The Waiters Restaurant | Italian Waiter's Club

The Waiters Restaurant | Italian Waiter's Club

Also known as the Italian Waiter's Club, this hard-to-find, longstanding gem is worth seeking out for a quintessentially Melbourne experience.

The Waiters Restaurant is a legendary dining room, originally for waiters, hidden at the top of stairs in a laneway off Bourke Street.

Traditional Italian dishes served on laminex tables. It's the sort of place where the worse the wine the better it seems. Recently there have been renovations but nothing appears to have changed. Regulars insist on every detail being preserved. The simple Italian fare is much loved by drinkers from the bar below, 20 Meyers Place.

Opening just in time for knock-off drinks, this bar is really just for that, a place to go to unwind from the pressures of life in a no-thrills, easy paced bar with amazing architectural designs.

True Story

It goes back to the 80's when we had popped in for a late night bite. The place was typically busy abuzz with the normal mix of diners except for one female resting peacefully with her head down catching a few zzzz's.

She wasn't bothering anyone until a waiter appeared, somewhat perturbed by her sleeping attempted to wake her. When she finally raised her head it was clear why she was sleeping (smashed) and her gaze intimated without words she had no intention of moving.

The waiter was taking no for an answer, attempting to physically move her on. Not wanting a scene, we assisted her with some difficulty down the stairs onto Bourke Street where we were able to get her into a taxi and wish Ding Dong a peaceful good evening.

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 ℅ Naarm
 ⊜  20 Meyers Place Melbourne 3000 View Map
 ✆ Telephone: 03 9650 1508
20 Meyers PlaceMelbourneVictoria03 9650 1508

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The Waiters Restaurant | Italian Waiter's Club 

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The Waiters Restaurant | Italian Waiter's Club