Cat Cafe Melbourne

Cat Cafe Melbourne

Australia's (and Melbourne's ) first cat cafe provides a haven for cat lovers.

Curl up with a coffee and unwind in the company of friendly felines.

The cafe offers a unique social experience where customers can play, pat and relax with the friendly resident cats.

You can even have coffee and other drinks while inside with the kitties.

Their cats live at the premises and have everything they need right at their paw-tips.

The cat cafe is split over two floors, with a cosy cat lounge on the ground floor where the furry friends hang out, moving freely between two floors.

The cafe lounge on the first floor is also the place to relax over drinks.

The cafe also offers a gift shop filled with cat-themed souvenirs.

The entry price is charged per person per hour.

Drinks, snacks, and cat treats can be ordered to your ticket price, see the booking link for all details.

wNo children under 8 allowed.

Here pussy pussy pussy, you'll love this...

Monday - Sunday
11am - 6pm

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