The Modern Eatery

The Modern Eatery

House of Aburi Sushi in the heart of Richmond, drawing people together through food and cultural connection.

Long ago, there was a young boy who had a dream about discovering a hidden treasure. The boy was so fascinated with this dream; he knew that it must have meant something. Little did he know that it was his destiny calling him.

He packed up his bags and headed out for the journey of a lifetime, with the clothes on his back and a one way ticket across the world. The boy, after months of exploring, started questioning his decision and was about to give up. He was living off what the land had to offer: abundant sushi, the likes of which had never been seen in his hometown.

On a cold winter night, the boy stumbled upon an ancient Japanese fountain. Parched, he stooped to drink deep from its waters. A voice rumbled: "I know you have the ability to change the world. There is a whole concept that the world has yet to discover and YOU are the one that has been chosen to make a change''.

Startled the young boy fell back. What had he heard? Was he losing his mind? No. It was Picasso's spirit in the body of a young Japanese boy that emerged from behind the fountain, "I have followed you on your journey every step of the way, take what you have learnt and use it to change the world"

They made a plan - they wanted to bring joy to stomachs by torching sushi, later to be named "Aburi". They wanted to modernise traditional Japanese food in a laid-back environment. The two then gathered other young individuals who would later come together to create a totally new & casual concept of Japanese dining in Perth, Australia.

The Modern Eatery

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 ℅ Quo-yung
 ⊜  176 Swan Street Richmond  View Map
 ✆ Telephone: (03) 9421 0089
176 Swan StreetRichmondVictoria(03) 9421 0089

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The Modern Eatery

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The Modern Eatery