Newport Railway Museum

Newport Railway Museum

The Newport Railway Museum hosts an extraordinary collection of steam, diesel and electric trains as well as a host of other railway exhibits.

The museum opened in 1962 by the Australian Railway Historical Society (ARHS) Victorian Division.

The museum contains the largest existing collection of Victorian Railways steam locomotives, a wide range of other Victorian Railways rolling stock, and numerous Victorian Railways artefacts.

The collection includes

Melbourne steam locomotives
Melbourne diesel locomotives
Melbourne electric locomotives and four electric suburban carriages
Melbourne country/interstate passenger carriages
Melbourne freight wagons and two guards vans
Melbourne railway cranes
Melbourne rail tractors and postal trolleys
Melbourne signal box
Melbourne O scale model railway


It never stops at the museum..

Roof Construction Project

Less than three years since the completion of an 1134-square-metre roof canopy constructed to protect the famous heritage-listed steam locomotive H220 'Heavy Harry' and seven other exhibits from the elements, an additional 567-square-metre extension is to be added to this structure.

Based on the current site layout, this will immediately provide complete coverage over locomotive C10 and at least three other historic locomotives:
-:- D3 635, the last remaining Baldwin-built Victorian Railways (VR) loco
-:- J556 (numbered J559), representing the last steam loco to enter service on VR
-:- Y137, a 1960s general-purpose diesel-electric loco

However, it is expected that following some minor reorganisation of the layout of the exhibits, yet more rolling stock will be protected by the newly-expanded roof canopy, including our much-loved 1930s Art Deco buffet car, 'Mitta Mitta'.

As well as protecting exhibits, the new roof canopy will make the museum a more pleasant place for visitors, providing shelter from the rain on wet days, and shade from the sun on hot days. It will also facilitate improvements to the presentation of the assets it covers. This will no doubt be appreciated by the thousands of people expected to visit the museum site during the Labour Day long weekend.


These significant improvements to the museum site follow the recommendation by site owner VicTrack in its Tourist and Heritage Railway Blueprint that, "Newport Railway Museum will remain at its current site, with work to continue to provide coverage and protection of the exhibits." The clarity of this position, together with the willingness of the Victorian Government to provide funding assistance for such work, has given the management team at the museum the confidence to invest in major long-term upgrades.

The latest roof project has been funded through a generous bequest by the late Andrew Ward, the noted architect, rail enthusiast, and the author of the renowned book 'A story of stations'. Additional funds for the project have also come from the museum's own fundraising efforts, as well as two significant grants from the Victorian Government through a program managed by VicTrack.

About Newport Railway Museum Inc.

Newport Railway Museum Inc. is a registered charity, formed in early 2020 by a group of volunteers wishing to preserve and improve the railway museum at Newport. In May 2020, the organisation entered into arrangements to lease the land and state-owned assets that make up the vast bulk of the museum collection.

Further to an independent valuation by an accredited valuer, it also purchased the assets at the museum owned by the previous operator, the (now-defunct) Australian Railway Historical Society Victorian Division. By October 2020, the new organisation was working closely with VicTrack on the construction of the roof canopy to cover H220 Heavy Harry, a structure designed to be readily extendable, and which is now being extended as planned. Newport Railway Museum Inc. is committed to the conservation of the assets at the museum, and to making them available for the public to visit and enjoy.

Where to find us

The Museum is located at 26 Champion Rd Newport, only a few minutes from the Melbourne Road exit of the Westgate Freeway and there is plenty of on-street parking on Champion Road. If you're coming by public transport we're located just 200 metres from North Williamstown railway station.

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Newport Railway Museum | Open Weekend 2025 - Saturday 8 March 2025

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