Hanging Rock Racecourse

Hanging Rock Racecourse

Hanging Rock Racecourse is located at South Rock Woodend VICTORIA.

Hanging Rock hosts the biggest Australia Day race meeting in Victoria, such has been the emergence of the day in recent years.

It is one of Victorian country racing's biggest days so mark it in your diary for a truly remarkable experience.

Located just 5 minutes from the unique geological formation known as Hanging Rock, The Hanging Rock Racecourse is the place to be on New Year's Day and Australia day.

It's the only two days of the year the course holds races and the action never disappoints. The track has a maximum of only 1,400m with a straight of 275m. But whether you're interested in racing or not, everyone flocks to the racecourse twice a year to enjoy the cosy, carnival style atmosphere, live performers and bands at the base of Hanging Rock.

Hanging Rock Race Club
Track declines steadily from 400m mark past the winning post to the 1200m from where it rises steadily again to the 600m mark
The track is fully irrigated and drained
The soil type is clay-based
Track Circumference: 1400m
Length of Straight: 275m
Distance to 1st Turn: Race of 1000m - approx 450m, Race of 1600m - approx 250m, Race of 1800m - approx 450m, Race of 2400m - approx 450m
Field Limits: 10 in all races
Meetings Per Year: 2

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