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Hispanoamerican Dispora in Australia

Art Exhibition 13th December 2012 to 17 March 2013
Footscray Community Arts Centre
45 Moreland St. Footscray

Belonging Across Lands and Oceans:
'Hispanoamerican Diaspora in Australia'

Presented by Chile Magazine and Footscray Community Arts Centre

This exhibition is a reflection on those who have migrated from Hispano-America to establish themselves in Australia, human beings who came to this country to find a better future for them and their descendants. With a suitcase packed with hopes, they faced a challenging adventure that dealt with language barriers, cultural differences, identity questions and a soul full of belongings ready for a new life.

The participants in this exhibition come from different backgrounds, nonetheless, they have found a common way to express their experiences as migrants. Art has given them the possibility to not only explore adaptation and integration into the community, but also disseminate the experiences of their culture and their journey. Their works celebrate the richness of the land that saw them cross over the ocean and allowed them to build a brand-new identity that unravels in the diverse artistic forms that we see today.

Artists: Walter Acosta, Angelica Arriagada, Paulina Campos, María Castro, Rosa Chiri, Paulina Fuentes, Juanita Lagos, Johny Molina, Carmen Novoa, Jackelin Osuna, Juanita Segovia, Luis Veliz.

Co-curated by Ramon Martínez and Cynthia Granados

Sponsors; Multicultural Commission of Victoria, Chilean Consulate of Melbourne,CELAS,Radio 3ZZZ, Antena Hispana

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