Discover Melbourne's History at Melbourne Museums portal.

Melbourne can claim proudly to have led Australian cities into the modern museum era, making a visit to these monuments of culture and history not just 'educational' but 'cool'. Add, of course, 'always entertaining'.

The Melbourne museums have an upbeat atmosphere with their focus constantly changing to enliven and enrich the visitor experience.

Grab a Melbourne map and go. Whether you shake your umbrella outside the museum door or get there dry, you can comb for references to the famous Melbourne weather - it's there, too.

Scienceworks Museum and Planetarium presents just a share of many special interest sites on the list in Melbourne, Victoria.

While this one aims to 'make science fun', you can spend days happily enthralled with fascinating details and displays presented with style that characterises a Melbourne museum.

Less 'funky' subjects also will come to life in front of your eyes and ears. You don't need to go to a movie or watch the Marvel Stadium gladiators - try a museum in Melbourne for holiday entertainment.

The Australian Immigration Museum, Melbourne, for instance, showcases the great colour of the Aussie culture.

And if you are a gambler, save your cash and head to the Australian Racing Museum, Melbourne, for everything you need to know about thoroughbreds, except the winner of the next Melbourne Cup!

Certainly start with the famous Melbourne Gold Treasury Museum, but know there's a lot more things to see and do in Melbourne's museums.

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