The Koorie Heritage Trust

The Koorie Heritage Trust Inc Cultural Centre aims to protect, preserve and promote the living culture of the Indigenous people of south-eastern Australia.

'Gnokan Danna Murra Kor-ki', is the motto of the Trust and is the combination of two Koorie languages and means 'Give me your hand my friend' and bridge the cultural gap. The Koorie Heritage Trust Inc believes that through education and promotion it can raise an awareness and appreciation of the cultural diversity of Koorie culture in south-eastern Australia and work towards the broader goals of reconciliation for all Australians.

The Trust embraces reconciliation by having Koories and non-Koories working together, side-by-side from the Board level down. All of the Trust's activities and projects focus on reconciliation, healing, moving forward and honouring what has been before.

Since time immemorial the creation stories taught Koorie people how to care for and live in unison with the land of their origin. People, who came later from a variety of cultures, brought with them their own beliefs. Many do not know the intricate original stories of this land. Bringing Koorie stories forward to be included with all other stories, cultural practices and beliefs, brings an important balance to the Victorian community.

'Communicating the significance of Koorie life as an essential part of Victoria's heritage is vital for proper reconciliation in Victoria and Australia', Jim Berg, Founder.

Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Centre

Koories have a vibrant and living history and culture that all Victorians, Australians and the global community have access to through the Koorie Heritage Trust Inc Cultural Centre.

Two gallery spaces for emerging and established Koorie artists
A Permanent Exhibition tracing the history of Koorie people
Guided cultural tours for people of all ages
A gift shop featuring Koorie artworks and products
A resource library for members.
Come visit us to discover and learn about the oldest living culture in the world!

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The Koorie Heritage Trust⊜ 295 King Street, Melbourne | Map
295 King Street, Melbourne
+61 (3) 8622 2600

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The Koorie Heritage Trust

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