Tupperware | First Party

Tupperware | First Party

Tupperware | First PartyThe first Tupperware party in Australia was held by Mary Paton in her mother's home in Camberwell in 1961.

Mary's sister Ruth became the first Australian Demonstrator.

Craig and Mary Paton were living in California when Craig met Tupperware International President Hamer Wilson at a convention in the late '50s. Rather than simply show the Patons his product, Hamer, in true Tupperware style, invited them to attend a party. Craig and Mary were blown away by what they saw and agreed to help launch Tupperware in Australia when they returned home. They were exciting years.

Twelve women attended the first ever Australian Tupperware party, held at Mary's mother's home in Camberwell. Among the number was Mary's sister Ruth, who went on to become the first Australian Demonstrator.

'We all thought the products were just so wonderful,' Mary recalled in a 2009 interview. 'Mum used to have food, like flour, in packets, which would always go off. Suddenly, you had these beautiful products that were marvellous for keeping everything so fresh and well-sealed. Everyone loved it. There had been nothing like it in Australia. There may have been some plastic products around but this was far superior.'

Earl Silas Tupper introduced the range of plastic containers in the USA in 1946. Their trademark was the distinctive 'burping seal. In 2011, Tupperware celebrated 50 years in Australia - and what a long way we've come from humble beginnings!

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