Dog House | Dog Cafe

Dog House | Dog Cafe

Australia's first dog cafe, raw dog food & dog accessories store is open in Collingwood.

In the back courtyard, 10 gated booths are available for dogs to dine in, with a dedicated kitchen plating up the meals.

For their humans, a separate and far tinier kitchen will serve coffee and sandwiches.

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Accessories & Grooming

Dog-AccessoriesIt has taken 12 months to select the best locally manufactured accesories and the finest from around the world including Italian leather-hand made collars imported from Canada.

Our range of shampoo's & conditioners are made from 100% natural products that will leave your dogs coat soft, smooth and smelling pawsome! - Check out our Pawfume dog colognes!


Most if our meat is supplied to us by Felice's Place Gournet Butchers. This meat is grassfed, preservative & chemical free. Felices's supplies some of the top restaurants in town and has worked closely with us to develop our menu. Only the best for our fury customers.

Dog House opened its doors on July 11 2016.

Opening Hours;
10am - 5pm Wednesday - Friday
9am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday

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