Roberts, Gunn, McIntyre & Myers

Seeking information about Roberts, Gunn, McIntyre and Myers.


Seeking information about my biological father, William Andrew Roberts who was born about 1929. He married Yvonne Mary Johnson in July 1948 and they had me in March 1949. They divorced in 1957.
Lynette Gordon,

Gunn + McIntyre

Seeking descendents of Edward Gunn and Isabella McIntyre who married in October 1892 at St Mary's in Echuca. Their children were Edward Stephen, Irene May, Elizabeth, George Reginald, Albert Edward and Lloyd Robert.
Dennis, 9744 7898


Seeking descendants of Robert and Annie Myers. Robert arrived in Melbourne in 1854 on the Java from Hamburg. Annie arrived in Geelong in 1853 on the James Brown from Liverpool. They married in Avoca in September 1859. Their fourth child was my grandmother Elizabeth Ann, born in 1865.
John, 9787 0228, 0409 646 715, Jhalday!

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Roberts, Gunn, McIntyre & Myers 

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