Little River Band

Little River Band

Little River Band (LRB) was formed in Melbourne in 1975 and named after seeing a Little River road sign on the way to Geelong.

Little River Band were huge in Australia but also the first Australian rock band to make it in the United States scoring 13 American Top 40 hits, selling more than 25 million records.

The band's original members were lead singer Glenn Shorrock, Graeham Goble, Beeb Birtles, Ric Formosa, Roger McLachlan and Derek Pellicci.

The band was always going to be huge with its members coming from Australian super groups such as Mississippi, Zoot, The Twilights and Axiom. They went through changes in line-up like most bands of the time with members including George McArdle, David Briggs, Geoff Cox, Mal Logan, Barry Sullivan, Wayne Nelson, Stephen Housden, John Farnham, David Hirschfelder, Steve Prestwich, Malcolm Wakeford and others.

The "classic lineup"of the band (Birtles, Shorrock, Goble, Pellicci, Briggs, and McArdle) were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame at the 18th Annual ARIA Music Awards of 2004. They performed "Help Is On Its Way"at the induction ceremony in Australia on 17 October 2004.


If you're a Little River Band fan, don't waste your money or time going to see Little River Band. See below how they lost the name rights. Since then, many incarnations tour as LRB making all kinds of claims but they are NOT the real Little River Band.

LHB (Little Housden's Band)

Founding members Birtles, Shorrock and Goble continue to perform under the name "Birtles Shorrock Goble"due to losing the name rights to trademark owner, Stephen Housden.

Housden joined one of the world's most successful bands after it found success and will only ever be remembered as the wanker who stole the name. The world knows who the real Little River Band is, and always will be... the original founding members.

You won't read a better bio than the one written by Chuck Miller.

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