World's Shortest Highway | Chandler Highway

World's Shortest Highway | Chandler Highway

At 1.4 km in length, the Chandler Highway in Kew (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is widely regarded as the world's shortest highway.

Chandler Highway (road) began life as a railway track, part of the Outer Circle Railway. It started at the Yarra River bridge, winding up through East Kew to East Camberwell station, and then south along the Alamein line to Oakleigh.

Although the Outer Circle railway closed in 1893, the Chandler Highway section had a single railway line running through the middle of it, servicing the Australian Paper Manufacturers factory until it was removed in the mid-1990s.

It was then converted to a road named Chandler Highway (Route 21). It starts at the Yarra River bridge and ends at Princess Street, Kew.

Wikipedia says: Chandler Highway is a short road in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It runs from Heidelberg Road in Alphington, across the Yarra River, using a narrow two-lane bridge over the Yarra River, then continues across the Eastern Freeway, then terminates at an intersection with Princess Street and Earl Street.

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World's Shortest Highway Challenges

Yarra Bank Highway (part of City Road in Southbank) is .6 km longer than the Chandler Highway.

Jim Schwartz declared Indiana State Road 520 is only 320 meters long. Indiana State Road is designated and named a "ROAD" not a highway (chuckles). It might be a highway in US terminology but it is not named a 'highway'.

Dennis Eagles says the Bradfield Highway in Brisbane is the shortest in the world, at just 1,073 metres. Wikipedia says the road on the Story Bridge is called the Bradfield Highway, and is the shortest highway in Australia. But, it's clearly a bridge and road, when measured is 1.41km long (moral: don't believe everything you read in Wikipedia).

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World's Shortest Highway | Chandler Highway