Food Trucks in Melbourne

Food Trucks in Melbourne

Food Trucks in MelbourneAs a recent article in TheAge highlighted, Food Trucks are here to stay.

We've eaten at a couple of food trucks, but on a whim because we happened to pass one rather than finding out where a particular food truck was, and then going to it.

We loved the food.. fast, fresh, new, unique dishes.. what more can we say!

Food Truck Parks are now popping up all over town and well worth trying. See below at the bottom of this article (Also See) for Food Truck Parks currently operating in Melbourne.

Food Trucks in Melbourne

According to TheAge, the top food trucks in Melbourne...

Give the page a moment to load and their twitter pages will show where they are located..

Beatbox Kitchen

Looking like a ghetto blaster on wheels, Beatbox Kitchen delivers cracking burgers and fries at music festivals, events and in quiet backstreets, mostly in Melbourne's north. The Raph Burger uses grass-fed beef and is served medium, the Shroom burger (a fat grilled portobello mushroom with salad and cheese) is veg heaven, and the fries come with moreish Stereo sauce, mayo or spicy relish.

Gidget's Beach Cantina

Flying the flag for the truck-starved south, Gidget's Beach Cantina totes tacos by the bay. Chef Serena Cabello has created four fillings for the corn tortillas - slow-cooked , spicerubbed beef; zesty chicken Pibil; Californian fish; and a lush mushroom, corn and cuitlacoche (corn truffle). They're crunchy with cabbage or nopal (cactus) and garnished with grated cheese. After a bingle, Gidget's turquoise vintage caravan is a little the worse for wear, so keep an eye out for Gidget 2.0.

Gumbo Kitchen

Bringing a taste of New Orleans to the streets of Melbourne, Gumbo Kitchen pumps out a dirty blues soundtrack as it slings its fried shrimp po'boys , '' beef debris"(shredded, chopped beef) served on fries with remoulade and gumbo, and a spicy stew chunked with chicken, sausage and okra served with a side of rice and bread. Finish with a piece of Lemon Ice Box Pie - a cross between lemon cheesecake and a Golden Gaytime.

Mr Burger

With a semi-permanent undercover set-up in a laneway close to the Queen Victoria Market, as well as taking to the streets, Mr Burger serves up super-juicy US-style burgers, gooey with American cheese and sweet with pickles and caramelised onions, and there's a crosscultural vego burger based on falafel. Produce is sourced from the handy market, and the meat patties are minced to their recipe by a family butcher. There are three simple choices - Mr Burger, Mr Meat and Mr Veg - plus chips.

Smokin' Barrys

Hickory-smoked long and slow, Smokin' Barrys succulent barbecued meats are wedged into a soft roll and slathered in house-made barbecue sauce. With a tasty menu of rolls, ribs and nachos, you'll end up with sauce running down to your elbow, but that's what it's all about. The Barry-centric menu includes the Barry Manilow (with cheese and guac), the Barry Obama (with jalapenos and ranch) and the Drew Barrymore (with the lot).

Taco Truck

Raph Rashid's Taco Truck hit the streets in 2011, with a simple and fresh menu. These softshell tacos come in a choice of fish, potato or chicken. Fish tacos feature a succulent strip of battered rockling with slaw, lime and poppy mayo, the chicken comes with corn salsa and chipotle, while the potato version has a chunky spud slice in a crisp tortilla, topped with jalapeno ricotta and salsa verde.

White Guy Cooks Thai

Bringing a bit of the East to Melbourne's west, White Guy Cooks Thai dishes up traditional Asian hawker dishes such as chicken satay and sweet corn cakes, along with dudeish pork belly or prawn sliders. There's always a vegan, gluten-free option, and usually a queue.


This cheerful candy-striped van is twirling out some seriously delicious fat-free frozen yoghurt with rotating daily flavours. Toppings range from fresh peach and pineapple to Anzac-y crumble and crushed-up Oreos, kooky fruit pearls and - from the '' Why haven't I thought of that before?'' department - smashed Almond Roca.

APP | Where The Truck?

Yep, there is even an APP to tell you where the food trucks are.
The APtly named Where the truck at APP is here..

TimeOut's best food trucks

In July 2017, TimeOut gave us their trucks making the tastiest meals on wheels in Melbourne.

Melbourne Ghost Kitchen

Melbourne Mr Burger

Melbourne Taco Truck

Melbourne Beatbox Kitchen

Melbourne Toasta

Melbourne Greek Street Food

Melbourne St Kilda Burger Bar

Melbourne Yo India

Melbourne Biggie Smalls

Melbourne Satay Truck


Scroll down to Also See... for new and pop-up food truck parks.

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❊ COVID-19 Notice ❊

Many locations have gone into lockdown as the state takes action to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19).

Disclaimer: Check with the operator before making plans...

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