Blacklist & Avoid Places in Melbourne

To blacklist or to not blacklist, that is our question today?

A reader wrote to us asking if we had seen the list of places to avoid (or blacklist) over at WeekendNotes.

While we hadn't, we were a little shocked when we did. Everyone has an opinion on go and no-go areas, but to write about no-go areas is fraught with danger.

I have to say after reading them, that either the editors have run out of things to talk about or they are simply bleating on for the sake of bleating.

We did get a giggle out of the opening line typo.. Cited as the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne is indubitably a delightful place for living, shopping and enjoying life in general.

3 Places to Avoid with a Hyperactive Toddler by Su-May Tan

Why would you include the Chairman's Club at Flemington Racecourse in a list of Places to Avoid with a Hyperactive Toddler, when its adults area in the first place. Gambling, alcohol, noise, where do we stop.. ahhh, it must be Su-May that has the screaming kids when we go to the races.

Top 3 Areas to Avoid in Melbourne at Night by Paul Bonadio

Paul please, the Steps Outside Flinders Street Station? Under the clocks.. you don't write about it, you simply go around it if its such an unpleasant experience. And Paul, don't let a Magpie catch up with you.

Places to Avoid During the Holidays by Natasha Abrahams

Don't worry Natasha, you'll have children one day and then you will understand why they call them school holidays and how we parents warn our kids to avoid people like you. Gee, you wouldn't want kid friendly places like cinemas, museums and shopping centres to have kids in them.

Melbourne's Most Pretentious Places by Michaelie Clark

Oh dear, what tripe!

Melbourne: Top Places To Avoid by Joya D

Boys and girls I kid you not.. Lygon Street Carlton, Bridge Road Richmond and St Kilda on a Sunday. Do I need say any more? Avoid if you care about your time and safety, Joya does include King Street, but that means she equates the other three with King Street, you are being serious right?

How To Avoid Uni Students in Melbourne by Hunter

We think it should be the other way round... Uni Students, how to avoid Hunter.

Top 3 Places to Avoid on Chapel Street by Dan Kennedy

It does say at the bottom.. Like all reviews this article has been written based on personal experience and therefore, has been penned at the risk of being quite subjective.

If you want to read any of the articles above, google the title (bold)

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Blacklist & Avoid Places in Melbourne 

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