Cruden Farm

Cruden Farm

More than eighty years in the making and the heart of a working farm, the garden at Cruden Farm is a small piece of country set amid dense suburbia.

It feels as if it will endure forever. Strong, healthy trees of all ages and hues form its backbone and its character. Grass adds texture - emerald lawns, rough-cut swathes, paddocks bleached in the sun. Water in lakes and pools gives depth, dimension and sparkle. Exuberant flowering shrubs and perennials produce months of vibrant colour, then comes the bare-boned delicacy of winter..

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch

Dame Elisabeth's upbringing taught her to love gardens and the land, because as a young wife and mother of four she found herself running two large gardens in city and country.

Neither had a good water supply so she would wake at dawn - a habit that has never left her - to pump water and shift hoses. Or she would do this at dusk after a day's work in the city.

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Cruden Farm60 Cranbourne Road  Langwarrin Victoria 3910 | Map

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Cruden Farm

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