UFO Photo over Melbourne

Photograph of a UFO flying over Narre Warren in suburban Melbourne on 8th February 2006.

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UFO's [Unidentified Flying Objects] over Melbourne are not unusual, but even experts are staggered by the clarity of the photo taken by MasterFilms.

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Melbourne based MasterFilms were shooting a production video when the photo was taken, clearly showing the UFO in the background.

At the time, the film crew were unaware that they had captured the UFO. It was only after they heard of the sightings that they checked their shots and made the disovery.

Many people reported the UFO sighting on the day, although few wish to be named.

Interestingly, the latest sighting is not far from Westall High School, where on April 6, 1966, about 11 0'clock in the morning around 200 people, most of them students witnessed a UFO.

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Updated : UFO over Flemington Melbourne on 22nd September, 2006.

Looks like Mr Squiggle created and filmed it...

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UFO Photo over Melbourne⊜ Photographed by MasterFilms Narre Warren | Map
Photographed by MasterFilmsNarre Warren

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UFO over Flemington Melbourne on 22nd September, 2006.

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