Islamic Museum of Australia

Islamic Museum of Australia

The Islamic Museum of Australia is a not-for-profit foundation founded in May 2010 with the purpose of establishing the first Islamic Museum in Australia. It aims to showcase the rich artistic heritage and historical contributions of Muslims in Australia and abroad through the display of various artworks and historical artefacts.

This will be the first centre of its kind in Australia and will showcase a diverse range of Islamic arts including architecture, calligraphy, paintings, glass, ceramics and textiles. Islamic arts date back to the 7th century with the advent of Islam, and include the different artistic styles and cultural influences of various empires that came under Islamic rule, such as Spanish and Persian influences. The Museum also aims to promote new and established Islamic artists, both local and international.

The effort to establish this purpose-built Islamic Museum is geared towards sharing the artistic and historical achievements of Muslims internationally, and more importantly, in Australia. It will also provide unique cross-cultural and educational services offering fascinating insights into the Muslim Australian experience for visitors and school groups.

The IMA will look to continue the proud tradition that Australia, and namely the State of Victoria, have lead in becoming the Multicultural Hub of the world. This is through working with communities, cultures, faiths and developing centres to educate.

The project is spearheaded by a group of Melbourne Muslims, including prominent business figures Ahmed and Moustafa Fahour, and will seek to showcase the community's cultural contribution in a mainstream museum setting.


Last week I visited the Islamic Museum of Australia in Thornbury.

My first impression of the establishment was that it was very nicely designed and looked quite welcoming. I walked in to find that indeed it was welcoming.
The woman who greeted me was very genuine and nice and was very open to questions about her experiences being a Muslim. I myself am not Muslim, so I found her wisdom very intriguing to listen to.

After conversation with her, I proceeded to have a look at the galleries. There were many genuinely interesting things to look at that were both informative and artistic.

There was the Islamic art; my favourite. Amazing modern abstract art - what stood out for me was the surf board decorated with Islamic inspired patterns.
There was also a really nice garden out the window. Inaccessible, but nice.

I learned a lot about Islamic history from the Islamic history gallery, that clearly stated many things about Islam like pilgrimage and the prophets.

Overall I honestly had a great experience at this museum. Easy to navigate, good artefacts, friendly staff - everything I personally would expect from a museum. I'd recommend to people of any religion, because I think anyone who visits would learn something new.

By Jaxon | March 2018

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