Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe

Melbourne's very first Cat Cafe is conveniently located on the Queen Vic Market round-about, so pop-in, play with the cats and then enjoy a cuppa.

Australia's first cat cafe where you can come and play with several cats or relax with a latte in the cafe. An entirely new social experience!

We will provide a fun, comfortable, and most importantly, kitty filled space for you to relax and play with several lovely cats from rescue shelters. The cats will live at the premises, therefore they will have everything they could possibly ever need right at their paw-tips.

There will also be a separate cafe that will look into the cat area, where you can view the cat's natural behaviour in a fur-free space while enjoying a coffee and cake.

Cat cafes began 15 years ago in Taiwan and have since spread throughout Asia and Europe. They offer a place to interact with cats in a fun, social, and comfortable environment. Interacting with cats is not only enjoyable, it is also scientifically proven to lower stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

Cat Cafe Melbourne will be working with the Geelong Animal Welfare Society to select the perfect cats for the cafe.

Please note: Sittings must be pre-booked and conditions apply. No children under 8. No patron cats. No flash photography. No rough play with cats (pulling tails). $10 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.

Here pussy pussy pussy, you'll love this...


Cat Cafe375 Queen Street,  North Melbourne Victoria 3051 | Google Map
(03) 9642 8540

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