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Seeking information on the following people.. Glanville, Kaiser, Piper, Stilbern, Hern, Lacey, Morris, Hopper, Cameron, Williams, Wright, Ryan, Maguire, Pell and Velevski.

Douglas Glanville | Klaus Kaiser
I am looking for Douglas Glanville who worked at Channel 7 in the late Eighties. I would like to get in touch with him since I am researching the life of a common friend. His name is Klaus Kaiser, he is German and dien in 1997. Can you help, please?
Thank you. Thomas [email protected]

Carmella Ferraro
Christine Parker would like a message to Carmella Ferraro. We were great friends who just lost touch 28 years ago and I can't seem to find her.
Call 0405 180 020 or [email protected]

Leonard Charles Piper
Please help, I have lost contact with my brother, Leonard Charles Piper who was born on May 20 1958 or 59. He was last known to be living in Melton. Please contact the family. Dad hasn't got long to go and wants to see you before it's too late. Call mum or phone me at work or email.
[email protected]

Margaret Stilbern
Seeking old schoolfriend Margaret Stilbern. We were at Harcourt State School in the early 1950s but lost touch when my family moved from the area. I would love to hear from her or from anyone who may know how I can contact her.
Janlee Cherry, [email protected]

Sharon Hern
Seeking Sharon Hern who lived in St Kilda. She was adopted out when a few years old in the mid 1960s and has four brothers and four sisters. Happy 50th birthday, Sharon.
0437 412 589

I am looking for members of the Lacey family who boarded Utopia in England in March 1839 and arrived in Melbourne June 1839. Joseph Lacey and Ann Gadd were my great grandparents. My grandfather was Edward Henry Foster who was born 1871 at Tylden in Victoria. He died in 1921 at Cobar NSW. I would like photos of my great grandparents. If you can help and would like the history of the Lacey family back to 1172 I will send you a copy.
[email protected], or phone (02) 4950 8646 (after 7pm).

John Morris and Madge Mary Hopper
Seeking descendants of John Morris and Madge Mary Hopper whose daughter was Reina Mary. John's second wife was Lilian Mabel Smith and their daughter was Leonie Joy. John's mother was Margaret Morris (nee McGuiness). I'm the granddaughter of Benjamin Donald McGuiness, John's half brother. The Morris side is connected to McGuiness and Malcolm families.
Sandra McGuiness, 9876 9854

Donald Cameron
I am researching Donald Cameron who was born in Inverness, Scotland and came to Victoria about 1848 aged six. His parents were John Cameron and Ann Stewart. Donald lived in Victoria for 14 years before moving to Bowen and Ayr in Queensland. He was a carrier and farmer and had a large family. I'm unable to find what ship he migrated on.
Del, [email protected]
(03) 5491 6947

Edward Conroy Williams
Desperately seeking descendants of Edward Conroy Williams (born 1914) for a family history project.
Helen, 5822 1492, [email protected]

Thomas John Ryan
Seeking descendants of Thomas John Ryan. Thomas and his brother Joseph Francis emigrated from Ireland about 1886. Both were jockeys. Thomas's last known address was 21 Hardwick St, Nth Melbourne in 1919. His wife's name was Mary. Their children may have been named Thomas Jr, Mary Jr, Daniel and John.
Colin Ryan, 9700 7570
[email protected]

Bruce Wright
Looking for old schoolfriend Bruce Wright. He went to Worthing Rd Primary School in Moorabbin, then Highett High School from 1969 - 73. He lived at 136 Wickham Rd, Highett and had three brothers. His parents sold and moved about 20 years ago.
Bruce, 0447 554 603
[email protected]

Drayton Grange
Seeking contact with any descendants of Australian soldiers returning to Melbourne in August 9102 aboard the troopship Drayton Grange at the end of the Boer War. For research purposes only.
[email protected]

Leslie William Maguire
Searching for descendants of Leslie William Maguire and Irene Veronica (nee Moore) who lived in Ethel Grove Preston, in the 1930s and 40s. I believe he had a carrier business.
Brian 0419 115 248

