National Vietnam Veterans Museum

National Vietnam Veterans Museum

The National Vietnam Veterans Museum on Phillip Island was founded and built by Vietnam veterans to help and support veterans to cope better with their experiences during the Vietnam War (1962-1975).

The NVVM seeks to remember, interpret and relate the experience of the veterans of the Vietnam era and the enduring impact of the war on society.

The independent museum has embarked on an ambitious program of rejuvenation to enhance the visitor experience and further strengthen our links to the wider Vietnam veteran community.

When you visit the National Vietnam Veterans Museum, be prepared for an authentic experience.

From the moving Light & Sound show, through the new galleries showing the experience of veterans in the Vietnam War, in themed exhibitions changing every three months, and to the words of the veterans themselves, the NVVM provides visitors with a fascinating, emotional, rewarding and educational journey through the tumultuous years of the Vietnam conflict. The museum mixes remembrance and reflection with a unique museum environment dedicated to the heritage and legacy of Vietnam veterans.

A huge collection of artefacts, both large and small, interpreted with information, imagery and audio (using our fantastic InfoWand devices and touch screens) will keep you, your family and friends engaged for the length of your visit.

Our four ground floor galleries, namely the Remembrance and Valour Gallery, and separate Air, Ground and Sea Operations galleries, continue to evolve.


The National Vietnam Veterans Museum has an extensive collection of artefacts and objects, both large and small, collected over almost 20 years. Many items have been donated by veterans and family members. Others have been gifted from other institutions like the Australian War Memorial or the RSL or acquired by the museum commercially. From helicopters to images, from our tank to a letter home, everything in the collection is important.
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o now the museum is working towards making the best use of the collection rather than simply having everything on display, and this means that there is actually more work going on behind the scenes as is visible to the visitor. We hope you enjoy the outcome as the museum continues to develop and improve its exhibits, exhibitions and information.

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National Vietnam Veterans Museum  25 Veterans Drive,  Newhaven Victoria 3925
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 Telephone: (03) 5956 6400

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National Vietnam Veterans Museum

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