TV Reception Issues

TV Reception Issues

TV Reception IssuesThere is always a steady stream of complaints about poor reception, pixelation and often, not being able to receive 'one' channel including 2, 7, 9, 10 and SBS.

Feedback often has friends and neighbours experiencing the same issue. Frustration because it worked before, some channels work, mornings are ok, but not evenings, one show is fine but not another. Logically, if there was an issue with one channel there would be thousands of complaints, not the odd one or two.

Digital television is streamed Australia wide at a uniform strength signal. Reception issues invariably result at the receivers end with an aerial, tuner, television set, neighbour, location or weather.

A retune (see below) will resolve most issues with receivers. Old and misaligned aerials, old wiring and plugs, bad area reception are some other causes.

Television Services

If you have tried retuning and continue to experience reception issues, contact a local aerial / television service centre who will locate and fix the problem.

Melbourne Jim's Antenna's - Experts will assess your needs and provide a free no obligation fixed price quote to fix the problem. Call us on 1300 733 093.

Melbourne Australian Antennas - - We'll have your problem fixed in no time. Weekdays or Weekends. Call us on 1300 361 121 to arrange a booking time.

Melbourne Antenna Installation Today - Call now 0409 888 228 for TV Antenna Installation & Set up.

* Information only. We are not associated or recommending these service providers.


Retuning is done using your TV remote. For most systems press the 'menu' button on your remote and follow the prompts to retune. Read How To Retune

People living in apartments may be using a shared antenna system (MATV system). If they are experiencing issues trying to retune their digital TV equipment, they should first contact their property manager or body corporate.

Final Word

This page is to help readers experiencing reception issues who have written to us believing it is caused by a free-to-air channel. We are not connected with or aligned with any broadcaster.

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TV Reception Issues 

How to retune

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