Beer Glass Sizes - Melbourne

Something that is always confusing for a visitor to Melbourne is how to order a beer...

Does one ask for a Small Glass, Glass, Schooner, Seven, Handle, Pony, Pot, Pint, Middy or Jug? Thankfully its not Queensland, where you could also throw in a Five, Seven or a Ten size glass. says every state has their own ritual of how to correctly order the right size of beer, and that it constantly changes.

While some country pubs may differ.. the most popular and accepted glass sizes in Melbourne in 2008 are Glass, Schooner, Pot and Pint.

Victoria Beer Glass Sizes

-:- Pony 140ml - 5 ounces
-:- Small Glass 170ml - 6 ounces
-:- Glass 200ml - 7 ounces
-:- Pot 285ml - 10 ounces
-:- Schooner 425ml - 15 ounces
-:- Pint 568ml - 20 ounces

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Beer Glass Sizes - Melbourne

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