Sadly, we formed an affiliation with Warcom only to discover they closed it down without telling any of its affilates. We continued sending traffic (and sales) under false pretence.

We called and spoke with the manager/owner Paul Warren who at first denied knowing anything about us or an affiliation, then changed and said they only had 3 affiliates, but still could not (conveniently) remember the one affiliate who was owed $$$.

A quick Google for warcom shows many discontented ex-customers!...

Then we got this...

As of July 6th 2016, Warcom will cease to operate.

Warcom have recently reached the decision to merge with Australia's premier online business IT retailer, Harris Technology. As of July 6th 2016, Warcom will cease to operate.

Harris Technology have been servicing Australia's business IT needs since 1986, making them the most trusted name in the industry. Warcom are proud to be able to leave you in their capable hands, offering the most comprehensive range of brands for your business, backed up by mature, professional customer support.

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