Gertrude's Brown Couch

'...the charming lo-fi, stand alone speakeasy has rethought its service and style for the alternative eclecticism of its Fitzroy clientele, not in the least with its 'mates rates' deals.
However its upstairs - where a host of transient and local bands are again plying their trade that should hold court here. With Brunswick Street floundering on its own bravado, this unassuming bar is a most convivial hideaway.'
The Age

'GERTRUDES brown couch in Melbourne is the apotheosis of Melbourne bar culture'

'The cosy beer garden lends itself to vigorous conversation about the relative merits of vigorous conversation' -
HIT Magazine

'It is at once the bar from Cheers, the tavern from Robin Hood and the Saloon from Back to the Future III and has enough enclosed space to give private time to anyone who may have met their soul mate'
The Age

'You can see a number of bands for the price of a drink'
Herald Sun Sunday Magazine

'One of those groovy small bars that Sydney so lacks is GERTRUDES brown couch'
The Age

'GERTRUDES brown couch was brilliant- a funky little place that was so cosy as it was friendly and would make the ideal local'

'Life is DamnThirstyWork ...quench it at GERTRUDES brown couch'

GERTRUDES brown couch has "mates rates" - Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays between 5pm & 7pm

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Gertrude's Brown Couch30 Gertrude Street,  Fitzroy Victoria 3065 | Map
03 9417 6420

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Gertrude's Brown Couch


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