Rasputin Restaurant

Rasputin Restaurant

Rasputin Restaurant has a seating capacity for 180 people and offers a live band that plays Russian, Spanish, Hebrew and Yiddish music, as well as the latest Top 40 songs.

Rasputin Restaurant is set in a traditional Russian atmosphere and serves up a storm of traditional home made Russian cuisine. A Banquet style menu is on offer with a variety of Russian cold "Zakuski" and 3 additional hot courses.

Life goes as so should we,
Rasputin International Restaurant can accomodate partygoers, merrymakers and celebrants,
Numbers that reach a standard of two-hundred-and-twenty three.

A haven sits in the tranquil suburb of Malvern.
It opens for your weekdays to pour into an invisible stream of happiness and oblivion.
You trade $65-75 p/p on luxury feasts, fun, and delusions,
Joined by friend's thought without conclusions.

By the end of this Saturday night,
Impatient souls will to dance,
Old and young hearts by the belly full take the chance,
To free themselves of fuss in search of bliss.
5 course banquet:

- Zakuski/Appetizers (eg., ckholodetz, trout salad, offal dishes and olivier salad, as well as bites of herring, and pickled tomatoes and pickles)
- Pre-Main Crouse #1 (eg., Pirogz and Blintzes)
- Pre-Main Course #2 (eg., Seafood platter: Creamy Prawn Rice served w/ scallops)
- Main Course (eg., Meat platter: Duck Legs, Roasted Baby Chicken, Cabbage Rolls filled with Chicken, Rice and Beef, and Lamb Chops, served with out-of-the-oven, sweet pumpkin).
- Desserts: Fruit platter w/ tea an coffee
Must Book and Arrange Tables,
Entertainment Guaranteed

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 ℅ Kurnan/w
 ⊜  119 Wattletree Road Malvern 3144 View Map
 ✆ Telephone: +61 3 9500 1622
119 Wattletree RoadMalvernVictoria+61 3 9500 1622

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