Melbourne Cup Game by Whitman
I recently came across a board game in my cupboard called Melbourne Cup, by Whitman. It was probably made either 70's or 80's. I would like to find a copy of the rules of the game.
[email protected]

Seeking descendants of Northamptonshire Pell families. They include descendants of Walton, Watkin, Owen, Maurice, William, James Alfred and George Pell, and descendants of John Nethercoat Pell (also known as John Nethercote). These brothers and cousins arrived between 1854 and 1924. Of the 10 families to emigrate, eight came to Victoria, one went to Canada and one went to the United States.
Steve 9847 3873
[email protected]

Looking for lost friend Robert Velevski from Sunshine West High School class 8A 1987.
Paul Bole, 0439 496 878

Hannah May Cations
Seeking a photo of Hannah May Cations (nee Todd) who was born in Ballarat in 1886. I am a descendent of her father, George Charles Todd.
[email protected]

Melissa Beasley
Seeking information on Melissa Beasley, with whom I went to primary school. I have not seen her in years and would love to get in touch.
[email protected]

I am working on the Lee and Cail family tree and am after photos and information on distant relatives. My great great grandparents were George Lee (1823 - 88) and Elizabeth Walker (1837 - 63) who lived in Majorca, Victoria, and George Henry Cail (1821 - 78) and Sharon Bellows (1823 - 66) who lived in Southampton, England.
David, [email protected]

John Thomas Napoleon Jackson
Seeking relations of my great grandfather John Thomas Napoleon Jackson. His wife was Alice Atkin, known as Little Alice. Their children were my grandfather Charles Joseph, Fanny Rachel Rae and, in 1897, Thomas Richard who married Doris Edna Nicholls in 1928. He died in 1970 in Heidelberg. Thomas Richard's family may be able to help me.
Wendy Evans, 5824 1173
[email protected]

Oswald Leslie Bennett
Seeking descendants of Oswald Leslie Bennett. He lived in the Geelong area in the 1940s then possibly moved to Hamilton. He was the son of Oswald Hunter Bennett and Jessie Ellis. I would like to complete this line of my family tree.
Judy, 9360 7889
[email protected]

Thomas Lonsdale Birkett
Seeking descendants of Thomas Lonsdale Birkett who was born in Kendal in Westmorland, England, to Joseph and Hannah. Thomas married Annetta De Graaff in Ballarat in 1879 and they had eight children: Hannah Eliza, Thomas Joseph Lonsdale, Sarah Evangeline, Jacob Henry, Eliza Mary Ann, Emma Jane, Harry McLean and George Lonsdale. Thomas died on April 17, 1903, in Ballarat aged 59. Information is for a family tree and the Lonsdale connection.
[email protected]
0405 104 095

Henry James David Pattison
Seeking descendants of Henry James David Pattison (died 1976) and his wife, Ethel Jean Isaacs (died 1969). Their children were Merna, Marie (Ethel), Patricia and Edna and they may have lived in Warburton East. One of the daughters married a W. Marsh and lived in Toolangi. Information will be used to complete my family tree.
Robyn Steain, 9758 6083.
[email protected]

Henry Ushakov | Helstrup
Desperately seeking any information on Henry Ushakov (also known as Henry Helstrup). His wife may have been named Anita, his mother is Antonia and brother is Andrew. He had two friends named Gill Riscalla and Serge Silvani. I believe he is a builder. I have very important information for Mr Ushakov.
0427 802 353
[email protected]

Stewart Amos
Seeking Stewart Amos, son of Bert and nephew of Elsie and Dorothy. At one time he was in the Australian Armed Services based in Victoria.
[email protected]
(02) 6977 4995, 0401 549 823

Robert, Ruby (Rebecca), Rosemary and Wilma Whittaker
Seeking relatives Robert, Ruby (Rebecca), Rosemary and Wilma Whittaker. Their parents were Bill and Lizzie Whittaker. They migrated from Scotland in the 1950s and their last known address was in Research. I'm doing genealogy on the Clarke and Harron family from county Donegal, Ireland.
Ruth, [email protected]

