The Block 2018 | Gatwick Hotel

The Block 2018 | Gatwick Hotel

The Block 2018 | Gatwick HotelThe grand final and auction night for the 2018 series was held on Sunday 28th October 2018.

It was won by Hayden and Sara in Apartment 3.

Here's how the Block 2018 auctions went down

The Gatwick has been an explosive season of The Block. From the moment they saw inside the decrepit and dilapidated historic hotel, the Blockheads knew they were in for a long, tough few months.

But the blood, sweat and tears were all forgotten about when Auction day rolled around. Dressed in their finest attire the Blockheads gathered one last time at the Gatwick to find out just home much their luxurious apartment were worth.

The Block 2018 | Gatwick Hotel

First auction: Apartment 1 Kerrie and Spence

Reserve: $2,435,000

Sold for: $2,850,000

Profit: $415,000

Boasting a perfectly scored 30/30 kitchen and THAT detailed coffered ceiling, Kerrie and Spence were in with a clear shot for the win. Quickly hitting reserve, Kerrie and Spence looked relieved that they were going to make some cash. But a bidding war between buyer's advocated Greville Pabst and Frank Valentic meant that the price crept up and before they knew it they had won $415,000. A good start to the auctions and a clear sign that there was considerable interest in the Old Gatwick. But... it wasn't enough for them to win.

Second auction: Apartment 3 Hayden and Sara

Reserve: $2,475,000

Sold for: $3,002,000

Profit: $545,000

They may have had a rough time on The Block and a few controversial rooms (hello gold bath!), but it was easy flying at the auctions for the embattled couple. There was some special news to share even before the auction kicked off... Sara revealed she was pregnant! And after a pretty cool Block cake reveal, they found out that it was going to be a boy! When the auction kicked off, they hit reserve immediately and despite a momentary lull, the price raced to $3 million. When the hammer went down on $3,002,000 and Sara and Hayden realised they'd won $545,000 there was nothing but smiles all around. They had officially kicked Kerrie and Spence off the number one perch.

Third auction: Apartment 4 Norm and Jess

Reserve: $2,650,000

Sold for: $2,859,000

Profit: $209,000

The loveable larrikins from Queensland couldn't believe it when they landed themselves a penthouse in the 'new Gatwick'. They'd done a 'Steven Bradbury', coming from behind and landing themselves the ultimate apartment. It was praised by the judges, the other contestants and the buyers' advocates alike, but when it came to the auction it seemed that perhaps there wasn't quite as much love for the penthouse as everyone thought. Norm and Jess' apartment quickly made reserve but after bidding slowed down, their auctioneer took a moment to deliberate with Norm and Jess. While the Queenslanders didn't take out the overall win, they still managed to walk away with over $200,000! In the words of Norm and Jess, 'It's all good.'

Fourth auction: Apartment 5 Bianca and Carla

Reserve: $2,690,000

Sold for: 2,991,000

Profit: $301,000

Carla and Bianca were also lucky enough to win a penthouse back in week one after Hayden and Sara, and Kerrie and Spence both opted for the 'old Gatwick'. Throughout the season the girls were praised for their styling, bold ideas, level headedness and clear and distinct style. But with the highest reserve of the Blockheads, and after a controversial coin choice saw them secure fourth in auction order, it was going to be a hard slog for Bianca and Carla to push Hayden and Sara off their perch. It was a nail biting auction, with their auctioneer playing hardball with the buyers' advocates, but in the end the girls won over $300,000!

Fifth auction: Apartment 2 Courtney and Hans

Reserve: $2,360,000

Sold for: $2,770,000

Profit: $410,000

The reno rookies had a tough task from the very start. Coming last in the 48-hour challenge meant they were left with Apartment 2: the biggest apartment on the Block. After countless reno disasters (they had three ceilings come down throughout the course of the Block) and some harsh criticism from the judges, it's safe to say the rookies were feeling a tad nervous ahead of their auction. But they needn't have worried too much. Following on from the 'old Gatwick' pals, Courtney and Hans won big, and while it wasn't enough to beat neighbours Hayden and Sara, the WA couple took home a whopping $410,000!


The Block 2018

BLOCK IT IN! #9TheBlock

Five couples. One iconic building. The biggest construction in Block history. What could possibly go wrong?

With a truly intriguing location, season 14 of Nine's hit renovation show The Block sees 5 teams of blockheads renovating the iconic Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda.

Five couples are tasked with renovating the notorious Gatwick Hotel into luxury apartments to be sold at public auction for profit and a life changing $100,000 prize.

Channel 9 has revealed the five teams of two who beat 45,000 other entrants to land a spot on the 14th season of the renovation show.


Carla, Bianca, Spence, Kerri, Scotty, Hans, Courtney, Norm, Jess, Hayden, Sara

Our first couple are two netballing besties. But when we say netball, we mean Bianca (36), a Commonwealth Games netball champion, and Carla (35), a former Melbourne Vixens shooter. The pair hail from Melbourne, VIC.

Kerrie (49) and Spence (47) found in each other the perfect partner, later in life. Now a happily married couple, they started fresh by moving to the Barossa Valley, SA.

Sara (31) and Hayden (45), newlywed parents who epitomise the saying 'opposites attract'. They're from Bondi, NSW.

Hans (37) and Courtney (33), are a jet-setting, loved-up couple from Perth, WA full of character.

Picture the most Aussie couple you can imagine, and you have our final couple, Queenslanders Norm (40) and Jess (33). They're engaged parents from the Sunshine Coast, QLD guaranteed to put a smile on your dial.

Hosts & Judges

Scott Cam is once again joined by co-host Shelley Craft, along with judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer, 'The Blockinator' foreman Keith Schleiger, and his right-hand man, Dan Reilly.

Bring on The Block 2018. Cheers to that!

Broadcast on NINE

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The Block 2018 | Gatwick Hotel

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