Deep Space | Escape Room

Deep Space | Escape Room

Deep Space | Escape RoomThe newly-formed interactive experience, evolved from the recent wave of 'Escape Rooms' into a narrative-oriented world that is waiting to be explored...

Engage in a 70min experiential 'game' played by a team of 2 to 4 players in an immersive and physical space, where you are literally present in the story world - a hybrid of a video game, film narrative and escape room.

Boasting Multiple Endings and an Artificial Intelligence who adapts and responds according to the players' interactions, Deep Space is one immersive journey out of this world!

Deep Space Story

Your own exploration ship, the Ishtar VII, has found itself the victim of an inexplicable series of malfunctions. You and your crew are alone, drifting through the unnerving silence of the void, isolated from all communication stations.

Tormented by the mechanical rumblings of your failing ship and the defective ramblings of your robotic companion 'Columbus', you start to sense the presence of an intruder. Something illusive. Something intelligent. Something not quite human...

The game is hidden in Brunswick, Melbourne and is easily accessible by public transport. The exact location of the Deep Space facility is a secret until you book, but that's part of the mystery anyway... right?

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Deep Space | Escape Room

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