Edward and Emma Smith
Urgently seeking information on the descendants of Edward and Emma Smith who lived in Wilson St, Brighton in the 1920s and 30s. They were born in England and migrated to Australia about 1919. Their children were Percy Edward, Herbert Alfred and Ruth Evelyn. Nothing is known about Ruth. It is believed Herbert died in 1967 and Percy in 1978. Any information would be most welcome and is needed for medical research.
[email protected]

Sister Florence Walker and Sister Helen Cook
Looking for Sister Florence Walker and Sister Helen Cook. The nurses trained together at Prince Henry's Hospital from 1956 - 59. A graduation reunion is planned this month.
Di Thompson, 0458 040 139

Boort High School
We are seeking the following 1965 Boort High School classmates for our reunion in November. Pam and Doug Eagle, Robert and Dennis Lewis, David Hewett, Robyn Maggs and Linda Brackely.
Howard McClelland, 0407 310 762.

Thomas and Jean "Jane"Cairns
Seeking descendants of Thomas and Jean "Jane"Cairns who arrived in Geelong with six of their seven children on the James Brown on January 5, 1853, having departed Liverpool on September 16, 1852. Thomas, a miner, died at Ballarat on June 18, 1887. Jean died in Ballarat on December 20, 1885.
John H Day, [email protected]

Beaufort Municipal Brass Band
Seeking information, names and photographs on the Beaufort Municipal Brass Band for a formal history of the band. Any information would be most appreciated.
Pam, 5349 3055
[email protected]

Moira Harry and Beverley Donaldson
Desperately seeking two nurses, Moira Harry and Beverley Donaldson (last known living in the Geelong area) who were part of the first group to graduate - in December 1960 - from the Traralgon and District Hospital. We are having a 50th reunion on Sunday November 28 in Traralgon from 11am.
Fran, 0405 107 561
[email protected]

Women's Weekly
Seeking two copies of the Women's Weekly "winter favourites"magazine of 2009 with a chocolate raspberry dessert, on the cover. It is no longer in production and we can't get one anywhere. RRP was $9.95. Happy to cover postage.
Natalie, 0407 385 950

Wonthaggi Club
Seeking memorabilia about the Wonthaggi Club. We're also chasing old members and anyone interested in the club's centenary celebrations from February 11 - 13 2011.
Alan Bolding, 0419 723 255
[email protected]

Gwen Carmichael
I am seeking information or to make contact with Gwen Carmichael who worked at the Down Under Club in London before returning home to Melbourne late in 1957. I am writing a history of the down Under Club.
Thomas Gartlan, 0418 995 315
[email protected]

Thomas David
Seeking descendants of Thomas David. Born in 1880 in Riberton, New Zealand, to John Bloor Davis and Emma Beech, Thomas came to Austrlaia in 1881 and married Christina Woods in 1913. They had Gordon Samuel and Rose Isabella. After the war, legend has it Thomas left his family for New Zealand. Christina died in Wangaratta in 1982, Rose in 1979 and Gordon in 1989. Rose's children include Ronald Melville and Normal Lovell.
Janet Davis, 9386 8464
[email protected]

Ian James Brown
Seeking Ian James Brown on his descendants. Born about 1926, Ian was a labourer in 1952 and living in Northcote. Research is for my family tree.
[email protected]
0407 529 815

Bulch's Model Brass Band
I am writing a history of Bulch's Model Brass Band which played in Ballarat from 1886 to 1900. Then it became The City of Ballarat Brass Band. I am seeking a full photograph of the Bulch Band. The three conductors' names were Thomas E Bulch, James Scarffe and J. Malthouse.
Bob Pattie, 5368 9944
[email protected]

Mary Mabel Williams
Seeking the family of Mary Mabel Williams, who was born about 1885 and raised by her brother, Walter. Information is for a family history project.
Helen, 5822 1492
[email protected]

Lloyd St Primary
Did you attend Lloyd St Primary (Malvern East Central) in the 1970's? We are seeking as many former students as possible for a reunion.
Jason Spence, 0416 303 960
[email protected] or go to the Lloyd Street Primary School Facebook page.

