one "light"shone brighter than the rest and seemed to be zooming back and forth to left and right then stopping and then continuing this similar pattern.

I also noticed a change in the colour of the light at some stages from red back to white... the surrounding smaller lights were moving around at a quick speed also and seemed to be drifting in all directions. Attempted to record the evidence on video but my phone camera did not pick it up. Upon posting this on my facebook, one another person noticed these lights as well... did anyone see this?

Tuesday 13th September 2011

Sender: Matt

Did anyone see anything unexplainable tonight? I dont want to believe it was what I thought it was. Location Epping. Fast drop i have ever seen and movement very fast. if u saw what i saw at 11:53 message me the colors of it and how it went.

Monday, 5th September 2011

Three objects in formation over Melbourne. This footage of three objects flying over Moonee Ponds, Melbourne´╗┐ in Australia was recorded on Monday, 5th September 2011 around 5 am with Night Vision camera.
-:- www.latest-ufo-sightings.net

Sunday 14th August 2011

Bright Orange Lights (UFO) Over Port Phillip Bay August 2011 - Melbourne Victoria

I gave my brother a lift home tonight - Sunday 14th August 2011 to Edithvale, Victoria. It was a little cloudy. I noticed 3 bright orange lights in the sky, all in formation. I was looking west towards Port Phillip Bay from Nepean Highway. The backstreets are somewhat dark as there is poor street lighting. I thought I was looking at orange flares. These lights were bigger and brighter though and moving really fast.

I automatically thought it was a plane or flares, but I could not see any flashing lights (you know the green, red flashing ones around a normal plane and there was no sound either). So my brother and I stood there watching them move steadily away from us heading West into the bay.

They were pretty high up and the lights disappeared into the sky fairly quickly.

Now we are 100% certain, they weren't planes, flares, chinese lanterns or stars. They weren't making any sound, and no other flashing lights. I have seen many satellites, helicopters, planes and shooting stars before, but never anything this bright and orange.
-:- www.forumaustralia.net.au
-:- YouTube Video

Sunday, 7th August 2011

Sender: Amanda

On Sunday, 7th August,2011, my two daughters took the dog for a walk around our street which is on a hill in Berwick where we have a very good view of Narre Warren. My elder daughter had her mobile phone with her and so was able to take approximately 2 minutes of video of a very bright blue solid object high in the sky performing some very strange manouvres including some loops and ups and downs. At one stage this object which my daughters said was definiately round/oval shaped briefly changed colour to red and then back to a solid blue colour. They were in awe of the object which they estimate was probably no more than 1 kilometre away just on the Sweeney Reserve side of the Monash Freeway and was bigger than a helicopter with no noise at all. It was high in the sky one minute and the next moved quickly with srange manouvres in seconds down lower. My daughter video'd the object until it appeared to suddenly turn on its side and dropped down at a very fast speed vertically to what appeared to be over roof tops in Narre Warren or maybe in the reserve area just behind the houses at which point they were very afraid and stopped filming and ran back home. They both said that no sooner the object had come down vertically it then rose up again and they did'nt look back as they were frightened especially my younger daughter. Has anyone else seen this sight on Sunday night?. I can't believe that nobody else in the area or on the freeway could miss seeing it, if they have seen it maybe they can explain what it was.

Wednesday 21st July 2011

Sender: Bobby | Tooradin

Looping and dancing lights in the south east Tooradin area of Victoria on Wednesday 21st of July 2011 from first seen at 17:52 hours until cloud cover at 19:00 hours, up and down back and forward.

I rang friends at work in Cranbourne who went outside and witnessed what I was seeing, again digital quality of devices such as phones and cameras way too inadequate to even attempt to view again. Any body else see this?

Thursday 9th June 2011

Sender: Geoff | Cheltenham

Last night I was walking back inside after putting the rubbish bins out, around 0:15am, and looked up at the stars above our terrace apartment. It was a clear night and the stars were bright. I saw what I thought

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