UrbnSurf Surf Park | Melbourne

UrbnSurf Surf Park | Melbourne

UrbnSurf Surf Park | MelbourneThe first waves have been ridden at URBNSURF Melbourne, and we're stoked to announce that we'll be opening to the public in January 2020.

UrbnSurf Melbourne will be the new home of surf for Melburnians, located just 23 minutes north of the CBD at Melbourne Airport.


Using Wavegarden's next-generation Cove technology, URBNSURF is developing Australia's first surf park facilities in capital cities around the country. Get on board to #surfmore!

Surfing is a sport enjoyed by millions of Australians for its fun, health benefits and lifestyle. Up until now, surfing has been held back by geographic limitations, only available at certain coastal locations, and by weather conditions, needing enough swell, the right wind, tide and daylight.

Located just 23 minutes from Melbourne's CBD, URBNSURF Melbourne unlocks these limitations and allows surfers to enjoy their sport safely, more easily and more often.

Surfing in Melbourne? Now it's possible.

URBNSURF Melbourne, at Melbourne Airport in 2019 so you can #surfmore.


Press Release

URBNSURF Melbourne near Melbourne Airport will boast a 320-metre pool that will produce waves between 0.6 metres and 1.9 metres, with rides lasting up to 32 seconds.

There will also be a licensed cafe, function centre, climbing wall, parkour trail, bouldering course, mountain bike pump track, running track and surf training academy.

Wave Park Group is excited to deliver Australia's first surf park, URBNSURF Melbourne. The Perth-based Wave Park Group announced that it had secured a sub-lease for a 7.1-hectare block of land adjacent to Essendon Football Club and planning approval for its $18.5 million surfing lagoon, the first in the Southern Hemisphere.

"Victoria generally has pretty good surf but the surf is located a long way from the urban population - so to be one of the 20,000 surfers is rather a frustrating and inconvenient lifestyle,"he said.

Mr Ross said the wave lagoon was almost like a "driving range for surfers".
"Because you have a very consistent wave (that's the same shape, the some power, the same speed, the same size) it is a very good training tool,"he said.

"Also there are marine hazards, like sharks, you don't have to worry about."
The facility will use the same technology as the Surf Snowdonia wave garden in Wales which recently hosted its first international contest. It will operate into the evening, with lights to illuminate the pools, and produce waves for a range of different surfing abilities.

About 25 megalitres of water will be required annually to replenish the lagoon, which is almost twice as large as the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The water will be sourced largely from the airport precinct and filtered.

Surfing Victoria chief executive, Adam Roberston, said the surf lagoon facility would raise the status of Victoria in the surfing world.

However he said "time will tell"if the wave lagoon concept would improve the sport. "There are some real advantages in the wave pools, similar to someone practicing on a skateboard ramp,"Mr Roberston said.

"The technology seems to be getting better and better."

There have been a number of previous plans for a Melbourne surf pool, including, in 2014, a floating beach in Dockland's Victoria Harbour but this is the first time a project has progressed so far.

Although the final prices are yet to be confirmed, Mr Ross said a one-hour pass would probably cost between $20 and $50 depending on whether it was a peak or off-peak period.

The lagoon can hold about 68 surfers at any one time - 16 advanced 8 intermediate and 44 beginners. It is forecast to attract 300,000 guests per year.

2019 Update #1

Our wave generator has been installed, and our lagoon is almost ready for #firstwaves!

As the old adage goes, epic waves come to those who wait.

Over the past 12 months, we've been working around the clock to bring consistently perfect waves to Airport Drive, Tullamarine to help you surf more. And we're stoked to share the progress we've made.

Major earthworks, civil construction and services installation are now largely complete, and the heart of our 2-hectare surfing lagoon, our next-generation wave generator, has been installed.

We're now on the final countdown to filling the world's first full-scale Wavegarden Cove, and for first waves to be breaking around Easter 2019.

Once first waves have been produced, over Winter we'll be fine-tuning our wave generator, developing a range of new waves, trialling custom surf hardware, and testing and commissioning our lagoon, ahead of URBNSURF Melbourne's public opening in Spring 2019.

2019 Update #2


We're on the final countdown to producing first waves at URBNSURF Melbourne, located on Airport Drive, Tullamarine. Before we swing the gates open to the public, we're going to need some test pilots to catch a few waves with us, and mark the occasion - are you keen?

Thanks for signing up to #surfmore with us in 2019!

2019 Update #3

Summer 2019 announced as the launch date

It's been a wild ride, but last week we finally witnessed perfect pits running down both sides of our lagoon. We can confirm it barrels, it grinds, and very soon you and your mates can surf it for yourselves.

Our new vid drops later today, along with all the latest info (spoiler alert - opening in Summer 2020), but for now we're sharing this sneaky peek with you, before the rest of the world gets to see it.

Pretty rad huh?

Thanks for sticking with us, and believing this day would come.

For all of you who have supported us over the years, as we speak we're sorting out passes for the original focus group crew, and a pile of Surf It First giveaways, which will be dished out in November.

It's time to bank those sickies up people...the weather's heating up, and it's pumping in Tullamarine.

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UrbnSurf Surf Park | Melbourne⊜ Airport Drive, Tullamarine | Map
Airport Drive, Tullamarine

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UrbnSurf Surf Park | Melbourne 

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