Vera Sinkler (nee Kreismanis)
Desperately seeking Vera Sinkler (nee Kreismanis) for a nurses' reunion weekend on October 23 - 25 at Sorrento. She was part of the 41st PTS Footscray and District Hospital.
Jenny Armstrong (nee Jolley), [email protected], 0408 352 459

Burramine Gift winners
Addresses of some Burramine Gift winners and their families are unknown. Please contact me as soon as possible. The 60th Gift will run on Saturday March 19 2011.
5743 1284
[email protected]

Nasib Chand
Seeking any information on Nasib Chand, who was awarded the Prime Minister's Police Medal for saving a life in India pre-1998.
[email protected]

Henty, NSW
Seeking addresses of former Henty, NSW residents for 125th celebrations during Easter 2011.
[email protected]

George and Margaret Luxford
Seeking descendants of George and Margaret Luxford of Munro, Victoria. We are celebrating 100 years of the Luxford family in Munro on Saturday. All descendants are invited.
Margaret Beechey, [email protected]

HMAS Voyager survivors are holding a reunion in February 2011 and are searching for crew members of naval ships Air Nymph and Air Sprite, which were involved in the rescue after the collision with HMAS Melbourne southeast of Jervis Bay on February 10, 1964.
John Hannay (02) 9649 5477, 0409 993 932, [email protected]

Golden Point Primary School's Grade 6 class of 1972 is planning a reunion. Anyone who was part of this class from 1966 - 72.
Please contact: Liz Hall (nee Wines), 5333 5977, [email protected], or Jeff McLachlan, 0407 552 538

John Heron
I am looking for John Heron. He came from Ireland and drove taxis on Traralgon between 1951 - 53. He had a sister named Oona. He has a daughter who would love to make contact with him or his family.
Veronica 5156 6451

Rosalie May Brown
Seeking Rosalie May Brown whose last known address from Krimea St, St Kilda. Her son is Leslie Brown, also of St Kilda, and her daughters are Jodie and Natalie Brown.
Lynette 5248 2058

Iris Blackney
Irene is looking for her cousins Iris Blackney (nee Dunn, born 1936) who was last heard of in the Geelong area, and her brother John Herbert Dunn (born 1942). Their parents were Arthur Dunn and Olive Figg.
(02) 6836 1460 [email protected]

Wallington and Simon
I am seeking information about my in-laws, Mrs, D Wallington and Mr Harry Simon. They had a son named Lional Wallington. Their last known address was Shaftesbury Parade, Thornbury.
0423 909 825, 9363 1634, [email protected]

South Melbourne District Football - Sports Club
Seeking memorabilia, stories and photos relating to South Melbourne District Football - Sports Club for a book to mark the centenary of the club which was formed in 1912.
Maureen 0419 526 670, [email protected]

Thomas and Emma Willis
Seeking other descendants of my great grandparents Thomas and Emma Willis, of Alberton in South Gippsland. Information is required for Ruby (married Bill Lythgo), Amy (married Percy Taylor), Harold (married Doris) and Albert. Other descendants include Eva, Ivy, Reg, Jack, Marjory and Dolly. This family tree is like a forest so any help would be appreciated.
Davie Bye, (02) 6059 4821, [email protected]

Bertrand Lancelot and Frances Rumney
Seeking descendants of Bertrand Lancelot and Frances Rumney of Hobart. Their children were Don, Frances Rosamund and Colin. Don died in Kolkata, Colin died in the US and Rose may still be alive. Colin left two children of whom I am probably the last.
Frances Barclay (nee Rumney), [email protected]

Bruce Burns
I have lost contact with Bruce Burns, a student at La Trobe University 26 years ago, and would love to catch up.
Dale, 0411 412 564

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