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Kylie Minogue is one of the most prominent and successful entertainers to have originated from Melbourne, the winner of many awards as a singer, songwriter and actress.

Kylie Ann Minogue was born on 28 May 1968, the eldest of three children and sister to Danni Minogue, also known for her own career in entertainment. When Kylie left Australian shores for London she was best known as Charlene on Neighbours.

Early TV Career

A modern day Juliet Capulet - except a little less dainty, wearing overalls and bearing a spanner - the character of Charlene Mitchell was a tomboy like figure, who fell in love with Scott Robinson, the son of a neighbouring family caught in a feud with her own. The onscreen relationship served to renew flagging interest in the TV series, boosting both the profile of the show and raising Kylie Minogue to prominence in Australian culture.

The episode that featured Scott and Charlene's wedding was the highest rating episode of Neighbours, and still ranks as one of the most watched episodes of an Australia soap. And with good reason; who could forget the wedding dress and that hair? It was a look that may have inspired Warwick Capper's own wedding attire - now, who could forget that hair?

Music Career

Kylie entered the music industry after she sang at a benefit concert for the Fitzroy Football Club performing the 1962 hit "The Loco-Motion,"and was soon after signed to a recording contract with Mushroom Records in 1987.

Retitled 'Locomotion,' the song was released as a single and the recording spent seven weeks at number one on the Australian music charts and was also the highest selling single in Australia for the 1980s.

Part of her success in the move from TV to music was her role in Neighbours and the release of a duet with Jason Donovan, who played Scott Robinson in the series. Released in 1989, the duet 'Especially for You' was a major success in the United Kingdom and was also the first of her singles to sell over 1 million copies in the UK.

Although her role in Neighbours might be considered a milestone in her career, she is foremost known for her singing career with many transitions in her presentation and musical styles.

The local success of the single 'Locomotion' resulted in her travelling to London where she began work with Stock, Aitken & Waterman 1988. The story goes that the production trio had forgotten that Kylie was arriving and wrote the song 'I Should Be So Lucky' while she waited outside the studio which reached number one in the UK and Australia.

Kylie is still going strong, enjoying love, life and a successful career that continues to this day...

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